How To Travel As A College Student

How to travel as a college student

How To Travel As A College Student- A college student is an individual that is enrolled in a college or university and is pursuing either an undergraduate or graduate degree. A college student can be a part-time or full-time student, pursuing a degree in any of the variety of academic fields. Some of these fields include Education, Engineering, Sciences, Business Administration, Arts, Social Sciences, etc. Most college students are between the age of 16 and 30. Although, there are cases where there are students that are outside the age bracket also pursuing a degree in college. As a college student, you could live on campus, off-campus or faraway in town. Aside from academic pursuits, college students also get involved in other activities (called extracurricular activities) such as sports, community service, music club, etc.

One of the interesting aspect of your years as a college student are trips, tours and travels. In the following paragraphs, I will be sharing with you tips on how to travel as a college student.

How To Travel As A College Student

There are different methods a college student can employ in order to travel. Some of these include:

1. Study abroad programs

Study abroad programs is common in most colleges and universities. These programs allow students study in a foreign country while they are earning credits towards their degree in their home country. Such programs could last for about a semester or even a whole academic year. Study abroad program is an interesting route to travel as a college student. Not only will you get to acquire new knowledge and skills, you will also get to meet new people. In addition, you will get to visit new places and get immersed in a new culture different from yours.  

2. Volunteer programs

There are a lot of volunteer programs that students can get involved in. These programs provides you opportunity to make positive impact in your society. Some of these volunteer programs even give you opportunity to travel to other places.

3. Road trips

Road trips is an interesting way to travel as a college student. It can be full of adventure most times. You can either go in a public transport, rent a car or go in your own car in this kind of trip.

4. Group tours

You can also to choose to travel in the company of others. This can really be interesting and full of adventure.

5. Independent travel

You can also travel as a college student independently. This means you will go alone. The transportation planning, accommodation and other logistics will be done by you.

Helpful Tips On How To Travel As A College Student

1. Start planning ahead

You should start planning your trip early enough. Some of the planning you should do include accommodation, transportation, feeding, etc.

2. Plan your budget very well and ensure you stick to it

Set a budget that is realistic and be sure to stick to it. You can book in advance to reduce cost or look for student discount.

3. Budget wisely

Set a realistic budget for your trip and stick to it. Look for ways to save money, such as using student discounts or booking in advance.

4. Take advantage of off-peak seasons

During off-peak period, you get to save extra money on your budget. Expenses like transportation, accommodation and others are usually cheaper during off-peak seasons.

5. Public transportation can be much cheaper

It is much cheaper to travel by public transport than going by a rented car or your personal car.

6. Travel light

As much as it is within your capacity, pack own the essentials. The lighter your luggage, the much easier the trip will be for you.

7. Be wise on your choice of accommodation

Choose accommodations that are not expensive and are student-friendly. You can even lodge in dormitories. After all, the trip is just for some days or weeks. And thereafter, you will be back to your base.  

8. You must be open-minded

When you are on a trip to, you must prepare your mind very well. You will see new places, visit different places, meet new people and catch a lot of fun. So get ready for it !

9. Be sure to stay safe on your trip

You are going to a new and totally different location, so you prepare yourself well. Ensure you stay safe. You can go on your trip with sanitisers, disinfectants, face masks, etc to protect yourself if need arise.

Seven (7)  Benefits To Derive When You Travel As  A College student

  1. Cultural immersion: Traveling opens you up to new cultures, traditions, and customs. This can help widen your perspective and help you understand the world better.
  2. Opportunity for growth: Traveling as a college student help you to become more independent, confident, and adaptable. You will also get to develop certain critical skills such as problem-solving and communication skills.
  3. Opportunity to network : Traveling can affords you opportunities to meet new people and make connection with individuals from different backgrounds and fields.
  4. Career development: Your travel experience as a student can be included in your resume. The skills and knowledge can be added, this can make your resume stand out from other colleagues when applying for a job.
  5. Opportunity for real life/ hands-on learning : Traveling can provide you with  hands-on learning experiences that you may never get in a classroom setting. It also exposes you to new ideas and ways of thinking.
  6. A good get-away from the stress of college life: Traveling is an opportunity to take a break from the stress of college life. It  allows you recharge yourself so you can return to your studies with a new energy and motivation.
  7. Lifelong Memories and experiences: When you travel as a college student, you get experiences and memories that could even be lifelong. Some of them would even be a continual source of inspiration to you throughout your lifetime.

 Some Constraints Of Travelling As A College Student

College student

Here are some factors that can could hinder a college student from travelling:

Limited Financial resources

To travel as a college student would imply that you will be incurring some costs. You will spend on transportation, feeding, accommodation, personal items and other miscellaneous expenses.

Limited time

Usually the schedules of college students are always packed with lectures, tests, group work, projects , exams and some extracurricular activities. The time is just never enough. Attempt by a student to make trips may mean missing some classes, tests or even exams.

Security issues

This is another constraint a college student that wants to travel may face. He/She may not be familiar with the terrain. More so, going to unfamiliar places can have some security risks as an unexperienced traveler.

Unavailability of travel companions

It is always good to at least have one travel partner to make the trip more interesting and also for security reasons. Getting a travel partner that will fit into your schedule and plans might be an up-hill task.

Little or no travel experience

College students with little or no travel experience will also experience constraints making a trip. They may not know how to go about travel logistics such as accommodation, transportation, handling cultural differences, etc.

Tips To Raise Funds To Travel As A College Student

Here are some suggestions as to raising money to enable your travel as a college student:

1. Look for scholarships and grants

This is quite common in colleges and universities. You can check for scholarships and grants in your field of study. Most times, the scholarships or grants takes care of all your travel expenses with some extra change left.

2. Support from family and friends

You can also pull funds together from family and friends to sponsor your trips.

3. Savings

You can also save towards a trip. You could take up a part-time job (that’s if your study program permits) and start saving up what you earn. You can also cut-off from your stipends to save for a trip.

4. Reduce expenses

Another smart way to raise money to travel as a college student is to cut down on your expenses. Live some steps below your current level of life. That way, you will be able to get some good savings for yourself.

5. Sell unneeded items

If you look around you very well, you will discover some items that are no longer in use but still in good condition. It could be a footwear, a bicycle, an old laptop that are still in good condition. You can place them on some online platforms for sales. You will be amazed how much you will make from them.

5. Take part in paid research activities

There are some research organizations that go to universities to engage students and academics in their research studies. And of course, those students and lecturers get paid for such.

Last Note

Travelling can be fun for college students most especially if you are going in the company of others. It could also be fun if you are doing that alone. On your trip, you get to see new places, meet new people and also experience different cultures. To travel as a college student, you need to plan yourself very well, your budget , transportation, accommodation and also your timing (so you don’t miss out on your classes!).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about my travel plans?

Set goals and plans for yourself
Get all the necessary documents e.g visa
Book your flights and accommodation
Get your luggages together

What makes people want to travel ?

Travelling enables us leave our comfort zone and be able to see new places, meet new people and eat new food. It is an opportunity to breathe a new and fresh air.

What are the different ways to travel ?

You could decide to travel by plane, car, train, hitchhiking, etc.

What are some of the benefits of travelling as a student ?

Travelling has the following benefits
Improved mental health
It helps reduce stress and anxiety
It opens you up to some adventure
You get to have pleasant and unforgettable memories.

What do you call a person that loves to travel?

An Hodophile


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