How To Link My Email Address to the Jamb Portal

How To Link My Email Address to the Jamb Portal image
How To Link My Email Address to the Jamb Portal image

How To Link My Email Address to the Jamb Portal -This is a platform that provides information and other resources to students, including formulating solutions for any problems they face in their education.

The jamb portal serves as a valuable resource for the millions of students that are set to participate in the upcoming Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination. It also provides important confirmation of knowing the various steps involved in securing admission into Nigeria’s public universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education.

The JAMB portal is a very good site. You can get here with your JAMB number, JAMB registration number Surname or Forename, and Date of birth. This will help you to check your status on the jamb website and it also helps you to check the jamb result.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is a federal governmental body established in Nigeria in 1990 by an Act of the National Assembly of Nigeria to coordinate all activities related to entry into Nigerian tertiary institutions. It was established by the National Ordinance on Admission into Tertiary Institutions.

  • The website is an instructional guide that aids students around Nigeria with information like registration for Nigerian universities, scholarship information, and military recruitment procedure among others.
  •  It improves the process of securing admission into Nigerian higher institutions as well as providing career guidance.
  • It provides information on courses offered by universities and other academic institutions in the country, application procedures, and directives.

The website also serves as a platform to inform students of upcoming conferences and debates that are organized by the JAMB. For example, students can know how to register for such events when they are announced on this website.

How to Access Jamb Portal with my Email Address 

I want to access the Jamb portal with my email account, but I don’t know how to use it.

To access jamb on your phone or browser, you will need a code from your email. This code is the same for all users and is accessible in most popular email programs like Gmail and Your email account should have a received code. If you are a Gmail user, you have two options to get the password.

You can access the Jamb website and get the password from it. You can also send an email with your question to [email protected] when you are on the website and they will reply to you with a customized response that would contain that code for one of their services in which case we recommend going directly to the site itself for best results.

How to Link My Email Address to The Jamb Portal

  • Get your phone’s text messaging app open.
  • Type Send an email to your email account, for example, [email protected].
  • To contact someone, text 55019 or 66019.
  • Access your email account.
  • Check the email that JAMB sent you.

Why You Should Link Your Email to The Jamb Portal

The reasons are:

1. Your grades will be available on your phone

2. You can receive messages from instructors and student organizations

3. You will have instant access to course registration and other services

4. It’s easier to keep track of your schedule if you use the Jamb Portal

5. You can email professors in a more sophisticated way than with a standard “return receipt” email 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my JAMB email and password?

You can also reset or retrieve your JAMB email or Profile Password via the JAMB login portal at A page requesting your email will be opened. Input the email you used in registering, then click on the “link to reset password” option on the page.

Can I login to my JAMB portal without email?

Yes, you can access your JAMB CAPS without email because the portal supports registration numbers. Therefore, your registration number can replace your email address. However, ensure you know your password because there are no alternatives to passwords.

Can I change my email on JAMB portal?

Ask for a JAMB attendant or official that will guide you on what to do (note that if the email you previously used is not existing you can create a new email to match exactly what you used to register for JAMB but if its existing and used by someone else you have to contact that person to send you whatever…

How to check my JAMB registration number with my profile code?

Having obtained the fundamental requirements listed above, you must log into the JAMB’s website to continue retrieving your JAMB Registration Number. Click on the E-facility link in the green navbar. Under Post-Registration e-Facility, click on Retrieval of Registration Number.

How can I get my JAMB OTP code without phone number?

Go to the Nearest JAMB Office. The JAMB Official will instruct their system to RESEND the OTP through Email. After then, check your email and print a copy of the email which contains the OTP. Attach a copy of your PASSPORT to the printed Email and presents it to them.

How do I link my email to my JAMB portal on my phone?

Send SMS writing “Email” with your Gmail address twice to 55019 e.g. Email [email protected] [email protected] (Please Note: You should send the SMS with the Sim card you used for JAMB registration) Afterward, you will receive an email from JAMB containing your “Password” details.

Why can’t I get my JAMB profile code?

In order to get your JAMB profile code and before sending NIN to 55019, you must make sure you have at least #50 on your line/SIM (credit). The service provider/telecommunication provider will, of course, debit you #50 in order to send your profile code.


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