How Do I Write An Application Letter For A Private School Teaching Job?

How Do I Write An Application Letter For A Private School Teaching Job?

How do I write an application letter for a private school teaching job? – If you desire to apply for a job and you need to write an application letter, then this article is for you. Whenever you want to apply for any job, there are certain documents and requirements that you must meet before they consider you for the job. Generally, you will submit those documents as a resumé, alongside your intent which is usually your application letter.

 An application letter is commonly used when applying for a teaching job because it’s the best way you can show your talent and also convince the employer that you are the best fit for the job. In this article, we will describe how you can write an application letter to a private school for a teaching job. So let’s dive in. 

How Do I Write An Application Letter For A Private School Teaching Job?

There are certain steps you need to follow when applying for a teaching job in private schools. These steps are 

1. Start with your name, address, and contact information

The first step to writing an application letter for a private teaching job is to write your name, address, and contact information. This is usually written at the top right corner of your letter. After writing your own address and contact information, you will go to the top left side of the letter and write the contact address of the school. Generally, most schools have an online page. You can check there for necessary information regarding the school, which will help you draft an excellent application letter. 

2. Address the hiring manager 

On the school’s online page, you may likely see who the hiring manager or employer is. This will help you know who to address while writing the letter. So after you finish writing the date and other information at the top corners of your letter, your next step is to address the letter’s receiver. If, after checking, you still can’t get the hiring manager’s name you can address them with Dear Sir or Dear Ma. Also, you will find the school’s contact information in the job description so you can freely contact them and ask who is responsible for hiring and interviewing new teachers. 

3. Write the purpose of your letter 

The purpose of your letter should look like the topic or the title of the letter. This will tell the employer what to expect in the letter. Maybe their job openings aren’t only for teachers, so your title will tell them you are applying for a teaching job. 

4. Start the letter with a summary

Open your letter with a summary of yourself. You know many applicants, and you want the hiring manager to read your letter from beginning to end. So it’s important to be as concise as possible and only include important information. In this section, you will describe your personality. Note that even the way you write will describe your personality, the tone you use, the way you construct your sentences, and many more. Most times, the way employers used to know who actually a candidate is, is through their way of writing. So while writing, make sure you do it in such a way that it will perfectly describe a good image of you that will leave an impression on the employer. You will describe what makes you an excellent choice for the job, so include only important information that will tell the reader what they will gain by hiring you. 

5. Outline your education

Once you finish summarizing who you are in the letter’s first paragraph, the next thing to describe is your education. Even though it’s generally known that anybody applying for a teaching job has at least a degree or other certification, it’s still necessary for you to describe the extent of your education in the letter, even for verification purposes. If you have any honor or distinction you received during your school days, this is the best place to describe them. You can also explain why you are interested in teaching here. 

6. Explain your experience 

If you have worked as a teacher before, your next step is to explain your previous work experience. If this is your first time, then you can describe your work experience, which will help you deliver the work diligently. For instance, if you have worked in a company before, you can describe the experience you gain from there. You can write things like you learn good communication skills and teamwork from your previous experience, which is beneficial for a teaching job. Overall, this section should contain all your work experience and accomplishments you are proud of in relevance to a teaching job. 

7. Highlight your teaching style and values 

This is one of the most crucial parts of your letter. In this part, describe your teaching method and values as a teacher. Also, explain how you created those values and how you used to follow them in the classroom. You can describe anecdotes from your previous work or how one student positively changed your teaching method. You can also explain some skills you possess which help you deliver your work excellently. Ensure to highlight skills like patience and enthusiasm because they are among the top skills every teacher needs to have. This is generally the last paragraph of your letter before closing remarks, so at the end of the paragraph, you can write things you look forward to hearing from them. 

8. Close the letter with a polite remark

At the end of the letter, close it with a polite remark. This will show the employer how appreciative you are for their time. Also, explain your plans to follow up. The letter’s last paragraph should leave a memorable impression on the reader. You can summarize your qualifications and highlight why you are the best fit for the job. 

Skills That Make A Good Private School Teacher 

A good teacher can make a positive impact on the lives of their students. Below are some skills you can master to become a good teacher to your students. 

1. Communication skills 

Among the top important skills every teacher should have is communication. Through communication, you will identify the areas your students are lacking and how you can help them. 

2. Listening skills 

Not only communication, but you must also have listening skills. It’s through giving your students good listening ears that you will understand and observe them. For example, you will get to know anxious and nervous students and understand how you can help them overcome their fears and become more confident. 

3. Adaptation skills

You know the world is changing, and every day new knowledge is emerging. You must have the skills to adapt to every working environment and incorporate any new knowledge that will benefit your students. 

4. Engagement skills 

There are different personalities among your students. You must learn how to engage every one of them without leaving them feeling bored or out of place, or unwelcomed. 

5. Empathy 

Aside from engaging your students, you need to have empathy. Show them you understand them and know whatever they are going through and that you are willing to help them. 


Teaching is one of the most enjoyable jobs you can do. When you are ready to take the big steps in your life, there are many ways you can achieve that. Aside from submitting your resumé, writing a good application letter can go a long way in expressing to your employer that you are the best fit for the job. You can follow the steps above to write an excellent application letter. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is an application letter for a private school teaching job?

An application letter is a formal document that introduces yourself to a private school and expresses your interest in a teaching position. It highlights your qualifications, relevant experience, and reasons for wanting to work at that particular school.

What should I include in my application letter?

Your application letter should include a formal greeting, an introduction that states the position you are applying for, a brief overview of your qualifications, a description of your relevant experience, a statement of your teaching philosophy, and a closing paragraph expressing your interest and availability for an interview.

How should I format my application letter?

Format your application letter as a professional business letter. Use a formal tone and font, and make sure to include your contact information, the date, and the recipient’s details. Organize your letter into paragraphs with clear headings, and proofread it for any errors or typos.

How can I make my application letter stand out?

To make your application letter stand out, tailor it to the specific school and position you are applying for. Research the school’s values, mission, and educational approach, and emphasize how your skills and experience align with their goals. Use specific examples to demonstrate your achievements and abilities.

Should I include a resume with my application letter?

Yes, it is generally recommended to include a resume or curriculum vitae (CV) along with your application letter. Your resume provides a comprehensive overview of your education, work experience, certifications, and other relevant details. Make sure your resume complements the information in your application letter.

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