How to Be A Better Student

how to be a better student

How to Be A Better Student – A better student possesses different qualities when it comes to their overall academic performance, character and in their personal lifestyle. If you want to become a better student in your high school or university, you are expected to make a practical effort to attain success. Are you a good student and you are longing to become a better student ? Do you wish to know how to become a better student and to scale up your academic performance? This content has all it takes to get you at the right track!

What Are the Qualities of a Better Student?

Some of the qualities of a better students are listed below;

  • Having a Positive Mindset
  • Making Daily Improvement
  • Good Organization Skill
  • High Level of Persistency
  • Ability to Handle Failure
  • Having a Vision
  • Being Punctual
  • Team Working Spirit
  • Obedience to Rules and Regulations
  • Being Teachable
  • A Good Listener
  • Participation in Various School Activities
  • Development of Confidence
  • Studying Smart
  • A Good Student Forms Study Groups
  • High Level of Optimism
  • Be Active in Class
  • Use Technology for Your Study
  • Asking Questions
  • Taking Notes
  • Attending Class
  • Having Good Friends & Peers
  • Learning to Write Well
  • Reducing Distraction
  • You are a Step Ahead
  • Being Enthusiastic About Learning
  • Teaching Other People
  • Study Concentration

How to Be A Better Student – The Ultimate Ways

1. Set Your Goals

Goals ( both the short term and the long-term goals) are perfect ways to measure your success. If as a student, you don’t have goals already set in sight to achieve, you have barely anything to achieve . But if you set concrete and feasible goals for yourself, it will be much more easier for you to become motivated and with that you can successfully measure your success in those goals.
Just be sure that your set goals are realistic then you should challenge yourself, no one will deliberately set himself up for failure, either. Also bear in mind that, you can always set higher goals to achieve and this is once you’ve attained your first set.

2. Make Sure to Adopt to a Study Schedule, Stick to it

Scheduling is very important when you want to maintain a healthy learning balance and this will help you to keep up with the rigorous course loads.

3. Ensure that you Stay Well-rested

If you are much awake and you are focused , you will most likely absorb more information given in class, during your sessions of study and even in class activities as well as in participation. Envision it as an equation while you are alone – being awake + alertness makes you A’s.

4. Make Use of The Various Educator Resources

It is not just about attending class, there are countless numbers of study resources that are available to assist students in thriving and achieving tops in class. The office hours and study review sessions are one of these resources that you can make use of. They are offered within specific classes.
In addition to this, majority of the high schools and colleges conduct tutoring sessions free of charge to their students who are seeking additional knowledge and help with their courses.

5. Healthy Study Techniques for a Perfect Exam Preparation

Study techniques that are tagged as “healthy” include balancing your study hours, time-management and then avoiding all-night cramming study sessions . Study details is certainly easier to absorb when read in increments, instead of procrastinating until the last minute.

6. Developing note-taking skills

Listening and proper note taking during class will not only ensure the recording of accurate detail, but also reinforces the information via recording the information as you are taking note of it

7. Taking Part in Extracurricular activities

As a better student, you need to create a life outside of academics, you should engage in extracurricular activities, you can take part in intramural sports or college clubs. And unlike the famous belief, joining extracurricular activities will improve a student’s overall college experience, it will also contribute to the learning process and it also aids in balancing your scheduling skills.

8. Study Collaboration

Collaborating with your fellow students is a perfect way to learn, so far as you’re sure to select students who you’ll stay on task with what you envisioned. Try finding those students in your class, instead of the friends you already have close contact with. It will go a long way in expanding your social group and you will more likely be able to stay focused on the school work.

9. Make use of the school’s resources

Taking advantage of the school resources for setting goals and for forming positive study habits will assist in your success as a student. School resources are available and students who make use of such resources are much more likely to be more successful .Such resources includes but are not limited to the utilization of school libraries, visiting the career centers as well as the school centers that provide tutoring and knowledge (take for instance: student writing centers, mathematics Center, to mention but a few).

10. Go for the manageable course load

Going for a well-balanced course load, you are more likely prone to succeed because of the realistic expectations in the work load that you will be able to handle successfully.

11. Attendance to Class/ School Activities

If students try to attend all their class, they will be more successful in the course and with that they become better students. Most times, the course material is given during class periods and only individuals that are paying attention tend to acquire knowledge while in class and, thus, they are more likely prone to performing better on exams.

12. Active Participation

Going to class is a good thing but the most important thing is paying attention and participating in class . If you attentively to the lessons, concerns are likely to come up. If they arise class, then do not hesitate to ask questions.


Sometimes, Reading is not just enough to become a better student in school. But your attitude towards what you are into affects your performance on a long run. Every student can actually decide to do better or even the best they agree to practice a helpful routine and of course healthy routines that would navigate them towards the path of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a student the best?

Being positive, helpful, cooperative & friendly are some of the traits of a good student.

How can I study better and better?

Behavior modification can work for you. …

Do not study more than an hour at a time without taking a break. …

Separate the study of subjects that are alike. …

Do not study when you are tired. …

Prepare for your class at the best time. …

Use the best note-taking system for you.

How can I get better at high school?

Motivate yourself. …

Listen and participate in class. …

Take thorough notes during the course of your classroom discussion .

Do not hesitate to ask for help. …

Stay focused when you are doing your homework

How to Become an Excellent Student

Studying and Learning Efficiently.
Being Organized.
Being Attentive in Class.
Doing Your Homework.

What is the secret of success in studies?

Goals ( both the short term and the long-term goals) are perfect ways to measure your success. If as a student, you don’t have goals already set in sight to achieve, you have barely anything to achieve


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