How To Generate Remita Code For NOUN

How To Generate Remita Code For NOUN – The National Open University Of Nigeria is a higher-learning institution established through the Nigerian Universities Commission(NUC) Act. According to a NUC release, it is among the few distance learning universities established in Nigeria and its mandate is to provide an educational service that would offer university education to all Nigerians.

The National Open University of Nigeria has four campuses spread across the country, providing a variety of courses that include certificates, diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, and postgraduate programs. The university offers courses in both full-time and part-time modes with options for residential or non-residential students.

Its structure is modeled after a conventional university that offers students the option to choose among the numerous undergraduate and postgraduate programs it provides.

How To Generate Remita Code For NOUN

1. Access the Portal of the National Open University of Nigeria.

See also Prof. Olufemi Peters’ advice to new students, “Be Good Ambassadors of NOUN” 2. Select Student Login.

3. Type your matric number and password for the student login, then click “Login.”

4. Select e-Wallet from the study were student information panel.

5. Click the drop-down menu option, and then select Generate Remita Number.

6. Type your “Name,” “Email address,” “Phone number,” and “Amount” into the wallet Account financing form.

Form for financing a virtual wallet account that generates an RRR code

I’m assuming you chose the bank branch payment option here rather than the bank website or MasterCard.

7. To create your NOUN Remita Retrieval Reference Code, click Pay.

8. Copy the Remita You Generated.

Courses Offered by the National Open University of Nigeria(NOUN)

The university currently has over 270 postgraduate programs, with various fields of specialization such as natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, and management. These courses are offered either in full-time or part-time mode, with residential or non-residential students eligible for admission.

Courses Offered by the National Open University of Nigeria(NOUN) are:

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Science (Industrial and Systems Engineering)
  • Master of Science (Electrical Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Mass Communication 
  • Bachelor of Technology (Animal Production and Health Management) 
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation & Visual Effects 
  • Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science)
  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration(Accounting and Information System)(Majors: Accounting, Banking and Finance)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication) 
  • National Diploma in Mass Communication 
  • National Diploma in Journalism 
  • National Technical Certificate in Metal Work 
  • National Technical Certificate in Food Technology Management 

The National Open University of Nigeria uses its assessment process for certifying students. Its goal is to provide open and distance learning programs for undergraduate and postgraduate studies to all the universities in Nigeria.

Curriculum and Grading System

The National Open University of Nigeria uses its assessment process for certifying students. Its goal is to provide open and distance learning programs for undergraduate and postgraduate studies to all the universities in Nigeria.

The curriculum at the university is divided into three levels: certificate, diploma, and degree. After completing a course and passing a series of examinations, students are entitled to receive a certificate or diploma as proof of completion. The final stage is graduation where one earns a degree or mastership after passing the required examinations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a Remita account?

Go to
Click on Sign Up.
In the dropdown under “This Registration is for”, select “My personal account”
Fill in the required details and click on Proceed.
Type in the OTP sent to your mobile number and submit.

What is RRR code in Remita?

Remita Retrieval Reference Number (RRR) is a 12-digit code that is generated electronically, and it is used for making financial payments on the Remita platform. Below we will explain you how to generate Remita Retrieval Reference Number. Remita is a popular online payment solution for Nigerians.

How many digits is Remita reference number?

Kindly revert via DM with the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) for appropriate review. The RRR is a set of 12 digits unique identifier with this format: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx Thanks again.

Can Remita be paid in any bank?

Remita Payment delivers payment instructions to accounts in any Commercial Bank, Microfinance Bank, Primary Mortgage Institution or Digital Wallet. With it, you will also be able to: Sign into a SINGLE platform and view up-to-the-minute balances of ALL your accounts in ALL banks on a SINGLE screen.

Can I pay Remita on my phone?

Remita is not a banking application but an internet and mobile payment collection platform. This means that you still have to have your regular bank accounts with BVN registration to be able to use the app to make payments. There are charges for transactions on the Remita app.

What is digit reference number?

Reference numbers are identifiers (a group of random numbers and/or letters) assigned to credit or debit transactions. These are used to track transactions and make it easier and quicker for customer service reps. Reference numbers are often used in correspondence about a credit or debit transaction.

Does NOUN pay school fees every semester?

The National Open University School fees should be one of your concern so that you will know what you are up against before applying for admission, as the National open university of nigeria school fees are being paid per semester (not per session/year).

Are noun degrees Recognised?

Yes. NOUN certificate will in no way be inferior to those awarded by conventional universities since the same body National Universities Commission, sets the minimum standard.


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