How To Write An Application Letter For A Waitress Job In Nigeria

How To Write Application Letter For A Waitress Job In Nigeria

How To Write An Application Letter For A Waitress Job In Nigeria- For you to land a waitress job in Nigeria or in any other country, you must submit a good resume and a good application letter. The application letter is so important because it is where you are able to further discuss your qualifications, experience and competencies. This of course your employers are interested in knowing. In this post, we would show you how to write an application letter for a waitress job in Nigeria. So, next time you spot an offer, you will know exactly how to write your application.

How To Write An Application Letter For A Waitress Job In Nigeria

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Here is how to write an application letter for a waitress job in Nigeria:

Step 1- Use a professional format for your application letter

This is the format to write an application letter for a waitress job in Nigeria:

Contact Information

You should start your application letter for the position for a waitress job in Nigeria with contact details. This should include the following: your full name, professional email, phone number and LinkedIn profile. Next i the contact details of your recruiter which includes: recruiter’s name, title , organization’s name and their physical address.


Salutation comes after contact details. Here is how to go about the salutation: “Dear Sir/Madam”. However, if you know the recruiter by name, its better you address them using such. For example, “Dear Mr Chukwu”, “Dear Mrs Onyeka”, etc.


You should open your letter on a strong and professional note. Start by introducing yourself and the fact that you are applying for the position of a waitress in their establishment. You should also mention why you are the best fit for the job role.

Body of the letter

This is a very critical part of your letter. Every single word written here matters. You should take your time to talk about your skills, experience and achievements especially those relevant to the job of a waitress. You should also make mention of your educational qualification.


You should end by thanking the recruiter for his/her time. If you attaching any documents such as resume to your letter, you should mention it here. Let him/her also know that you are available for further inquiries.

Closing Salutation

You should end your letter with a formal salutation. Phrases like ” sincerely”, “kind regards” or “best regards” can be used.

Step2: Let your intentions be clear

Your aim of writing the letter should be clearly stated at the beginning of the letter. You should mention the role that you are applying for (in this case, waitress) at the beginning of the letter.

Step 3: Be sure to use the right key words

For every job position that is being advertised, there are usually keywords mentioned in the job description details. And you know including some of those keywords ”intelligently” in your application letter will go a long way to give your application an upper hand.

Sample of Application Letter For A Waitress Job In Nigeria

Mary Anne

Jones Avenue, Ikeja

Lagos, Nigeria.

maryanne@gmail. com


The Hiring Manager

Lagos Continental Hotel

Lagos, Nigeria

Dear Mr Johnson

As a waitress with 5 years of experience working in restaurants and cafes, I apply for the role of a waitress in your prestigious hotel.

Currently, I work as a Waitress at Blue Roof restaurants in Ikeja. My job role includes serving different meal course to customers in a 50-seat setting, where I ensure an atmosphere of cheerfulness, pride and passion.

I have a great reputation for excellent customer service and very good at listening to and understanding the needs of customers. I have experience working in high pressure environments including nights and and weekends. I am very reliable and can work well in a team. I look forward to working in a bigger hospitality environment like yours where I can foster my career growth and also use my skills and experience to achieve corporate goals.

I would appreciate an opportunity for an interview where I can further discuss how I can use my skills to build Lagos Continental Hotel’s client base and elevate her reputation.

Attached herewith is my resume.

Best regards,

Mary Anne

Top 7 Qualities Of A Good Waitress

As you prepare to write an application for a waitress job in Nigeria, you must take of the following qualities. For you to get a waitress job, you must possess these qualities in good measures. And as you write an application letter for a waitress job in Nigeria, some of these qualities must appear in that letter. This will convince your prospective employer that you are capable of doing the job and most likely you may be chosen.

#1   Have a Positive Attitude

As a good waitress, you must have a good and positive attitude. No matter the pressures around you, you must remain stable emotionally. The truth is, customers will not all be the same in terms of behavior and attitude. Some customers will be so kind and respectful when interacting with you. And some will treat you like trash, and if allowed they want to slap you! Yes, for what reason? Nothing. You actually don’t need to offend the customer before he/she displays some “madness” towards you. Most of the times, it can just be a case of transfer aggression.

#2   Be An Active Listener

This is a very important quality you must possess if you are going to get a waitress job in Nigeria. You must be smart enough to interpret the needs of your customers and also improvise when the need arise. Of course, you must have your pen and paper handy. Don’t say your memory is sharp enough. Write down such requests and then go ahead to attend to them.

#3   Be Attentive

When relating with your customer, you must give them rapt attention. Don’t get distracted or let your attention be divided.

#4   Be Flexible

You also need to flexible as  a good waitress. Sometimes shifts can be unpredictable. There could be times that the restaurant is so filled to the brim ( a good one for your boss), you have to work some extra harder. And possibly you may be asked to spend some extra time at the end of your shift to assist with the workload. You shouldn’t grumble at such times, just adjust yourself and get working.

#5   Ability to multi-task

To get your job done easily and efficiently, you must be able to multi-task. Customers can get impatient sometimes. So you must know how to attend to different customers at the same time and get them all satisfied.

#6   Ability to Hustle

Most restaurants are fast-paced work environment. You must be up and doing to keep up with the pace. Else, you will lose favor with your employer and may also have issues with the regular customers.

#7   Sharp Memory

You must have a good and sharp memory as a waitress. Writing down will help your memory a great deal.

Top 10 Best Hotels To Submit Application For A Waitress Job In Nigeria

As a waitress , you get to work in restaurants, hotels, bars and night clubs. Hotels are still the largest employers of waitress. Here is the list of the 50 best hotels in Nigeria where you can write an application letter for a waitress job in Nigeria. So if you reside around any of these hotels, you can go ahead to submit your application

  1. Transcorp Hilton Abuja
  2. Lagos Continental Hotel
  3. Abuja Continental Hotel
  4. Movenpick Hotel Ikoyi Lagos
  5. Radisson Blu Lagos Ikeja
  6. Radisson Hotel, Lagos Ikeja
  7. Nordic Hotel Lagos
  8. Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel Lagos
  9. The Nordic Villa
  10. Eko Hotel and Suites

In Conclusion

To write an application letter for a waitress job in Nigeria is not as hard as you think. An application letter gives you opportunity to talk more about your experience, qualification, skills and achievements. You also get to prove to your prospective employer why you are the best candidate for the job. Note that your job application is not complete without  a good application letter

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I answer the interview question; Why are you applying for a waitress job?

This is a common question in interviews for waitress job. You can answer this way:
“ I am interested in a waitress job because I am passionate about delivering excellent customer service”

What skills must a good waitress possess?

A good waitress must possess the following skills:
·         Excellent customer service
·         Ability to work in a team
·         Strong attention to details
·         Excellent communication skills
·         Ability to work under pressure
·         Active listening skills
·         Good memory

How do I apply for a waitress job without experience?

·         Search for entry-level roles
·         Highlight your skills in your resume
·         Get involved in volunteering and internship to acquire experience
·         Take up courses to build skills that are in-demand

What are some of the main duties of a waitress?

Some of the duties of a waitress include the following:
Welcoming of guests
Taking orders
Communicating orders to the kitchen
Attending to other inquiries from customers

A waiter can also be called a  what ?

A waiter can also be called a Server


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