How to Delete a WhatsApp Group

How to delete a WhatsApp group

How to Delete a WhatsApp Group-Do you have a WhatsApp group that has become too difficult for you to manage? Then deciding to delete it may be the perfect step to take otherwise you can archive it for the time being. But if you still wish to delete the group , you can easily get a  WhatsApp group of yours deleted in just a few taps of your device. This article gives full highlight on how you can delete WhatsApp groups on your phone and you can still do this without getting your WhatsApp data erased. Read on!

How to Delete a WhatsApp Group


If you wish to delete a group or you want to completely dissolve a group so that the members cannot will not be able to interact with one another or with you, that is say you want to completely remove it from its root. Then what you should note is that to get this done you need to be the admin of the group. 

On the other hand, if as a member of a particular group on WhatsApp and the only thing you want is  to just delete it from their own phone, then you can get this done without stress. Simply abide by the following given steps below.

First Open the particular WhatsApp group that you wish to delete from your phone after which you should tap the top bar that displays the group info.

Deleting WhatsApp Group 1

2 On the next screen that shows after you have checked on the group info, scroll down and you will see the option that shows Exit group . Just check on it. Upon clicking, a pop up will display and it will ask that you click to confirm your decision. After which you should tap on Exit.

Upon doing that, you will still discover that the group is not yet gone and is still very much visible on your device. Why? It is because the group has not been actually been fully deleted from your device. That is to say , you are just not a member of the particular WhatsApp group anymore. For that reason, anytime you exit a WhatsApp group, you can will no longer have the access to participate in the group chats. but if you want to get rid of it from your phone completely the. go to the next step below.

3  On the same screen that is showing on the App, you will be able to see that the Exit button  is no more and it was instead replaced by the Delete group button. What you need to do is to click on it to completely  delete the group from your phone. When you do this, a pop up will show up. Then click on the Delete option.

Deleting WhatsApp group 2


As an admin of a WhatsApp group, you are fully eligible to delete the group and wipe away its existence. Meaning, you have the access to permanently delete it so that no one can interacts in it. Please bear in mind that, WhatsApp doesn’t offer a direct step to get this process done.

1 First, you have to open the group that you intend to delete for everyone. after which you should check on the top bar to have access to names of the group members.

Deleting WhatsApp group 3

2  Interestingly as an admin of a WhatsApp group, you are given the right to remove anyone from the group. So by the virtue of this privilege, you can choose to make use of this power very well and remove each member from the group individually. To get this done, just check on the member’s name after which you should hit the Remove button.

Deleting WhatsApp group 4

3 You can now repeat the same step above for all the members of the group. Once you succeed in removing everyone from the group, exit the group as displayed in the image above. After you exit it, you will see the Delete button. All you need to do is to check on it to permanently  remove the group from your device .


Next time you want to delete a WhatsApp group from your phone, there are just simple steps you need to abide by, first go to the WhatsApp chat of the group you want to delete, then check on the group name at the top of the screen, click on the name of each member you want to remove and choose “Remove From Group” from the pop-up, when you succeed in removing all group participants, you’ll will have to exit the group. Tap the option to “Exit Group” which appears at the bottom of the screen, After you exit a group, you will be given the option to delete the group as the option to “Delete WhatsApp Group” will pop up.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I Delete a group on WhatsApp and remove everyone?

Open the WhatsApp Application on your phone or Computer. These steps should work on any iOS or Android smartphone.
Then check on a group chat. .m 
Scroll down until you have access to a list of participants.
Choose a participant and tap Remove From Group.
Check Remove to kick them out of the chat. … 
Tap Exit Group. … 
Tap Exit Group again to confirm you want to leave. Check on Delete Group.

How do I Delete all WhatsApp chat groups?

In the Chats tab, Navigate on the individual or group chat you want to clear.
Check on it > More > Clear chat.
Check or uncheck Also delete the media received in chats from the device gallery after which you should choose

What happens when all admin leaves WhatsApp group?

If you happened to be the-only group admin and you mistakenly or knowingly left the group, then another participant will be chosen at random to become the new admin.

Can you leave WhatsApp group without admin knowing?

When you leave a group, the group admins will be notified of your exit. No one else in a group chat will know about it.

How do I give administrator permission to delete?

Fix One-Take Ownership of the File or the Folder.
Fix Two- Disable User Account Control.
Fix Three- Activate the Built-In Administrator Account.
Fix Four-Use SFC.
Fix Five- Use Safe Mode.

How to remove admin without admin password?

Check on “cmd” from the search box to open the command prompt.
Type the command – net user username/delete & press “Enter”


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