How to Prepare and Pass JAMB 2021/2022 [Jamb Secret Reveal]

How will you feel if you can discover the secret on how to prepare and Pass JAMB 2021/2022 and Score above 300? I am very sure you will be very happy about that.

A such, Studentmajor had put together these great guidelines for all candidates that will be writing the 2021 Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) CBT Exam to follow.

This page will reveal all the secrets and the reasons why candidates do fail JAMB and how you can prepare and overcome such to avoid failure.

We have put in place all the tricks and secrets you should apply to prepare and Pass JAMB 2021 and score nothing less than 200 and above.

Free JAMB CBT Exam Preparatory Tutorial.

Many JAMB candidates always have doubts whenever they are told they can score 300 and above. This is because they don’t even trust themselves.

JAMB preparation. How to Pass JAMB and Score 250 or above

But here is the truth, if you know how to prepare effectively for this 2021 JAMB exam, then you will break the record and score above your expectations. But even if you don’t score up to 300, you can should at least hit 200 and above.

Your best is best seen in your result. So wake up and hit a score that will make you proud and bold enough to tell your peers, friends, and colleagues.

In fact, it is only your JAMB score that can tell if you will gain admission this year or not. You should know that JAMB or the school you applied for cannot leave a candidate that score up to 300 and come to admit the candidate with 180 on a dot.

In order to make this tutorial more beneficial and helpful to you for preparation for the 2021 JAMB Exam, I have put together a nice free JAMB CBT preparatory tutorial for our 2021 JAMB candidates.

You can view the JAMB 2021 Solution here for free.

Helpful Links to Materials for 2021 JAMB Preparations

Causes of JAMB Failures and Solutions to them.

I will start with ones that channeled to the candidate in person before I head over the JAMB failure due to technical failure.

1. Improving Poor and Lack of preparation:

You will believe me that it is very difficult to attain success without work and the only work you need to put in place to pass the 2021 JAMB Exam is preparation.

Some of the studentmajor success quotes that you should always remember for motivation are: “success comes when preparation meets opportunity”, “Preparation is the key to excellent performance” “failure to prepare is preparation for failure” etc.

What to do:

All you need to do is to prepare effectively for your Exam. To prepare effectively, you will need:

2. Seriousness in Studying:

Going for JAMB class on daily basis is not seriousness but the attention you pay when you get to the JAMB class is what counts.

I had a candidate who went for JAMB class daily but all she does when she gets to the Class is to cause distraction and disturb serious people.

And whenever she is asked why she is not always serious, she will say “Don’t mind me oh, I always read at home”.

But this was all lies. She doesn’t pay attention in classes so how will she pay attention to her studies at home?

The end of it all was when she went for the Exam and end up scoring 150. That was when she knew that she was not serious. And it was too late to turn things around.

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How to Overcome This:

Always have the zeal to study and come out best even at home and in classes. Ask your teacher questions on areas you don’t understand and make sure you study your notes after each JAMB class.

Study all the time and warn anyone that comes to play with you during classes or your study time.

3. Adherence to JAMB information:

I do advise candidates to always take time management very seriously but many of them do ignore it and run into a shortage of time.

How to target this Challenge:

Start with the subjects you know better, skip difficult questions, and answer them later, know that your time starts immediately you tab “Start Exam”. So make sure each second from the time you tab “is properly used”

4. Avoiding Distraction:

I know many JAMB candidates cannot do without their friends and social media. But any candidate who cannot limit his or her attention to friends, social media & movie distraction is prone to failure.

I am not saying you should not enjoy yourself. But if you can sacrifice just a month for your exam, then your latter enjoyment will be more authentic and enjoyable knowing that you have made it well in your exam.

How to handle this challenge:

Temporary ignore some of your friends (especially those that are not writing the exam). Discipline yourself on how you should use social media.

In fact, you can also temporarily stop using social media and even watching movies. You will not die if you don’t use them for just a month or thereabout.

Make good use of your memory for reasoning and revision even when eating coz it helps to sharpen and help those things you read stick to your memory.

5. Other Technical problems from the CBT center include:

Malfunctioning of system, in a conducive exam hall, power failure, indulgence in malpractice resulting in the cancellation of the center.

Solutions to this Challenge:

These problems rarely occur because JAMB always goes around all CBT centers to test all their equipment and know their efficiency and their standard of operation.

But if it happens to any JAMB candidate, unfortunately, such a candidate should call the intention of the examiners.

Also, note that JAMB understands that such a challenge might occur. So they do create opportunities for candidates who may face such challenges to be rescheduled and rewrite their exams.

Overall Solution to JAMB failure

Finally, all effort and preparation without God are totally void. It is only God that gives success. But it is your level of preparation and commitment that will trigger God to give you helping hands.

Remember what I said before “success comes when preparation meets opportunity” so you also have a role to play so that God can help you maximally.

Or view and Download the JAMB Syllabus for each subject below by tabbing on each of them from the links below↓:

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  5. Download Syllabus for History in Pdf
  6. Government Syllabus in Pdf
  7. Syllabus for CRS/CRK in Pdf
  8. Commerce Syllabus in Pdf
  9. Chemistry Syllabus in Pdf
  10. Agricultural Science Syllabus in Pdf
  11. Syllabus for Economics in Pdf
  12. Syllabus for Geography in Pdf
  13. Biology Syllabus in Pdf
  14. Mathematics Syllabus in Pdf
  15. Download Solved Questions and Answers solution for all Subjects here

Or Select each Subject from the links below↓ to view their solved questions and answers solutions

  1. Use of English Questions and Answers
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Effects of scoring low in JAMB.

Scoring low in your JAMB exam is very dangerous because it will cause the following to you:

  1. Reduce your chances of gaining admission.
  2. Result in you changing from your dream institution to the one you don’t like.
  3. It may push you to change your mind about your dream course.
  4. May cost you extra cash to go about doing the JAMB change of course and institution.
  5. It speaks poorly of you and brings shame and embarrassment among your colleagues and peers.
  6. May result in your failure to gain admission this year which is a delay.
  7. Failure to gain admission will put you to starting over again which is a money and time waste.

There are many other ugly experiences that you may not bear at all if you fail your JAMB exam. So it will be very interesting if you can just make it once.

The end of all this matter is nailed at preparation. Can you remember this quote that says “failure to prepare is preparation for failure”? So any 2021 JAMB candidates that wish to pass the 2021 JAMB exam must be ready and willing to prepare for the exam?

And that is why this guide on how to prepare and pass JAMB Exam 2021 has been made available free of charge for all 2021 JAMB candidates to make use of.

I am sure you have known how to prepare and Pass the 2021 JAMB CBT exam and score above 300 without depending on JAMB Expos.

If you found this guide very helpful, then kindly share it with your friends who may also benefit from it.

If you are still having any difficulty that you want us to assist you with, then feel free to use the comment box to ask “Studentmajor Mentor” any question or seek any assistance or make your own suggestion, contribution, request, or complaint.


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