How To Keep Your Dorm Room Cool Without An Air Conditioner

How To Keep Your Dorm Room Cool Without An Air Conditioner
How To Keep Your Dorm Room Cool Without An Air Conditioner

How To Keep Your Dorm Room Cool Without An Air Conditioner

The feeling of being hot when you sleep is quite normal. The ideal temperature for sleeping is between 60-and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature rises above this, it becomes difficult to sleep. If your population increases by one person or more, it will only get hotter. 

Sleeping deep is linked to cooler body temperatures. Being too hot could affect your ability to fall asleep and remain asleep at a crucial time when you will need to rest in your dorm. If you have a roommate or more than one roommate in your dorm, sleeping on a hot summer evening will become a huge challenge for your mental health because controlling and managing the body’s temperature can be a crucial element of a healthy sleep routine.

After adequate research, this article was published to give college students tips on keeping their dorm rooms cool if they do not have air conditioning in their dorm room.

Here are some suggestions below on how to keep your dorm room cool without an air conditioner:

Buy A Fan

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Fans can function the same as AC, provided they are placed correctly within the space. If you have more than a single roommate, you can also consider buying more than one for your dorm to ensure that your air is appropriately circulated.

It is possible to put a powerful standing fan close to the bed’s foot and an air-tight box fan on your desk to keep you cool while you sleep or working. Two lovers are sure to help cool the room.

Conclusion: there are cooling fan models that can be bought that come with the ability to cool mist. This helps keep you more relaxed and is similar to air conditioning.

Keep Doors Open

Make sure that the doors of your dorms open at night if you are confident that you reside in a safe home and your dorm room is well ventilated. The other doors and windows in the room will allow for adequate air circulation, thus decreasing the temperature and stuffiness of the room. It might be more sensible when you’re in an apartment instead of a double or single in a hall.

Shower At Night

Most people take their baths in warm water at night before going to bed. However, taking a cold contrast shower may be better for you since it can help to calm your nerves and cool your body down over the long haul.

It’s not just more beneficial for your body and emotions and regulates your body temperature, but it will also make you feel as if your dorm space is more relaxed since you won’t feel the same way as you did before you took a contrast shower.

Buy And Grow Plants In Your Room

Get a good amount of plants to decorate your dorm space to lower the temperature in the room by a number. However, it is essential to ensure that you don’t purchase large-sized plant life as they could make the room more crowded. Space instead.

If you can choose to, I recommend buying small potted plants that you can put in the window during the day. But, you must be sure not to purchase large-sized green plants since they can make the room more crowded. 

Buy A Lightweight Blanket

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You’re going to get hot with the duvet and comforter you wear during winter. Consider buying a lighter duvet to use in summer. Certain duvets are lightweight, and comforters are designed to be used in the summer when it’s hot outside, which means that you’ll be able to remain at ease in a blanket, but you won’t overheat in the process.

Use Your Sheets

If you don’t have the money to buy a new blanket made of lightweight material or duvet, you can exchange your sheets. Instead of resting on the sheets and using your duvet as your cover, you can rather lay on the duvet on top and use the sheet to cover your body.

A sheet is sure to keep you more relaxed than a duvet, and it’s a method to change your blankets for free without spending one cent!

Make Use Of Ice Buckets

If you don’t have a tiny freezer in your home, you may consider investing in one! One of the easiest methods to beat the heat in the summertime in your dorm is by adding ice to your water and any other drink you consume. It works very well in bringing down the temperature. When the heat is scorching, you can use the ice packs as Ice packs to cool you down further!

Consider Keeping Your Blinds Close During The Day

You may be resentful of working in a space without sunlight. However, this Sun could be a significant contributing factor in why your dorm room gets so warm from the beginning.

Use A Cold Mist Humidifier

Five Candle Alternatives For Dorms That Smell Nice

Technology has advanced significantly. That being mentioned, we now have humidifiers that are cold mist to be used with traditional humidifiers. Isn’t that amazing?

It is possible to use an air humidifier to make your dorm room cooler in the summer. Although I do not recommend that you keep more than two gadgets in the room in the summer because it can increase the temperature of the dorm, the cold mist humidifier could be used to counter this.

The most appealing thing about the cold mist humidifier is that it can help you physically by making your skin and hair feel softer and more smooth. A few people have stated that a humidifier made of cold mist aids in reducing nasal bleeding and headaches.

Spray Bottles

If you have an in-room fridge, why not fill an empty container with cold water to take a bath at night if you feel sweaty and hot? Research has shown that spraying yourself with just a few drops of cold water in extreme heat can produce a significantly beneficial impact.

You will not only feel more relaxed and more relaxed, but your temperature will decrease. You could also add the essential oils into your spray bottle to provide a relaxing environment if you’d like.

How Can I Cool A Room Without A Window Or AC?

The most straightforward method of keeping your room cool, without windows or an air conditioner, is to buy some fans. You can keep them in storage in the winter months, and they’re comparatively inexpensive.

The fan can aid in keeping you cool, but it also cools the room and allows you to feel comfortable in your space regardless of the moment of the day.

Another option that can be used either independently or in conjunction with a fan is a water bottle that sprays. Purchase an empty bottle at your local retailer, add cool water (and Ice if you have it), and use it for misting yourself to get relaxed.

If your room doesn’t have windows, you can unlock the doors. Most dorm hallways are cooler than dorm rooms. Open your door, and letting excellent airflow in can significantly lower the temperature in your space. Also, you’ll be allowed to breathe fresh air!

It is also advisable to remove any electronic devices you don’t need. They emit heat, which can be a problem in a tiny dorm room. Be sure to switch off any appliances or electronics you don’t use.

Finally, you can also look to have a humidifier with a cool-mist in your home. This creates humidity in the air that is then pumped out as an excellent air vapor. This will likely decrease the temperature of your room and aid in recovering from the heat you’re experiencing.

Can I Bring AC To College?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO.  The main reason is that installation could be very challenging, and it may not be up to the safety standards the college is required to meet. The electricity and energy consumption for air conditioning is significant, and it’s unfair for one student to have additional energy use while others aren’t. Many dorm rooms in colleges restrict the things you can take to your dorm, which is why air conditioners rank prominent on the list.

There are several reasons why air conditioners are not permitted in dorm rooms.

It will provide a clear and concise guideline about what you are allowed and can’t bring in living in your room. Pay careful attention to the list since the penalties and repercussions of having prohibited things in your dorm room could be severe.

Instead of bringing an air conditioner into your dorm room, select a quality fan that can be used for misting or cooling functions. They will be a great fit in the space of a dorm room that is small.


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