How To Book Flight On Wakanow

How To Book Flight On Wakanow

How To Book Flight On Wakanow- Wakanow is an online travel company that offers a booking portal for affordable flight services. On the platform , you will find flight prices and services of different airlines. You also have option of booking for any of these flight on the platform. Wakanow is one of the good online platforms to get best flight deals. A number of times, airlines give discount on their flight. But amazingly, such discount may not be announced on their websites. Rather, you will find such discounts on flight friendly platforms such as Wakanow.

How To Book Flight On Wakanow


Tips To Book Flight On Wakanow

1. Use  a search engine that is flight-friendly

The fact that you book flight on the website of an airline does not guarantee you the best flight deals. This is because most airlines give discounted fares to travel agencies while premium prices remain on their site. So what you get on the website of most airlines are premium offers , no special deals. But when you visit travel agencies, you get special deals a number of times.

When you use a search engine that is flight-friendly, you get a list of flight deals from different airline companies. Examples of such search engines are Wakanow, Travel Start, Konga Travel, etc. In addition, you can get to compare different airline and then go ahead to choose the best deal.

2. Book In Advance

Another tip to book flight on Wakanow or any other search engine is to book in advance. When you book flight on Wakanow or any other online travel platform in advance, you get cheaper flight deals. But when you book your flight just few days before, you wont get enough good deals. Also, booking in advance will help you avoid last minute pressures.

3. Put your itinerary into consideration

Plan your trip in such a way that your flight will be direct. Having stop-overs too frequently can make your trip boring and strenuous (most especially if it’s a long distance trip). So the fact that a flight deal is good  and cheap does not mean you should jump at it. You should ask. Is the flight going directly to my destination or would I still have to take another flight? How many stop –overs would the flight have before getting to the final destination ?

These are some of the questions you should ask before you book flight on Wakanow or any other platform.

4. Be sure of that trip but also be flexible about it

Before you book flight on Wakanow, be certain of the day you want to make the trip. This will save you the hassles of having to cancel trips due to changes in plan. So be sure before booking. Another secret tip to know in booking in a flight is to stay flexible, For instance if you choose a flexible 3 days option on your travel it’s a good deal for you. That is, you can get more cheaper flight deals .

5. Ensure accuracy of details while making your bookings

When making your booking online, ensure your details are accurate and tallies with what is on your identification. This will save you unnecessary delay at the airport.

6. Make your payment as soon as possible

It is not enough to see a good flight deal and make reservations. You must make prompt payment to secure the deal. Many a times, these hot deals are just for a very short duration. Some of the those deals before you blink an eye, the deals are gone.

7. Print Relevant Documents After Booking

Once you have confirmed and make payment for your bookings, you need to have copies . You should make print out of documents, confirming your bookings. Then off you go! Take them to the airport to validate.

Other Top Platforms To Book Flights Online In Nigeria

You can book flight on Wakanow or other online travel platforms. Some of these platforms include:

  • Arik Air
  • Travelstart
  • Fly Airpeace
  • Dana Air
  • Konga Travel
  • Alternative Airlines
  • Fly Nigeria

Arik Air

This is a Nigerian airline that offers both domestic , regional and international flights. The platform offers an interface for you to easily book flight, make payments and even manage bookings.


Platform works just like Wakanow platform. On this platform, you get different flight prices from different airlines. So you can easily compare prices on these platforms and choose the best deal. Also available on these platforms are cheap flight deals.

Fly Air Peace

Air Peace is a private airline in Nigeria. People can easily book and manage flights on this platform. Aside from the website, the airline company also has a mobile app, you can make bookings, manage bookings and also make payments.

Alternative Airlines

Travelers can easily search and book flights online via this platform. The platform also has payment method. In addition, the platform also allows cancellation of flights in case of emergencies such as illness or other related issues.

Dana Air

It is an airline company . Dana Air has online platforms such as website and whatsapp for management of bookings. Flight rescheduling, check-ins, etc are available on this platform.

Konga Travel

This is an online platform in Nigeria where you can book flights (both local and international) from Nigeria. Flight deals, holiday bonuses are sometimes available on this platform. You can also get to compare prices from different platforms

Fly Nigeria

It is another travel agent platform. On this platform, you can get to view different flight deals. This platform allows you to change your travel date up to 24 hours before departure, without having to pay (e-booking fees or airlines  penalties).

Max Air

This platform operates via website  and mobile app. Different flight activities can be done such as bookings, check-ins, booking management, etc.

Last Note

One of the secret tips to getting a good flight deal is by booking your flight with a trusted travel agency like Wakanow. This is because a number of times, airlines give discounts and offers to these travel agencies. But you may not find such offers on the website of the airlines sometimes.

To book flight on Wakanow, you should be sure of the day you want to make the trip. It is also important that you book in advance, as this could attract some discounts for you. While booking, ensure you enter the correct details, so you wont have unnecessary delays at the airport. Lastly, remember to print out your booking details, you will be needing it alongside your passport during check-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the current CEO of Wakanow?

Wakanow is currently being led by Adebayo Adedeji

What are some of the top travel agents in Nigeria?

May Fair Travels Nigeria Limited
Travel Start
Wakanow Nigeria Limited
Aeroport Trave;s & Tours Limited
Dip Tour Limited
Air gate Travel & Tours limited
Quantum Travels Limited

What is Wakanow?

Wakanow is a no 1 online travel portal in Nigeria. The services offered include cheap flight deals, hotels and airport pick-ups, etc.

How do travel agents make their money ?

The major source of revenue for travel agencies include through commissions paid by vendors, vacation packages, cruises, airflights, etc.

Can Wakanow be categorized as a travel agency?

Yes. Wakanow established in 2008 is the very 1st Online Travel Agent in Nigeria.

Can I make flight bookings without payment?

Yes. You can actually make flight bookings without paying immediately. Your seat will be reserved  and you will be given a specific time frame to make your payment.

What is the best way to book a flight for the very 1st time?

If you are booking a flight for the very 1st time, it is advisable you book directly through the airline. You can visit the website of the airline to make your bookings.

What days of the week are best for one to book a flight?

Off-peak periods are best for one to book a flight. From the beginning of the week up to mid-week are off-peak days. Flight rate at such times are usually cheaper. But if you book on weekend, that is a peak period! And you are going to most likely pay more for flight bookings.

What documents would be required for flying?

You need the following documents for flying:
A valid identification such as Passport, Drivers’ license
A print-out of your flight booking details

What is the modality of using Wakanow?

This is how Wakanow works. There is a flexible travel payment plan called “Wakanow Pay Small Small”. This package allows customer get great travel deals. All you simply need do is to make a down payment of 25% of your total travel cost. You can pay the balance in convenient instalments.


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