How to Prepare & Pass NECO 2020/2021 [Without Expo]

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How to Prepare & Pass NECO 2020/2021

I Will Give you the secrets to Passing the 2020 NECO Exam Very Easily without Expo: Have you ever wondered how to Prepare & Pass NECO 2020 and Score A’s in your 9 Subjects without Expo?

Here is how it works….. I will teach you how to prepare & Pass NECO 2021 and Score A’s in your 9 Subjects without Expo.

Are you surprised how this magic will work?

You don’t have to because this guide on how to Prepare & Pass NECO 2020 and Score A’s in your 9 Subjects without Expo is the only magic that you need.

Any NECO candidate will do better in his or her 2021 NECO exam if he or she knows how to Prepare & Pass NECO 2021.

The student major has made this guide on how to Prepare & Pass NECO 2021 available to all 2021 NECO candidates for free.

Follow this guide if you want to know how to Prepare & Pass NECO 2021 and Score A’s in your 9 Subjects without Expo.

How To Prepare For NECO 2021 Score A’s

The steps you are about to see below are the simplest but most helpful & useful tips to prepare for 2021 NECO.

How to Prepare & Pass NECO 2020/2021
How to Prepare & Pass NECO 2020/2021

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1. Make Studentmajor your NECO Home:

What else do you need to prepare for NECO on that you will not see?

If you need NECO Syllabus for all Subjects, you can Download PDF Here, if you need NECO Past Questions & Answers for All Subjects, you can view it Here, You need the NECO timetable, you can download it Here, You need NECO Expos, you can see it here…

Do you see why you shouldn’t do without a student major as a NECO candidate? To prepare effectively and also stay updated on NECO Updates, you need

2. Early Preparation is key:

As you should know, it is difficult to attain success without work, and the only work you need to put in place to pass the 2021 NECO Exam is preparation.

Some of the student major success quotes that you should always remember for motivation are: “success comes when preparation meets opportunity”, “Preparation is the key to excellent performance” “failure to prepare is preparation for failure” etc.

All you need to do is to prepare effectively for the 2021 NECO Exam using the NECO Syllabus [Download PDF Here], NECO Questions & Answers [View for All Subjects Here], NECO Past Questions & Answers for All Subjects [Check Here], NECO timetable [Download PDF Here], etc.

3. Be Serious and very determined:

Going to School or attaining NECO lessons daily is not what I am talking about. But the attention you pay in classes is what counts.

Many NECO candidates do go for NECO lessons daily but still, end up failing because of distraction and Unseriousness.

So as a NECO Candidate, you must always learn to have the zeal to study and come out best even at home and in classes. Ask your teacher questions on areas you don’t understand and make sure you study your notes after each NECO class or Lesson.

Study all the time and warn anyone that comes to play with you during classes or your study time.

4. Avoid all forms of distraction:

I know many NECO candidates cannot do without playing with their friends, watching movies, and chatting on social media.

But any candidate who cannot limit his or her level of play, watching movies, and chatting on social media is prone to failing his or her NECO exam because such a person will not be able to concentrate or even have time to read.

I am not saying you kill yourself because of your NECO Exam. But all I am saying is that you sacrifice time and devote yourself to studying.

Playing with their friends, watching movies, and chatting on social media will be more enjoyable when you see your NECO result with A’s throughout.

You can temporarily ignore some of your friends (especially those that are not writing the exam with you).

5. Ask all Questions about the NECO exam:

The more you make inquiries about the NECO exam, the better you will understand the Exam.

If there is anything that is not very clear to you about NECO Exam, then do well to ask us to use the comment box at the bottom of this post. We will surely give you a satisfying solution that will help you at the right time.

Don’t waste more time because the only right time you have to start preparing for your 2021 NECO Exam is now. Follow NECO Recommended approaches to study and prepare for your 2021 NECO Exam.

6. Give yourself a live NECO Test using this pattern:

In case you don’t know, most NECO questions are from NECO past questions.

So if you can test yourself with NECO past Questions and pass the test, then you are at the peak of passing the 2021 NECO Exam.

All the available solutions and solving to NECO question on all subject is in NECO past questions and answers booklet.

The most effective way to test yourself with these NECO Past Questions is when you have done a lot of studies and wish to see if you have improved.

Take a live NECO Test after the completion of each NECO study on a particular subject. Take note of the difficult questions and endeavor to check their correct solutions.

Repeat this test after one or two weeks on each subject are see how well you are going and how much more you need to learn.

7. Revise your SS1 to SS3 notebooks:

If your school is a better one, I will be sure they will cover the NECO Scheme of work on each of your NECO subjects.

As you should know, NECO is an SSCE (Senior Secondary School Exam) and all the NECO questions are gotten from Senior Secondary School one (SS1) to Senior Secondary School three (SS3) Scheme of Work.

So if you have a good note and subject teacher or maybe you don’t have good NECO textbooks, then your SS1 to SS3 notebook should be your nearest option.

If you have a good SS1 To SS3 notebook, it will even help you by adding more explanation to your NECO textbooks.

Meanwhile, combining your notebooks and your NECO textbooks will give you a better result and a high level of success.

8. Make your NECO textbooks your best friend:

All you need to study for the 2021 NECO Exam on each subject is in your Textbook. Use the NECO recommended textbooks on each subject to study and prepare for your 2021 NECO Exam.

9. Don’t do without the 2021 NECO Syllabus:

The 2021 NECO Syllabus contains the breakdown and the NECO Area of concentration and recommended topics and Textbooks to read for Each NECO Subject in 2021.

All candidates are strictly advised to Use NECO 2021 Syllabus to help them study and prepare effectively.

Have you ever seen a situation where someone will read from January to December but still fail the exam? YES!!! It can happen if the person was reading randomly without knowing which area he or she should focus on and which area he or she should not.

So the help of the 2021 NECO Syllabus will you know the NECO Area of concentration and recommended topics and Textbooks to read for Each NECO Subject in 2021. You can View and Download the free 2021 NECO Syllabus Here in pdf Format here.

Or use the search button at the top of this website to search for the subject you want to view and download its 2021 NECO Syllabus.

10. Attend NECO lessons: This option is not compulsory. It is completely optional. If you have good NECO Textbooks, Notebooks, and teachers at home and school, then you may or may not apply for the NECO Extra Moral class.

But in my own opinion, you should attend NECO Lessons, especially the ones where the teachers focus on solving NECO Past Questions. Joining a NECO lesson Class will help to boost your knowledge and performance.

But if you have gotten a reliable means of studying and preparing for the 2021 NECO exam, then you may not need to go for NECO Lessons.

How to Pass 2021 NECO 2021 [Guide to follow During Exam]

How to Prepare & Pass NECO 2020/2021
How to Prepare & Pass NECO 2020/2021

Below are some of the things you need to do to pass NECO and avoid failure.

1. Adhere to Instruction: I do advise candidates to always read their exam instructions before the procedure to answer them. So don’t just rush to start answering questions without reading the exam instructions very carefully.

2. Follow up on the 2021 NECO Timetable Daily: Any candidate that misses any exam will automatically fail that subject because it will be marked absent for him or her.

So to avoid missing out on any exam, you need to follow your NECO Timetable and check your exam dates and time daily.

You should even map out your own NECO Timetable [timetable showing only your Exam dates and time] from the general NECO Timetable and paste it somewhere that your eyes will always see.

So Make sure you follow the 2021 NECO timetable Strictly to avoid missing out on any exam. You can even use your NECO Timetable to schedule your reading timetable. You can download the 2021 NECO Timetable in pdf here

Make good use of your memory all the time to reason and memorize all that you have read even when eating because it will help to sharpen your brain and also help those things you read stick to your memory.

3. Eat a good diet: As a student, you need to pay attention to the food you eat. The food you eat also adds an impact on your overall performance.

Poor diet or eating very heavy food on exam day or during study time may result in laziness, weakness, and poor performance.

So you must make sure to always eat light food during exam time or during your study time to stay lively and perform well. In a flash, avoid some heavy foods like fufu and pap [akamu or Ogi as you may call it].

4. Early Arrival: Arrive at your Exam Center very early (at least 30 minutes or even one hour before the exam time.

You always advise candidates to arrive at their respective Exam centers as early as possible. Rushing to the exam hall may cause poor performance and reduce your score.

Another bad aspect of it is that it may cause missing out or unawareness. But if you make yourself available at your exam venue as early as possible, then you will not miss out on getting any information.

5. Pray before each paper: The last but most important thing you should know is that it is only God that can give you overall success in your NECO exam. All effort and preparation without seeking God are void. It is only God that gives success.

Remember “success can only come when preparation meets opportunity” so you also have a role to play so that God can help you maximally.

So always talk to God in prayer because prayer is the key to all success. Also, believe and have faith in God that he can do exceedingly abundantly above your expectations.

Make sure you pray before and after each subject that you write and God will never fail you.

Free NECO Exam Instructions.

To make this post more beneficial to you and to help you prepare and pass NECO 2021 maximally, I have put together a nice free NECO preparatory tutorial as shown below.

1. DON’T WASTE TIME: Time is very precious, especially in the exam. There is a time range given for the exam that you are about to write. So you must manage the time well and make sure you complete everything within the range of this time.

The examiner will never assign a special extra time for you just because you have not finished. So avoid anything that may distract you and consume your time.

2. DON’T BE A VICTIM: For Examiner to catch you violating the NECO Exam policies and instructions is a big offense that may cause very big damage to your result.

So if you want to see your result complete and very impressive, and then do what do only what your examiner asks and obey all the exam rules and instructions.

3. EXAM STARTING TIME: No candidate is permitted to start the NECO Biology Exam before the stipulated time. Doing this may attract penalization.

So candidates must not start until they are instructed by the examiner to start.

4. BREAKING THE RULES: No loitering or Noise making will be tolerated during any NECO Exam. Any candidate found making noise or loitering will attract a serious penalty to his or herself.

5. MALPRACTICE: In addition, all form of malpractice is not smiled upon. Any candidate found cheating by any means will be penalized by the NECO Examination code of conduct.

6. EXTERNAL BODY: Each candidate is strictly advised to write their NECO Exams by themselves. Bringing an External body to write your Exam for you is against the exam’s rules and it attracts a serious penalty.

I am sure you have learned How to Prepare & Pass NECO 2020 [Score A’s] without depending on NECO Expos.

If you found this guide very helpful, THEN requests that you share it with your friends who may also benefit from it.

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If you are still having any difficulty that you want us to assist you with, then feel free to use the comment box to ask “Studentmajor Mentor” any question or seek any assistance or make your suggestion, contribution, request, or complaint.

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