How To Get A High Score In JAMB

How To Get A High Score In JAMB

How To Get A High Score In JAMB – Many people who want to go to college don’t realize how much JAMB scores affect their chances of admission. In most schools in Nigeria, department cutoff marks are determined by the average of candidates’ UTME and UTME results. After UTME.

How you prepare for the exam will have a huge impact on your results and whether you will eventually be accepted into your dream institution. In this article, we will be sharing with you the information you need on how to get a high score in JAMB.

How To Get A High Score In JAMB

1. Start preparing early

This is the first and probably the most important piece of advice that an experienced JAMBite can give. The JAMB and UTME exams are more advanced and technical than what you have at O’level. It is also a highly competitive exam where millions of candidates aspire to fill a limited number of places at higher institutions.

Only a commitment to early preparation can ensure a good understanding and excellent memorization of the concepts. Progress is gradual. If you don’t have enough time, you won’t be able to make significant progress in your studies.

Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare for JAMB. You may find yourself straining your brain not to balance JAMB’s technical questions.

Therefore, it is better to start early enough and read your material intensively and thoroughly. You need to spend at least 6-12 months to fully prepare for JAMB and UTME.

2. Learn to use the computer

Not all secondary schools in Nigeria have computers for students. This is before writing the JAMB exam; You may not know how to use a computer. The first step is to get used to using the computer. Because your JAMB CBT (Computer Based Test) exam is timed and written on a desktop computer, you should be able to complete the questions quickly. The real way to get used to solving JAMB questions on the computer is to go to a study center and learn how to do some CBT practice tests. There is also online software that you can install on your computer (laptop) to learn how to pass the JAMB CBT exam.

3. Make your jotters your best friend

Have you ever wondered why you always need to take notes at school even though you have a textbook or material with all the detailed information?

This is because taking notes forces you to consciously pay attention to what you write, which helps you stick with it better. Don’t just hang around with textbooks and past questions, grab a simple notebook and write down summaries, key points, and important formulas and equations.
Remember that JAMB is an objective exam, you don’t need to write anything, just choose the answers. Having a notebook that summarizes and highlights important points will make them easier to remember.

Do not think that marking is a waste of time. You only remember 10% of the first thing you read. That is why your notebook is very useful. Make it comprehensive by using complete sentences that you can understand when you read it again.

When you’re done, read your notes over and over again, four or five times at first. Those who want to score over 300 on JAMB should start here.

4. Strengthen your weak points

However, to be successful in the JAMB exam, it is necessary to focus on the weak areas of the person, this may be a subject or subject that is difficult for the candidate to learn and study, to pass the Jamb exam. with a high score, since the JAMB exam is a combination of four subjects, and therefore pass the JAMB with a high score.

So, to strengthen your weak points, the first step is to identify your weaknesses and areas for improvement so that you can study better for your exams, then get help and support from friends or teachers to help you improve. and if you understand topics and topics that you are not very familiar with, you can join study groups or some JAMB classes to improve your weaknesses, this will strengthen your weak points while studying for the exam and prepare you for the exam. etc It can make you excel in the JAMB exam.

5. Download Past Questions

Working with past JAMB questions will help you learn more about the questions on the exam. It is best to familiarize yourself with the format and structure of JAMB questions. With pre-downloaded questions, you can test your speed and ability to deal with the heat of the upcoming exam. Most people don’t score high on JAMB because their slow approach to problem-solving is outdated.

6. Know your exam centre in advance

Some candidates read well, work hard, and are smart, but little things, like being late to the test center, cost them a lot.

Remember that the way you answer the questions correctly is just as important as reading. Check with your test center days in advance to avoid unnecessary stress and discomfort. This step will help you get there early and relax on the next task.

7. Choose an appropriate learning environment

One of the most important factors in scoring well on the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam is finding a conducive study environment that allows you to study adequately for the JAMB exam and stay focused without overwhelming distractions. Studying for the JAMB exam is important, in addition, a conducive learning environment helps the candidate to study better, also a bad environment can prevent the candidate from studying diligently for the exam, which can result in the candidate performing poorly on the exam. JAMB. exam

Therefore, it is important to remember that where you study can affect your ability to write well and do well on exams. This is shown by the fact that most students prefer one area over another when studying or preparing for exams. however, the fact that students study in a disadvantaged environment may affect their chances of passing the JAMB exam. In addition, a bad environment can affect the psychology of students while they are preparing for the exam.

8. Get JAMB Syllabus

Your teacher may not teach everything in high school, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. Fortunately, JAMB lays out all the questions in its syllabus here.

Therefore, take the course outline for each course and write it down in your notebook. Try to read the topic every day and mark it in your notebook after reading it.

This method helps with accountability. It shows your progress and highlights the areas you need to work on to be successful at JAMB.


Lots of people have the mindset that JAMB exam is hard but it is not true. If you prepare well for the exam, you will pass with a fruitful result. This article on how to get a high score in JAMB is what you need to give you the motivation to prepare well.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Is 230 a good JAMB score?

With a JAMB score of 200 – 250 you will have a chance for a moderately competitive course.

Can I study medicine with 230 in JAMB?

In the real sense, scoring around 200–230 isn’t a fantastic mark that can give you the opportunity to study medicine and surgery. The reason is that you will need to score close to 90% in Post-UTME to balance the deficit of your JAMB result.

Is it easy to score 300 in JAMB?

Having a high JAMB score is not a guarantee of admission but it definitely gives you a higher chance of securing admission in your preferred institution. Scoring above 300 is not an easy task but it is not impossible.

Where does JAMB get their questions from?

Many candidates who are sitting for the first time do need that assurance. So, you should note that JAMB do repeat questions and mostly from their question banks which you won’t have access to.

What is the hardest subject in JAMB?

Use of English is one major subject that everyone must do and it is the hardest subject to pass in Jamb.


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