How To Survive Dating A Medical Student

How To Date A Medical Student

How To Survive Dating A Medical Student- Medical program is one of the most challenging academic program to go through. Medical students have a whole lot to learn during their period of study. Academic calendar is usually packed with lectures, assignments, group projects, clinical rotations, etc. An average medical student has a very tight schedule and may thus have little or no social life. However, some extra ordinary students still go out of their way to stay social despite their packed academic schedules. In the following paragraphs, we would be discussing how to survive dating a medical student.

How To Survive Dating A Medical Student

survive dating a college student

Who Is A Medical Student?

A medical student is an individual enrolled in a program of study in the field of medicine. During their studies, medical students learn different aspects of medicine including anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, medical ethics, etc. The students also gather practical experience through clinical rotations in hospitals and clinics, where they work under the supervision of licensed physicians and healthcare professionals. At the end of the medical program, students are awarded Doctor of Medicine (MD) or a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), depending on your country of study.

How To Survive Dating A Medical Student

Medical students are actually exceptional students. So dating one can come with some challenges. Here are some tips to help you survive dating a medical student:

  1. You need to understand his/her schedule: Medical program is highly demanding and the academic schedule at times can be so unpredictable. You must be willing to change your plans and even make sacrifices for your partner when the need arises.
  2. Look for ways to spend quality time together: It may not be frequent. Look at his/ her schedule and try to craft a free time for both of you to spend together. You could spend such precious times watching movies, playing some games, visiting the mall or even taking a walk.  
  3. Be supportive: Medical school comes with a whole lot of challenges and can really bring some stress on him/ her. Learn to offer support and help during those challenging times. Be patient and offer words of encouragements.
  4. You must be considerate and understanding: To survive dating a medical student, you need to be considerate and understanding. You shouldn’t flare because he/she wasn’t picking your call or responding to your chats. There could be times of long silence from him/her, most times because there are serious deadlines to meet in their academic work.
  5. Watch out for yourself too: You must watch out and take care of yourself too. Let your mental and physical health be of top priority to you. Don’t become overdependent on the other person. Because of the busy schedule of your partner, there will definitely be “alone times”. You shouldn’t go into depression or let your health break down at those “alone “times . Get busy pursuing your hobbies, interests, etc. Remember, dating a medical student can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding. With patience, understanding, and open communication, you can make your relationship work and support your partner through their academic journey.

Other Tips To Survive Dating  A Medical Student

  1. Don’t make them feel guilty in times when things go wrong
  2. Be his/her number 1 cheerleader
  3. Don’t expect him/her to know everything
  4. Don’t make the mistake of comparing your relationship with another.
  5. Get prepared for mini break-ups during exams
  6. Don’t get into an undefined relationship
  7. Send gifts to him/her sometimes
  8. Get ready for unpredictable times e.g your date having to be cancelled because of clinical emergencies, etc.
  9. Be proud of your partner always

Challenges Faced By A Medical Student

Medical students face a number of challenges while studying. One way to win their heart is by standing by them at such times and helping them overcome the challenges. Here are some of those challenges:  

  1. Extensive and rigorous academic work: Students have a whole lot to learn in medical school in a short period of times. The coursework can really demanding with a lot of topics, including some that are quite complex.
  2. Time management: How to manage time is another challenge a medical student may be faced with. Most of the lectures are usually for long hours, with lots of assignments and projects to attend to. Many a times, there is little or no time left for personal life, self-care or even hobbies.
  3. Stress and burnout: The rigorous academic schedule such as lectures, assignments, projects, exams and even clinical rotations can bring about some stress or burnout in the students. This could in turn have adverse effect on the mental and physical health of the student.
  4. Financial burden: Medical school doesn’t only come with rigorous academic schedule. The cost implication is quite huge too. The truth is that medical education is quite expensive and it can really be an issue for students from low-income families.
  5. Learning to balance academic and clinical responsibilities: To successfully go through and complete medical program, students are mandated to go through rigorous academic learning and also some clinical training. The students have to learn how to strike a balance between academic work and clinical roles.

Aside standing by a medical student during difficult times, another way you can win his/her heart is by being a resourceful person. Be a person of value. Let the student look forward to being around you, because you always add value each time you interact. One way you can be of value to that medical student is by sharing tips for success with him or her. Below are some tips to be a successful medical student.

Tips To Be A Successful Medical Student

  1. Be organized: Medical school can be overwhelming with a whole lot to study, learn and do. One primary key to success is to stay organized at all times. You can use a planner or digital tools to keep track of lectures, assignments, projects, study time, etc.
  2. Have a study routine: Don’t wait until exams or tests are close before you start studying. Make regular studying a habit. You should come up with a study routine that suits your personality and keep to such. Make sure you assign time to study each course. Also, remember to include time for break, rests and exercise to prevent stress and burn-out.
  3. Be open minded: Understand that medicine is a vast field with many specialties. You therefore must keep an open mind and explore different areas of medicine, till you find the aspect that interests you most.
  4. Stay motivated: Medical program can really be challenging and stressful. For you to keep on the road of being a medical professional, you must learn to stay motivated. This can be achieved by setting goals for yourself, both short-term and long-term goals. And don’t forget to reward yourself, each time you meet those goals. Celebrate those little milestones achieved on your way to becoming a medical professional.
  5. Seek help when necessary: Don’t be ashamed or afraid of seeking help when the need arise. Whether you are having challenges with academic work, finances or personal life, seek help. A little word of counsel could actually douse what could have turned out to a serious issue.
  6. Engage in extracurricular activities: Taking part in extracurricular activities such as volunteering, research, or clubs can help you develop skills that you will find useful  in medicine. Moreso, these activities also help you un-wind and relax from the rigorous academic work. Also, it gives you opportunities to network and build great relationships.
  7. Take care of yourself: It is only a living and healthy soul that can pass successfully through medical school to become a medical professional. It is therefore important for you to take care of yourself. Eat well, exercise regularly, rest and get adequate sleep at the appropriate times. When you are physically and mentally sound, you will be able to achieve your set goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do one survive dating a medical student?

Be encouraging and supportive of him/her
Give them space when the need arise
Take him/her out at free times
Surprise him/her with food sometimes
Keep yourself busy too

What are some constraints of dating a medical student?

What are some constraints of dating a medical student?
He/She has very tight schedules and would barely have time for you
Most times , there could be break down of communication due to demands of medical school
An average medical student has little or no social life.
Medical school come with a lot of financial obligations, which you the partner may be of little or no help

What are some pros of dating a medical student?

Medical students are usually intelligent and focused
You will have access to useful healthcare information
Medical students often develop some sense of empathy during their training. This would make any relationship in which they get involved in to work
Medical students have great future earning potential

Is it possible to maintain a relationship in medical school?

Keeping a relationship in medical school requires a lot of commitment on the part of the duo. The other partner (that is not a medical student) must learn to be understanding and supportive. Effective communication will also help to keep the relationship alive.

Final Note

To survive dating a medical student, you must first understand the schedule of the person you are involved with. Understand that medicine is quite rigorous, demanding and can come with some stress. Thus, you must be willing to stand by your partner and give all the needed support throughout. Don’t just be about yourself and personal gains, you must show some form of selflessness.


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