How to Study for SAT in a Week

How to study for SAT in a week

How to Study for SAT in a Week – It is usually recommended that every candidate who is preparing for an exam spend months reading extensively for the exam. That recommendation also stands firm for SAT. But this is not always the case for every student as majority of them are not able to bring out some hours of their studying for the SAT come weeks after weeks or evening months. Including SAT study tips in your schoolwork, extracurriculars, as well as your socialization can make you really busy and so we have provided the best guide to studying and preparing for SAT in just a week.

Do you just have only one week to the date of your SAT? It is never too late, you can still study and excel by following our guide. With our guide, you can do actually boost your confidence and in turn you score. With that already noted, there are a several things that you are to know prior to starting your SAT studying section in just one week. This content contains every detail you need to study and pass SAT in a week so long as you are dedicated.

One Week Reading Timetable for Studying SAT

There are 7 days in a week, to study for your SAT in just one week, a timetable for a typical timetable for a day in the 7 day plan of your study can be set this way;

  • “Wake up” by Reading a passage in your textbook
  • Writing section
  • Get into the Math section
  • Watch two to three Online Lessons .
  • You can intersperse these online videos anywhere, you can put this into your day’s practice questions.
  • Mental mathematics practice for 15 minutes

How to Study for SAT in a Week

1. First Keep Yourself Informed About What you are going into By Checking the Test Structure

When you have better understanding of the format SAT, you should now know what to read and what to ignore so that your study material reduces and with that you can meet up the one week rush. Check the number of sections in your study guide and share it into your time table, check the types of questions, and try as much as possible to set time limits for each section. This step will help you in making good Plans for your time usage during the test effectively.

2. After Knowing the Test Structure, You should Identify Your Weak Areas

You should practice the SAT test to identify the areas that you need to input more efforts or you can use a diagnostic tool to identify the subject areas where you need the most improvement. This will allow you to focus your efforts where they are most needed.

3. Review the Important Concepts

Since you don’t have much time at hand, the best thing to do is review those important concepts that you have seen repeatedly in past questions and you should also learn those reoccurring formulas in the chapters that you scored poorly in the practice test. You can resort to the use of review books, other online resources to search these topics ( our study guides will also help you to reinforce your strategic reading).

4. Study like You Are Under Time Constraint, no Need to Go About Gossiping, Focus!

Since you just only but one week to cover a lot of topics, it is very important that you put away distraction by practicing and managing your time effectively and efficiently both during your test study time and at the test date. This time around, you should practice with a timed mock tests or you could design your own timer while you conduct assessments in the different sections to make sure that you are really answering all of them within the space of time which would ordinarily be given in the original exam. You can reduce the time range to quicken your pace.

5. Target The Topics that Were Frequently Asked Repeatedly in Past Questions

Concentrate on those sections that sets the maximum number of questions as they play significant role in impacting higher score in the SAT, we call these topics “High-yield Topics”. For instance, in the mathematics section, you are to concentrate more on algebra, geometry, as well as data analysis, as these areas are usually “must ask” , you can’t do without them.

6. Reading & Writing Skill Practice to Make Sure You Understand What You Are Writing:

Read a practice texts to make sure that your reading comprehension skills are in good conditions. Try as much as possible to understand the key ideas, knowing those supporting details, and how to identify the author’s tone. In addition to this, a little practice on grammar rules and quick test to check out for sentence errors.

7. Make Use of Quick Online Resources

There are series of online resources that are available for students who are preparing for SAT. Please make use of the official practice tests, study with those articles from interesting websites/videos on SAT. You could also download a SAT practice questions & explanation mobile app.

8. Rest and Take Breaks In Between Study Periods

In as much as you are trying to make use of your one week study time wisely, you should not neglect the fact that you need breaks. Giving yourself space for short breaks in between the small study sessions can be of help in avoiding any form of burnout as you prepare under time constraint and this will in turn boost your overall focus in your studies as you return from rest and of course your retention is enhanced.

9. Review and Correct All Mistakes Made During Practice

Analyze and have deeper understanding of the mistakes you made when taking the practice tests or when answering the practice questions. Identify patterns and learn from them to avoid similar errors in the future.

10. Have a Good Night Rest a day before your exams

Make sure you sleep very well the night before the SAT exam. You don’t have to study yourself out. A well-rested state of mind will make you to be alert and more focused when you are taking the test.
A prep of one week is really short so you need to thoroughly focus on reinforcing the main concepts, engage in the test-taking strategies , and it will help in building your overall confidence.


Applying to get into college is very exciting but it when you manage your time and prepare early enough you should deserve to have the opportunity to succeed . However, if you got chocked up by time and you are only left with just 7 days to prepare and take the SAT exam, don’t panic. Its still much possible to ace your papers, all you need it to abide by the guide shared in this content and of course your success is guaranteed with dedication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 2 months enough to prepare for SAT?

Two to three months of studying is recommended as it will put you right in the sweet spot for being well-prepared for your exam

What subjects are on the SAT?

The SAT is made up of 3 sections:

Reading section

Writing & Language section

Mathematics section (No Calculator and Calculator in this Sections)

What level of math is on the SAT?

SAT mathematics is made of high school Pre-algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and Pre-Calculus classes

What is the highest SAT score?

The score range for the SAT is within 400−1600; that is your total score.

What SAT do I need for engineering?

Aim to get 700 on SAT Math and 32 on ACT Math & Science.


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