How Many People Should I Invite For My Wedding

How many people should I invite for my wedding

How Many People Should I Invite To My Wedding- I guess you are on this page because you are actively preparing for your wedding. So let me start by saying a big congratulations to you. You know wedding ideally should come up once in a lifetime. No one really wish to do it a second time. So the big day is worth the preparation.  However, no one that has ever had a grand wedding just wished it and it happened just like that. Several plannings and preparations were done which made the wedding successful.

In active preparation for a wedding, one of the key questions you must be able to answer is : how many people should I invite to my wedding? This is because the number of guests you are inviting will determine so many other plans you need to make.

In this post, we would consider the factors that will determine the number of people you should invite to your wedding and other wedding preparation tips. Read along.

Factors That Determine How Many People I should Invite To My Wedding

1. Your Budget

 In preparation for your wedding, you should have a budget. How much do you intend spending for your wedding. The budget can be broken down to bits such as cost of venue, cost of food, etc. Your budget will largely determine the number of people that you would invite to your wedding.

2. Your choice of venue

The venue you are using is also important in solving the puzzle: how many people  should I invite to my wedding. Don’t invite a large crowd when you know the venue you are booking wont accommodate everyone .  It would be embarrassing for your guests to have come a long way and not find a chair to sit down at your event.

If you discover the venue you are choosing wont contain your guests, it is either you want to change to a bigger venue that would still be within your budget or cut down on the number of guests you are inviting.

3. Your preference/ partner’s preference

In answering the big question: how many people should I invite to my wedding? You also have to put into consideration the preference of your partner. There are some people that enjoy having a large crowd at their events while some just prefer to have a handful of people. So the choice of how many people should attend your wedding largely depend on you and your partner.

4. Parental choice

Parental choice is also important in choosing how many people should make your guest list. Aside you and your partner deciding who and who makes your guest list, your parents also have some stake here too. So, in preparing for your wedding, you should have a discussion with your parents on how many guests they would be inviting to your wedding. This would help you and partner prepare for adequately for it.

5. The society also plays a role

The kind of society you live in is also a factor in answering the question: how many people should I invite to my wedding. There are some society that allow large gathering of people while some only support small gathering of people per time.

How Do I decide How Many People I Should Invite To My Wedding

Sitting down to think on who to invite to your wedding can really be a huge and demanding task, considering the fact that there are other planning you need to do. Here are some helpful tips to help you get your guest list ready:

1. Start by making a list with your partner

Before you start involving your families, sit with your partner to make a guest list. The list should begin with your immediate families followed by the close extended family, close friends, co-workers, etc.

2. Get your family members involved

In this case, I mean your parents . usually , you and your spouse should invite 50% of expected guests while your parents should take the remaining 50% which can be shared 25% each.

3. Decide if children are allowed

It is left for you and your partner to decide if children are allowed in your wedding or not. Decide this on time and let it be clearly stated on your invite. Though in  my personal opinion, its really cute to have little ones to grace your wedding with their parents. I don’t think they will create any nuisance as long as their parents/ caregivers are available to take care of them.

4. You should invite couples that you recently attended their wedding

If there are couples that recently had their wedding and you were present, then you should invite such to your wedding.

Other Tips To Deciding: How Many People Should I Invite To My Wedding

When last did I see the person?

If you haven’t seen someone in a long while whether physically or in phone conversation, it may not be too necessary to invite such person.

Am I fully aware of what is going on with the person?

It is important that you should have some hints about the person you are inviting. Be sure they are safe enough to be around your event. You don’t want to invite someone that would give you issues at your wedding . Imagine a criminal getting arrested in your party or fight breaking out among your guests. So be wise in choosing your guests list.

Was I present at the person’s wedding?

It is cool to invite persons that had their weddings in the past and you were present. It’s a way of showing that you appreciate and value them.

If wedding date had to change, will such person come?

If answer is yes, then such person should be invited for your wedding.

Does this person have a positive impact/ influence in my life?

You should invite people who has positive influence and contributions in your life to your big-day.

Am I really comfortable around such person?

Its your own big day and you have every right to invite whoever you want to your wedding. If you are not comfortable being around such a person, there is no need to invite such . Moreso, you don’t want to have an enemy around on your wedding day.

Who Should I invite To My Wedding?

In choosing your guest list, here is a list of people who should make your wedding:

Close families

This is the most vital group that should be at your wedding. Infact, they should be at the very top of your guest list. Your family members should include your parents, siblings, grannies, etc.

Your wedding train

This include your bestman, maid of honour, grooms men, bridesmaids, flowergirls, page boys, etc.

Extended family

These usually include uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, cousins and nephews.

Your close friends

These group are also important on your guest lis

Family friends

These are more like your family members because they have always been around you and your family.

Your parents’ friends

Your parent will gladly want their friends to be present with them as they give out their children in marriage.

Colleagues demands that you invite your colleagues even if they end up not coming for whatever reason, still go ahead to invite them. It is not nice that your colleagues get to know from a third party that you have an event. Worse still, they get to know after the event.

Last Word

How many people should I invite to my wedding depends on your budget, your preference/ that of your spouse and the kind of society you live in. But in all, its your day, so irrespective of the number of people present or not present, enjoy yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of invited guest will eventually show up at my wedding?

Don’t expect everyone that you invited to show up for wedding. Some will not show up for different reason. Averagely about 75-85% of invited guests will show up and in some cases, the percentage could be lower.

Who is expected to pay for the wedding?

Usually, parents pay for about 52% of the wedding expenditures while the couple take 47%, loved ones handle 1%.

How many people should attend my wedding?

Most weddings have about 100-120 guests.

How long are the wedding guest expected to stay at a wedding?

Guests usually stay until the couple cut the cake . Cutting of cake is usually the last thing couple do before making their gateway.

What time of the day is best to fix a wedding?

It is best to choose an hour of the day before sunset for your wedding.


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