How Education Can Change The Society

how education can change the society

How Education Can Change The Society- The importance of education to the society can not be overemphasized. Education has impacted the society and is still impacting the society in so many ways. In this article, we would discuss at full length how education can change the society.

12 Ways Education Can Change The Society Positively

#1   Child marriage is a rare occurrence

In a society where education is prioritized, child marriage is a rare occurrence. Such society see girls as people that can have a great future and thus can be educated. The girl child’s future is seen beyond that of a wife and mother.

#2   Maternal death rate is thus reduced

Another way education can change the society is the reduction of maternal death rate. Educated mothers will use the recommended health services and take necessary guidelines during pregnancy and thus mortality rate will reduce.

#3   Crime rate is reduced

Reduction of crime rate is another way education can change the society. Education gives people a mindset that distinguish right from wrong and also how to better treat other members of the society . Also young ones are busy acquiring skills, unleashing their creativity , there is no space or time to cook up evil things.

#4   Education promotes good citizenships

The more educated people we have in the society, the more people are aware their rights and duties in the society. People can easily turn out to vote, volunteer, etc. without much cajoling.

#5   Good governance is easier

When people in a society are aware of their civic rights and duties, such society is easier to govern . It takes a whole lot to lead a set of ignorant people than educated people. This is one of the way education can change the society.

#6  Economic growth

The aspect of the economic growth is another area education can change the society. Education brings about growth and development in the society. The more educated people in a society, the higher the average income and productivity. This will also translate to decrease in employment rate. Economic growth and stability is thus fostered.

#7   We have a healthier environment

Environment matters. Climate change affects the environment negatively or positively. Educated individuals in the society work together to find ways to ensure that the environment will be conducive for us to live in. Some of this could be seen in environment friendly policies of companies, corporate social responsibility, etc.

#8   Higher incomes

People with education in the society have higher incomes than those that do not. Education can change the society by increasing the number of people with higher incomes.

#9   Better condition of living

Educated people in the society have higher jobs with higher incomes. Higher incomes translate to better standard of living in the society.

#10   Alleviation of poverty

The more educated people we have in the society, the higher the average income and the lesser the poverty rate in the society.

#11   An educated society is an empowered society

Education empowers. The more the number of educated individuals in a society, the more empowered that society is. People are empowered to live better lives. People are equipped with skills to live better lives e.g critical thinking skills, communication skills, discipline, etc.

#12   Promotes healthy living

Education promotes healthy living . People learn to live longer and healthier lives.

Ways Lack Of Education Can Change The Society Negatively

1. High rate of unemployment

A society that is poorly educated will imply one with high rate of unemployment. Such members of the society wont be fit for high-paying jobs. They would rather be scrambling and competing for the few available menial jobs.

2. High rate of crime and illegal activities

A society that is poorly educated would be full of crime and nefarious activities. This is because education develops the mind . An individual with undeveloped mind will only be thinking poorly. Such people will also see crime as a short-cut to success.

3. Poor economies

Societies with educated persons have stronger and better economies than those with less-educated persons. Countries with educated persons will have more productive workers who can solve some of the society’s problem.

4. Inability to fit into the society

Uneducated persons can not really fit into the society. Most especially in this age of digitalization, uneducated persons will really be left behind in all aspect.

5. Low-paying jobs

Another way lack of education can change the society negatively is this:  individuals will have access to low-paying jobs since the necessary qualification is not available.

6. An impoverished society

Uneducated society implies a society with individuals that lacks the needed qualification/ knowledge to generate wealth. Education is one of the tools of wealth. Thus a society lacking it will imply a poor society.

What Causes Lack Of Education

1. Lack of schools

Schools goes beyond a physical building. When you are talking about school, it comprises a system. A system that comprises teachers, teaching materials and every other thing that makes schools. Infact, with the advent of virtual classrooms and online learning , school building is one of the least important in a school system.

2. Lack of funds

Another reason education is lacking in some society is lack of funds. In some society where families are struggling to eat 3 square meals a day, education may never fall into their priority, as there are no funds for such.

3. Unconducive learning conditions/ environment

When students don’t have enough learning materials, inadequate teachers, poor learning environment, it does not make education attractive. When you have to sit on the floor or in a flooded classroom, what then is attractive about education?

4. Prejudice/ ignorant tradition

There are some cultures that believe educating the girl child is a waste . Such children (girls) are thus married off at much early age while their male counterparts are actively studying in school.

5. No proper understanding  of the value of education

The education level in some society is so low because many don’t understand the importance of education.

Last Word

Education can change the society in so many ways, some of which include economic growth, reduction of crime rate, better condition of living, alleviation of poverty, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Education Benefit The Society

Education is very important to the society. It promotes healthy living, promotes economic growth and enhance social stability.

How does education promote community development?

Education promote economic development in the community. It fosters peace and understanding between the members. Members of the community  because of their level of education have good jobs which also translates to living good lives. Also crime rate is reduced in a community where education level is high.

What is the benefit of education?

Education brings about economic stability , gives you some confidence, gives financial security and empowers.

What are some roles of education?

It helps in transmission of cultures
It fosters social integration
Education prepares people for career and life generally
It creates platform for acquiring professional and life skills
It boosts patriotism
It enhances socialization

What are some advantages of education?

It alleviates poverty
It enhances communication
It offers platform to acquire skills for life
It boosts your confidence


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