How To Get Your Husband On Your Side

husband on your side

How To Get Your Husband On Your Side- Now that he has married you, it feels like you are a conquered fellow. Nothing you do seems right again and you are trying to wonder if it was the same man you said ; I DO to few years back. No, it doesn’t have to be like that . The love he showered on you before he married you can be as fresh and even more now that you are married.

In this post, we would show you helpful tips that will help to get your husband on your side.

20 Powerful Tips To Getting Your Husband On Your Side

#1 Compliment him regularly

You must be generous with your compliments as a wife to your husband. Appreciate every of his efforts, no matter how small. Verbalise it, send him a message, show it in your actions. Compliment him openly, compliment him secretly.

#2 Don’t try to lead

In a marriage setting, the husband is the head. And anytime there is a threat to that position, you are going to put him off. One smart way to get him on your side is to allow him take the lead while you follow.

#3 Ignore his mistakes sometimes

I hope you know that you didn’t marry a perfect man or an angel. So expect him to make mistakes sometimes. One of the ways to get your husband on your side is by keeping quiet at some of those mistakes. He already saw the mistakes, so don’t make matter worse by blabbering and reminding him of them.

#4 He is not your slave, don’t overburden him with your to-do-list

Women will always have a lot to do in the house. At times, you will need to ask your husband to help you out. But in doing this, you must be wise about it. He is not slave, so don’t pile work on him. One thing at a time, is the approach you should use. Don’t roll out a long list of work to be done to him. You will piss him off. You can ask; “Honey, please can you help with kid’s homework”. Allow him to finish that and give some room for rest before engaging him again.

#4 Praise him in the presence of his parents / family members

This would everly boost your husband’s ego when you praise him in front of his family members. And if you will eventually get him on your side.

#5 Stop the nagging

Its understandable that women sometimes are pushed to nag for several reasons. But if you want to get your husband on your side, you have to set aside that nagging nature aside. It irritates men a lot.

#6 You have to be compassionate

To get your husband on your side, you must be loving and compassionate.

#7 Take him out on a date

This is another interesting way to get your husband on your side. Take him to his favorite restaurant. Book a couple table. To even spice it up, you too can arrive there separately.

#8 Watch movies together

Relax with your husband once in a while to watch movies (especially romantic ones) together. Take advantage of those nights when children are already tucked in bed or friends/ guests have all gone to their home.

#9 Dress to seduce him

Wear clothes that would make you look pretty and attractive

#10 Leave him a love note

Another great way to get your husband on your side is by writing him a love note sometimes. You can drop it on the dashboard, his bed side, his jacket, wallet, etc. Just put somewhere that would surprise him.

#11 Plan a vacation together

It could be a day, 3 days or more , it all depends on your work schedule. Just get away from the hustle and bustle of life to spend some time with the love of your life.

#12 Send messages to him throughout the day

Sending messages to him throughout the day while he is at work shows that he is on your mind. And there is no greater feeling than when your husband knows that you are always thinking of him. That is another great way to get him on your side. You can take advantage of social media platforms to send him such messages.

#13 Love what he loves

You have to be interested in your husband’s favorites. If your husband is a lover of sport, politics or business, then you should also follow suit. Just love what he loves.

#14 Laugh together

Crack jokes , watch comedies together. Do things that would make the two of you laugh together.

#15 Cook his favorite meal regularly

Don’t just cook meals that you think he likes or is just good enough. Rather, cook what he loves. There are times you need to ask him. Place at least 3 options of food. Make him feel like a king.

#16 Talk talk talk

You must engage your husband in talking. However, caution is needed here so you don’t become a talkative and bore him out with your talks. Moreso, you must watch his moods. Don’t initiate conversations at times when he is tired. Ensure you find the right timing. Talk about the past, present and future, your plans, children, etc.

#17 Dance with him

Put up some good music in the house and dance with your husband. This will lighten the mood in your home and also soften his heart towards you.

#18 Put on a dress that he loves

Regularly dress up in clothes that your husband loves.

#19 Go through old photographs with him

At those times when your husband is relaxed in the sitting room or lobby. Get beside him with some old photographs and look through together. It is really fun.

#20 Use nice words

Words can make or mar someone. So learn to use constructive words , romantic and nice words on your husband . He would love you for it.


Getting your husband on your side is not as difficult as it may appear. Respect him, cook his favorite meal, satisfying him in bed are some of those secrets that would unlock his heart towards you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What steps can I take to win my husband’s heart

Compliment him regularly
Initiate sex sometimes
Be supportive
Be proud of him always
Be his no 1 fan

What makes a man fall in love with a woman?

The following behavior makes a man fall in love with a woman: physical attraction, empathy, sexual compatibility, etc.

What are the ways men show love to their woman?

He listens to you
He introduces you to his friends
He communicates with you frequently
He mimics your behavior and body language

What does men want in their wives?

Men want their wives to be caring, thoughtful, loving and kind.

What are the major needs of a man in marriage?

Home support
Admiration and respect
Sexual fulfillment

What are the ways to make your husband fall in love with you again?

Plan dates/ outing regularly for just the two of you
Plan for better sex
Always form the habit of touching , it helps build intimacy.
Go on a trip together , just the two of you
Spend quality time together
Build trust in him
Set goals together with him


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