How To Pass WAEC (WASSCE) 2022/2023 in One Sitting Without Stress

These are very important tips on how to pass WAEC WASSCE 2021/2022 in one sitting without stress.

If you want to know how you  easily pass WAEC 2021 and how to answer WASSCE questions very easily, then here are very important WAEC exam tips for you to follow.

Generally, this article will enlighten WAEC candidates and answer the following questions with explanatory hints:

  • What will appear on my WAEC question paper?
  • Can I pass the WAEC 2021 exam without using the expo?
  • What should I read for the 2021 WAEC Exam?
  • How can I pass the 2021 WAEC exam without reading?
  • What are the topics WAEC will set questions from?
  • Where can I get the WAEC expo before the Exam?
  • What are the secrets I can use to pass this 2021 WAEC Exam?

How to Pass WASSCE 2021 Without Stress

Now, how can a WAEC candidate easily pass WAEC 2021 without stress in one sitting?

For a WAEC candidate to easily pass the WASSCE exam in one sitting, the candidate must do the following:

  • Develop a positive mindset
  • Plan your study time
  • Solve your most difficult problems
  • Focus more on the subjects that are hard for you to cope with
  • Study effectively for 1 to 2 months before your exam.
  • Attend every class or extra lessons to backup knowledge.

Answers Tips for Each WAEC Subject

If you wish to learn how to Pass WAEC Mathematics, English, Civic Education, Marketing, Literature, and all other subjects, then follow these links.

  1. Mathematics WAEC Exam expo 2021
  2. English WAEC Exam expo 2021
  3. Civic Education WAEC Exam expo 2021
  4. Marketing WAEC Exam expo 2021
  5. Chemistry WAEC Exam expo 2021
  6. Biology WAEC Exam expo 2021
  7. Physics WAEC Exam expo 2021
  8. Literature WAEC Exam expo 2021
  9. Government WAEC Exam expo 2021
  10. Commerce WAEC Exam expo 2021
  11. Economics WAEC Exam expo 2021

How to Answer WASSCE Questions

Answering WAEC Questions is very simple. As a WAEC SSCE candidate, when you are in the exam hall to write your exam, do the following:

  • Wait till the examiner gives the order to start the exam.
  • While waiting, fill in all your details on the answer booklet
  • Start by reading the exam instructions at the first page of the question paper.
  • Read each question two or more times before picking an option.
  • Scan through each selected option and cross check for necessary corrections.
  • Revise your work before submitting.

How to Pass WAEC 2021 in One Sitting

This section has a step by step guide and explanation on how to pass WAEC exam in one sitting.

WAEC examination is considered one of the most toughest examinations for Senior Secondary School (SS3) students.

How do I learn to pass WASSCE? To excel and pass WAEC very easily, you have to know and apply the following simple guide to success.

First Secret to Pass WAEC

  1. Develop a positive mindset

When you are approaching WAEC, there is nothing to fear or worry about, as the exams are only set based on what you have been taught in your various schools.

WAEC is not what many people think it is. Many people think it is one exam that delights in thwarting the efforts of students by dashing their failures.

Others think over questions such as: will I ever pass the exams? This exam is like a simple computer that whatever you garbage in you will garbage out.

Whatever effort you apply when studying for the exams will be shown in the result. If you wish to excel in the exams, you ought to erase every negative thought that comes your way.

Second Secret to Pass WASSCE

  1. Plan your time

It is often said that proper preparation prevents poor performance.

The way you plan your time will show how effective you are in the exams.

One easy way of planning your time is having a personal study Timetable.

Third Secret to Pass SS3 WAEC SSCE

  1. Solve the unsolved problem

In WAEC exams, every problem counts, and chances are that you will see that unsolved problem appear as one of the questions.

In order not to be disorganized and confused, you should endeavor to solve those problems you left unsolved.

There are many topics which you ignored probably because they might look unimportant or tough.

It is advisable to go over those topics and study them effectively. As you are preparing for WAEC exams, don’t leave any stone unturned.

  1. Study effectively

If you are a student, your duty, role, and responsibility are to study especially while preparing for an exam.

Don’t let anything hinder you from your studies and never procrastinate when it comes to studying for your exam.

Do you still want to learn more secrets? If you wish to get more personal guide on the WAEC WASSCE 2021 exam, then use to the comment section to reach out to us.

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