How Long Does it take for Change of Course & Institution to Reflect?

This post will assist you in finding solutions to a series of issues given by students who had recently completed the JAMB change of institution and course process but had yet to reflect or appear on the portals of the schools offered.

You’ll learn how long it takes for the change to appear on your JAMB profile, how long it takes for your new schools to enroll you, and how long it takes for the change to take effect.

How Long It Takes Change of Course to Reflect on JAMB Portal?

In general, a JAMB change of institution should be instantly reflected on the body’s portal. If your query is about when it will appear on the school site or in other situations, you must read all the way to the conclusion of this article.


Reasons Why Changing Institutions or Courses Doesn’t Reflect

If you recently completed the alternation on the JAMB portal but received an error message stating that your information is not on the portal or in the school’s database, or that your JAMB registration number is not recognized when you went to your school’s portal to continue with post-UTME registration, this could mean:

  1. JAMB has not sent your details to the school yet. Usually, JAMB will wait for enough students to do changes before they send the new list to the concerned universities, polytechnics, or colleges of education. They do these a couple of times before the school’s post UTME ends. OR
  2. The school has not uploaded or updated your information received from JAMB on her database. Schools might have got your information from JAMB, but it usually takes a few days for the ICT to get all uploaded for the candidates to continue with their registrations on the school portal.

How long will the changes take to appear on the school’s portal?

It could take as little as 24 hours or as much as a few days. According to the explanation above, you can rest assured that your information will be reflected sooner or later. A school that will not enable you to change institutions again would undoubtedly notify you when you are on the JAMB portal. You’d get a message that said something like “This institution is no longer accepting new candidates.” As a result, you will be unable to affect the school’s change.

As a result, if you may modify your institution or course on the JAMB site, it signifies that the schools involved have consented to accept the modifications in the first place and that her database will be updated to reflect the new changes.

And, to answer your question, depending on how much time the school has to stop her registration, it normally takes a few days, weeks, or months.

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