How to Write a Good Essay from Scratch

Woman do her paper with search on cellphone at school library
Woman do her paper with search on cellphone at school library
Woman do her paper with search on cellphone at school library
Woman do her paper with search on cellphone at school library

Writing essays is one of the most important tasks that a student will perform, if only because essays are the most common form of assignment that a student will produce during their academic career.

The reason for that might surprise you. Decades ago, the types of assignments that students produced were more varied, but over the years, the essay has come to dominate, in large measure due to efforts to accommodate students with different abilities. 

Because students have different experiences and different abilities, assignments need to be accessible to those students. As a result, if an instructor wants to create a video assignment or an audio assignment or a presentation, it is often required that instructors offer alternatives for students who are not able to complete presentations that involve audio or video.

That means that many instructors have to offer multiple assignments, meaning that they also need multiple grading rubrics. It can take a great deal more effort and more work to do this, and as a result, with instructors teaching more courses and more students than ever before, they more frequently choose essays as their favoured assignment because these are considered accessible and don’t require extra options or extra work.

Now that students are producing more essays than ever—sometimes two or three essays per week—they are consequently looking for ways to improve their essay writing skills and to write a good essay from scratch.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the ways that students can produce better essays using a few key tips and how to write a literary analysis essay.

Read the Assignment Thoroughly

The first step in writing any essay is knowing what you’re writing about. In order to write a great essay from scratch, you need to start by reading the essay question and ensuring that you understand all parts of the assignment and what is required.

You don’t want to lose points because you wrote something that doesn’t meet all of the requirements of the assignment. One great way to make sure your paper meets every requirement is to use the essay grading rubric that your instructor provides if your instructor uses rubrics.

These can function as a guide that tells you what your instructor will be using to grade your paper so you can be sure you’ve addressed each criterion thoroughly and completely.

Use Your Library to Help

Your college or university library will be filled with great sources that can improve your assignment with solid research and compelling analysis. When you begin the essay writing process, it’s important to start with some library research to see what people have written about the subject in the past and what areas for future research they have indicated might be fruitful.

Start your library research by searching for your topic and reading some of the material that comes up. The more you look into the research that you find, the better a grasp you’ll get on your topic. One key thing to focus on is looking at peer-reviewed academic sources such as journal articles.

These are often of a higher quality than the material you find through general web searches, and most libraries will have a filter to let you search for this type of source in their databases. 

Invest Time in Outlining

Before you write your paper, put your time and energy into creating a powerful outline to help you develop your argument and your analysis prior to starting the actual writing process. Writing a paper can be hard, but an outline will make it a lot easier.

The outline gives you the ability to work through the challenges of organization and structure, as well as select the evidence you will use to support each point before you start writing.

This will make the writing process go much faster because you won’t need to stop and think about what comes next and can instead write fluidly and seamlessly from beginning to end. Studies show that each time you stop, it can take between 5 and 15 minutes to get your train of thought back on track. Avoiding that speed bump will help the process go faster.

Make Revision and Proofreading Part of Your Routine

Part of the writing process is revising and proofreading, so these should not be considered optional or a luxury. Always leave time to proofread and edit at the end of the writing process. There will often be sentences that aren’t clear, paragraphs that need better structure, and mechanical errors that can be confusing.

Make your paper stronger by setting aside time, in the end, to go through it carefully and revise with an eye toward how your potential audience will think about the paper and understand the results. So, in this case, you will want to read as though you were a professor and think about whether they will be able to make sense of what you wrote.

Consider a Professional Service

If the writing process becomes too challenging, you can always find help from online writing service websites where you can pay someone to write an essay for you. When you do contact service for help by saying “Can you write my essay for me?”, – a professional academic writer will deliver the kind of paper that can help you see the right way to craft your own original essay from scratch every time.

Watch Video Of How To Write An Essay From Scratch


In conclusion, when it comes to essay writing the top priority is getting things done. Quality is relative, but deadlines are strict. First of all, address your previous experience and realistically assess how much time you need for this assignment.

If it looks like you have enough time to create a quality paper, use all the tips above, and come up with a top-notch result. If a submission date looks scarily close, delegate your assignment to a professional.

Get things done.



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