How To Upload Neco Results On Jamb Portal

How To Upload Neco Results On Jamb Portal

How to upload NECO results on jamb portal –   Did you recently receive your eagerly awaited NECO results? Well, Congratulations. However, as you prepare to take the next step toward your academic dreams, it’s vital to ensure that your Neco result is properly uploaded on the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) portal. 

Uploading your NECO or WAEC on the Jamb portal is essential, as it is a major requirement that increases your chances of getting admission on the JAMB CAPS system. That’s why it is important that you upload your O-level result (Neco, WAEC, etc) on the JAMB portal as soon as it is released.

So, if you want to upload your Neco result on the JAMB portal, this article is for you. In this article, we will look at how to upload Neco results on Jamb portal. We will also provide you with the necessary details that will aid your admission process. So, please read on.

How To Upload Neco Results On Jamb Portal

You can upload your NECO results to the jamb portal in two ways; either during your JAMB registration process (if you have it) or after the jamb examination. Now, if you don’t have your Neco result yet during the registration process, you are required to upload it when it is released. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to upload your jamb;

  • To upload your Neco result on the JAMB portal, you will need to visit an accredited CBT center.
  • Inform them that you would like to upload your Neco result to the Jamb portal. 
  • Ensure you have a copy of your Neco result to present to the CBT operator.
  • Verify that the details added are accurate. 
  • Check your jamb caps to know if your Neco result was successfully uploaded. 

Requirements To Upload Your Neco Results To The Jamb Portal 

To upload your jamb result on the JAMB portal, you need to possess some necessities such as;

  • You should have your Jamb profile code
  • You should have your Neco result 
  • Have at least one thousand Naira to pay for the services at the JAMB CBT center 
  • Any Jamb center near you.

How To Know If Your Neco Result Has Been Uploaded Successfully 

After uploading your NECO result, it is important that you confirm if it was successful or not. Remember, without your O’level result, you wouldn’t be eligible for admission. Below is a guide to know if your O’level has successfully been uploaded;

1. Visit the JAMB Login page

First, log into your JAMB profile using your JAMB registration number or the email address you registered with. Ensure you input the right information before clicking the LOGIN tap.

2. Find the “Check Admission Status ” button

From the dashboard, you need to 

click on the “Check Admission status ‘ command tab located on the left sidebar of your screen. When using a mobile phone, simply click the “MENU” button located on the top-right corner of your screen.

3. Then click on “Access my CAPS.’

After clicking on the  “Check Admission status ” button, you will be redirected to another page where you can click on “Access my CAPS.’ On that page, you can carry out various operations including checking if your O’level result has been uploaded to your JAMB profile. 

4. Click on ‘My O’level result’ to ascertain if your Neco result has successfully been uploaded. 

If your Neco or WAEC results have already been uploaded you don’t need to upload them again, however, if it hasn’t been uploaded, you should proceed to upload them by following the steps we outlined above.

How Long Does It Take For Uploaded Neco Result To Reflect On The Jamb Portal?

If you upload your Neco result or any other O’level result, you would have to wait at least 24 hours before it will reflect on your JAMB CAPS portal. Therefore, you should wait till after 24 hours before checking if it was uploaded through the method we outlined above.

How To Check Your Admission Status On Jamb Caps

After adhering to all the necessary instructions and uploading all the required documents on the Jamb portal, I bet you would be anticipating admission. To check your admission status on the JAMB CAPS, below are the steps to follow;

  • Visit the JAMB E-facility portal using
  • Input your email address and the password in the columns provided and login.
  • Navigate the page and click on ‘check admission status.’
  • Now on the ‘check admission status,’ you will have to select your examination year. 
  • Next, input your jamb registration number in the column provided and click on the “Access my CAPS ” command button. 
  • You will be redirected to a different page. On the page, click on the three lines located at the top right side of your page. From the drop-down menu, click on ‘desktop site.’
  • Next, locate and tap on ‘Admission status ‘.
  • Find and tap on the “Search” button to refresh your profile. 
  • Your jamb portal will be reloaded and you can know whether or not you were offered admission. You can also accept/reject your admission offer from the page.

How Much Does It Take To Upload Your Neco Results On the Jamb Profile?

Uploading your NECO results on the JAMB portal is free, you are not required to pay any fees. However, you need to pay a minimum of N500 for the JAMB CBT operations rendered to you. Remember, you can’t upload your Neco result using your phone, you need to visit an Accredited jamb center.

Can I Upload My O’level Result After Post-UTME?

Yes, you can. While it is recommended to upload your O’level result during the Jamb registration or even the post-UTME registration, you can still upload it after post-UTME. It is alright if for some reason you couldn’t upload your O-level result – there is no specific penalty for that. Hence, it is important that you upload it after the post-UTME examination or screening exercise. 


Uploading your NECO result on the JAMB portal is a vital step if you are seeking admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria. By following the steps we outlined above and adhering to specific deadlines, you can improve your chances of securing admission. Remember to stay informed about any updates from JAMB, you should also regularly check your JAMB and admission status portal, and seek assistance if necessary. Good luck with your admission process!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I need to upload my NECO result on the JAMB portal?

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) requires candidates to upload their O’Level results, including NECO results, on their portal as part of the admission process for tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Can I upload my NECO result on the JAMB portal if I have not registered for the NECO examination?

No, you can only upload a NECO result if you have registered for and taken the examination. JAMB requires valid examination details for verification purposes.

Is it mandatory to upload my NECO result on the JAMB portal?

Yes, it is mandatory to upload your NECO result on the JAMB portal if you want to be considered for admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Failure to upload your result may result in disqualification from the admission process.

Can I upload my NECO result on the JAMB portal after the admission process has started?

The deadline for uploading O’Level results, including NECO, is usually specified by JAMB. It is advisable to upload your result as soon as it is released and before the specified deadline to avoid any complications in the admission process.

Do I need to take any other action after uploading my NECO result on the JAMB portal?

After successfully uploading your NECO result on the JAMB portal, it is recommended to print out the confirmation slip or save a digital copy for your records. Additionally, you should regularly check your JAMB profile and the admission status portal of the institutions you applied to for any updates or notifications regarding your admission process. It is important to stay informed and follow the guidelines provided by JAMB and the respective institutions.

Can I upload my NECO result if I am applying for direct entry admission?

Yes, candidates applying for direct entry admission can also upload their NECO results on the JAMB portal. The process may vary slightly for direct entry candidates, so it is recommended to consult the JAMB guidelines specific to direct entry admissions.

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