How to Make Friends as a Transfer Student

how to make friends as a transfer student

How to Make Friends as a Transfer Student- Changing environment to start a new school is not always easy and no matter the level of maturity you have, or how outgoing you seem to be, and even as many classmates you already know at your new school. One thing you should know is that, making friends as a transfer student is not the same as making friends when you are a school freshman. This article is dedicated to making the transition into a school as a transfer student as smooth as possible for every student. You can transfer up to 75 credits, then try attending campus connection fairs. If you are in your freshman year, almost everyone is new and so you are not the only one trying to adapt, everyone is trying to make friends at the same time and that is same for you, it will be much easier to come by. But as a transfer student, you’re the newest classmate who is trying to fit into the classroom community or even the school community that is already established before you joined.

How to Make Friends as a Transfer Student – The Ultimate Guide

1. Attend Your School Orientation For Transfer Students

College orientations can be overwhelming sometimes, but they are among the perfect ways to get new friends as a transfer student. Transfer student orientations gives you the avenue to connect with those in a similar situation as you. Most schools hosts a Welcome Week each year for freshmen and for the transfer students as it provides new students with diverse activities and opportunities to get more feeling of being at home at their colleges.

2. It is Advisable to Live on Campus

Campus housing is actually the best housing option for you as it creates the opportunity to meet people quickly. With campus housing, you are sure to be deeply immersed in the college. Living on campus will also give you at least one person you will most likely be in contact with all times: your roommate. With time you get acquainted with the people on your hostel/hall as it is very much easier to make lasting friendships in your dwelling place as a transfer student.

Many schools have provisions for housing specifically for transfer students. Meeting people in a similar situation can make it even easier for you to form lasting bonds at school.

3. Join School Clubs

School Clubs are perfect ways to find people with related interests as yours on campus. Register under a club or organization fair at the beginning of the semester to familiarize yourself with the organizations on campus and be part of whatever interests you! Even if you do not wish to actually become a member of each one, you should have tried familiarizing yourself more with the programs that the school has to offer and after that you should be able to make up your mind to be part of the clubs that appeal to you.

4. Attending Campus Events/Programs

Every college has programs and events that make it extraordinary. Taking to the time to participate actively as many as you can is an excellent way to make friends as a transfer student. Moreover, campus events are actually the perfect way to make friends since these programs allow you to broaden your experience horizon concerning your college’s unique culture and traditions.

5. You Can Start Working on Campus

Whether out of your own need or for some extra pocket money, applying to get a job inside school is a great way to adequately make use of any spare time that you have while at college. As a transfer student, getting an on-campus job or starting a business on campus can be a much more easier way to get along and of course you can make instant connections.

6. Forming a Study Group

Everyone stands to benefit from some extra studying. Try getting in contact with people in your classes and then set up a time for you and for your classmates to get in touch and study together. If you are a shy type you can do that on your classroom’s Whatsapp group or Telegram group. This is a nice option if you find yourself too busy with school to socialize.

7. Volunteering

Colleges are in search of volunteers to usher in most events, service projects, and other productions. If you happen not to find an opportunity that you like on campus, you can choose to peek around the surrounding environment or the local community as this could widen your options. Also, apart from being a perfect way to make friends as a transfer student, volunteering in school activities can boost your resume for competence in your future jobs

8. Spending More Time on Campus

The very effective way to make friends at college is to spend enough time on campus. Especially in the start days, make sure you are dedicating as much time as you can on different activities on campus. You can visit the student lounge, make use of the library, and any other resources that are available at your new school. You should draft for yourself the opportunity to meet and link new people by being available. With this you may luckily find others who are looking to get in contact with new people as well!

Final Thoughts on How to Make Friends as a Transfer Student

Transferring colleges is a very demanding process. Whether you are an introverted student or an extroverted student, the problem of adapting to a new environment is like a common occurrence. It always comes with its challenges. This article was dedicated to making the transition into a school as a transfer student as smooth as possible for every student. You can transfer up to 75 credits, then try attending campus connection fairs, another perfect way is to get engaged with the various on-campus events organized each semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Shy Person’s Guide to Making Friends at School?

Use Conversation Starters to Get Chatting. …
Spend Time with Your Friend’s Friends. …
Speak to Someone Who’s on Their Own. …
Look for Common Interests. …
Be Approachable. …
Ask Open Questions.

Why is it important to make friends in school?

Friendships offers school-age children a sense of belonging.

How can I be a nice friend at school?

Make Eye Contact & Smile. Smiling at others goes a long way.

A Simple “Hi” Will Do.

Be Aware Of Your Body Language.

Be Encouraging. …

Allow People Their Space.

Take The Lead — Don’t Wait!

Ask People Questions About Themselves.

Practice Talking To Others.

Is it hard to make friends in high school?

It can be difficult to make friends in high school. Often, people stick to their friend groups and don’t seem open to getting to know new people.

How do I transfer as a student?

Get in Touch with your current academic advisor.

Meet with an admissions counselor from your new school.

Check dates.

Complete your college application.

Attend transfer student orientation.

Check in with your new academic advisor.

Claim your spot.


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