How To Download Videos From Pinterest

How To Download Videos From Pinterest

How To Download Videos From Pinterest – Pinterest is one of the biggest hubs to share your thoughts, ideas, photos, or style inspiration through visual discovery. This is the best place to find ideas that will help you in your daily life. You can download images from Pinterest quite easily, but downloading videos from Pinterest requires a workaround.

After discovering videos on Pinterest, if you want to add them to your private collection or board, you need a Pinterest video downloader. In this guide, we have discussed how to download videos from Pinterest.

How To Download Videos From Pinterest

  • Open a post on Pinterest and copy the link
How To Download Videos From Pinterest 1
  • Open the Pinterest video downloader and paste the link
How To Download Videos From Pinterest
  • Press and hold the “Download Video File” button.
  • Select “Download linked file”

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media network! You can only post images, videos, gifs, etc. You can search for images. It’s one of the biggest visual social networks in the world! where any user can share images, videos, infographics, or any similar content.
Pinterest is a social network that allows users to visually share and discover new interests by posting images or videos (known as “pins”) on their own or other people’s boards (i.e., collections of bedbugs that typically share a common theme). . and searching data verified by other users.

Plus, millions of Pinterest users also use Pinterest to find ideas! People with online projects think of them as online projects. Also to get new ideas from Pinterest.

You can create an account, log in and like other users’ posts or create your own.

Social networks that use a visual orientation focus heavily on a person’s concept of lifestyle, allowing you to share your likes and interests with others and find like-minded people.

They also recently added a “Pinterest Lens” feature to the app. Lens lets you come up with ideas inspired by anything you point the Pinterest camera at.

Social networks that use a visual orientation focus heavily on a person’s concept of lifestyle, allowing you to share your likes and interests with others and find like-minded people.

What is Pinterest used for?

Pinterest is used to describe and share image and video content. It provides users with new ideas, products, and content and allows them to share what they discover with other users.

Pinterest users pin images and videos that interest them to their boards. They can also discover and edit other people’s content. The site is used to find inspiration, learn new skills, and buy products using Pinterest content ideas.

Businesses use Pinterest to showcase and market products and services to users with similar interests and hobbies. Business accounts provide access to Pinterest analytics, advertising services, and premium content formats. Other platforms like Etsy, Instagram, and YouTube can link to Pinterest, and pins on those platforms can link to businesses.

Pinterest tags can be used to track the actions visitors take on a website after viewing a business ad on Pinterest. A tag is a piece of code embedded in a website. Tags assist businesses to view campaign performance and optimize conversions.

Business accounts provide access to Rich Pins, which automatically updates the company’s Pinterest content as the content on the company’s website changes. For example, when the price of a Product Pin changes, Rich Pins reflects it on Pinterest.

Why you can’t download a video from Pinterest

Sometimes users complain that they are unable to download videos from photo services. They often experience an incomplete download and the “Download” button is missing.

The main reasons for the failure to record video:

  • There are too many videos playing. If the user flags too many videos for download, he doesn’t have time to save them.
  • There is not enough space on the device. Download problems can occur when your phone’s memory or your computer’s hard drive is nearly full with not enough free space for anything else.
  • Old version of the Pinterest app. If the user does not update for a long time, the file may not download because of this.
  • To successfully save the video, you need to wait for the video to open and play normally. Also, it is recommended to first check if you have free space on your device.


This article has provided detailed information on how to download videos from Pinterest. Take action now by starting downloading your favorite videos from Pinterest. Thank you!!!

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Can I download Pinterest videos on my phone?

If you are using a mobile browser for Pinterest, the steps are like Windows/Mac; otherwise, if using the Pinterest mobile application, follow the steps below. Open the Pinterest app, find the video and choose it. Click on the 3-dots button for more options. Paste the video URL in PokoPin, then click Download.

Which app can I use to download videos from pinterest?

Mega Social Media Downloader

Mega Social Media Downloader is a free app that allows users to download high-quality videos from popular social media networks for free. Developed by CrazyBentho, Mega Downloader is a simple & easy app for downloading content directly to an Android device.

How do I save Pinterest on my phone?

Sign in to Pinterest using the official app or the browser you usually use.
Select the picture you want to download and open it.
Click on the three dots (the icon is above the image on the left).
In the opened menu with options for actions, click on Download image .

What are pinterest videos called?

Pinterest videos are called video pins. Video Pins are a great way to tell a more comprehensive story about your brand, idea or project. Video Pins have a cover image that captures your audience’s attention. They play in users’ feeds, so keep in mind that your audience may or may not have their volume on when they see your video.

How do I enable videos on pinterest?

Step 1: Open up your Pinterest account and click on the “Create” tab at the top of your screen screen, to then click “Create Pin”.
Step 2: The next screen will pop up to upload your video and they’ve given all the right specs needed to the right of the upload box. Upload your video.


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