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How to Verify WAEC/NECO Result for WES and Transcript Online


This is a guide on how to verify WAEC/NECO result for WES and Transcript: This is a complete guide on how to Send WAEC Or NECO to WES for verification.

As you know, the WES WAEC result verification or WES NECO result verification is one of the requirements for all WAEC Certificate Holders processing for any United State Academic pursuit.

WES Which stands for world Educational services is a service that is used to diagnose your credentials in the United States when you want to enroll for any academic pursuit in the U.S.A.

How Can I Send WAEC/NECO Result to WES for Evaluation?

The WES is a system used in converting credentials of individuals from any country of the world into an equivalent U.S credential.

This Guide on all NECO and WAEC Certificate Holding Countries (Nigeria, Sierra Leone Ghana, Gambia, and Liberia.

At this point, I will be guiding you on how to do the Confirmation of your West African Examination Council (WAEC) result or your National Examination Council (NECO) result on the World Education Services (WES).

Why is it Necessary to Verify and Confirm your WAEC or NECO on WES?

Like I stated earlier, it is required for all Nigerian Citizens or better put, all WAEC and NECO Result holders who wish to go over to United State (U.S) for academic pursuit purposes and those who wish to Apply and work in the United State (U.S. and Canada) to verify and convert their credentials from their country’s credential to an equivalent U.S credential.

Steps to verify/Confirm WAEC or NECO Results on WES?

All interested persons that wish to carry out this process are strictly warned that it is only the West African Examination Council Board, or the National Examination Council Board are the only authorized bodies that are carried out the confirmation of WAEC and NECO Results to the WES.

A guide on how to Verify WAEC Result for WES & how to obtain your Transcript. Do WES WAEC or NECO Result Verification & confirmation here

There is no other confirmed body or Bodies that have been authorized to Verify or Confirm Nigerian Students WAEC or NECO Results.

So in your best interest, I will highly recommend you to kindly seek support from the Official WAEC and NECO Bodies through their Offices located Nationwide.

WES Verification Requirements 2021

Below are WES requirements for WAEC/ NECO examination results verification and confirmation.

Every interested person applying for WAEC and NECO Examination Results Verification and Confirmation at WES from any of these countries listed:

  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Liberia
  • Sierra Leone
  • The Gambia.

Must meet the new WES Results Verification and Confirmation requirements as follows:

  • Results are to be passed through the Examination body (WAEC or NECO).
  • Applicants Results must be sent directly to WES in a sealed envelope.
  • Applicants are to also send additional documents to verify their exam results online.

Other requirements and documents to take along when going for your verification include:

  • WAEC or NECO Pin or Scratch card.
  • WES Reference No. and address.
  • Brown envelops (three Copies)
  • A Recent Passport on a red background.
  • Photocopies of your results.
  • Sworn Affidavit for WES.

How To Submit Result to WES For Verification

  • Get all the documents listed above ready and visit the WAEC Head Office located at No. 21 Hussey Road, Yaba, Lagos.
  • You won’t have access to the Office until 9 AM (West African Time).
  • Once it’s 9 AM, head over to the lady at the WAEC Reception office and informs her what you want to do.
  • Pick up a tag and sign in.
  • Next is to proceed to the 5th Floor and locate the last room at your right.
  • The WAEC staff there will check your document and staple them.
  • You will be asked to make a payment of N10,000.
  • After the payment, take the receipt back for confirmation.

Note: The payment is to WAEC and DOES NOT cover courier services as you will pay for this separately.

NECO/WAEC Transcript for WES

The following are the documents you must send along when you want to send your WAEC or NECO Transcript to WES for verification and Confirmation:

  • Your WAEC Result with a WAEC scratch card OR
  • Your NECO Result with a NECO scratch card OR
  • Your GCSE (O’level) or GCSE (A-level) result

You can buy WAEC or NECO electronic pin codes and scratch cards from authorized vendors or directly from at WAEC or NECO offices nearest to you.

But if you are requested for a post-secondary transcript, then you must attach any of;

  • Your National, Higher National, Post Higher National diplomas along with the transcript, Or
  • Bachelor, Masters, or Ph.D. Degree along with the transcript.

Get WAEC or NECO E-PIN/Scratch Card Information Form

WES WAEC and NECO Verification FAQs

Get More clarification with the often WES WAEC and NECO Verification frequently asked Questions and Answers

Question one: My file is currently on hold for verification. Can I send the WES WAEC/NECO E-PIN/Scratch Card through the Information Form?

Answer to Question: Yes, you can but ensure that all the information filled on the form is correct before sending it.

Question two: Do I need to send my scratch card along with the completed WES WAEC/NECO E-PIN/Scratch Card Information Form?

Answer to Question: Yes, if you wish but make sure it is attached to a larger piece of paper to prevent it from being misplaced.

Question Three: What should I do if I cannot obtain WAEC/NECO Pin or Scratch card?

Answer: You are to inform WES by writing and they will request WAEC or NECO to verify your Result via Email or posted letter.

Question Four: What should I do as My graduation year cannot be verified using scratch cards?
Answer: You are to inform WES by writing and they will request WAEC or NECO to verify your Result via Email or posted letter.

That was a good guide for you. I am sure this guide was able to guide you through on how to do your  Do and also get your WAEC and NECO Transcript. Share your thoughts below.

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