Guide To Top Scholarship Websites In 2022/2023

Guide to Top Scholarship Websites
Guide to Top Scholarship Websites

Are you desperate for free money to study? Don’t ignore this guide to top scholarship websites that can help you pay for college. When you’re applying for college scholarships, you need to be alert that top scholarship websites exist where you can find free money for college.

However, you might have a hard time finding resources that compile or even rank the best sites for free money for college. That’s why I compiled all the best websites here in one place, along with a description of what each site is best at and why.

In the competitive world we live in now, every penny counts. There are a lot of scholarships that can help you pay for school and give you the chance to follow your dreams. You have to know where to look to find these scholarships. You can find scholarships that fit your needs and interests if you know where to look.

This article will give you a list of scholarship finders you should use to get the most out of your search for scholarships.

Guide to Top Scholarship Websites
Guide to Top Scholarship Websites

A scholarship is a monetary award to help students pay for college. Scholarships are typically awarded based on merit and/or financial need, and some scholarships have specific requirements for eligibility. Scholarships can be based on your academic performance, interests, hobbies, or other criteria.

Scholarships can be offered by schools, organizations, or private individuals.

Who qualifies for a scholarship? That depends on the scholarship’s terms and conditions; there are even scholarships for people who don’t qualify for other types of financial aid!

Scholarships are available to students in all fields, but those who qualify for them may differ depending on what field they’re studying. For example, there are scholarships for students studying nursing or engineering, but not necessarily for students studying art or music.

There are scholarships for everyone out there; you just need to find the right one that fits your needs. This article is to help make your search easier and more productive.

A Guide To The Best Scholarship Search Engines Online

This is a list of the best websites to look for scholarships. In this guide, we’ll talk about how to look for a scholarship and what to look for.

The first thing to do is figure out what kind of scholarship you want. Some scholarships are based on academic achievement, some on financial need, and some on both.

Next, you should research by looking into the different types of scholarships available in your state or country. You can also look for scholarships based on your job or what you want to study.

Lastly, you should start with a website that searches for scholarships in general and then narrows your search as needed until you find the right one.

What Are Scholarship Search Engines?

Scholarship search engines are one of the best ways to find the money for school. These websites put you in touch with millions of scholarships that can help you pay tuition.

College scholarship search engines, which are sometimes called “scholarship finders,” are databases that college students can use to find scholarships and grants. This makes it possible for students to pay for school without taking out loans.

You might be able to discover scholarships based on your financial need, accomplishments, volunteer work, ethnicity, sex, orientation, and life experience, depending on your circumstances. Some are also advantageous to students with unusual hobbies, such as duck calling.


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Top 10 College Scholarship Search Engines

Scholarship finders allow you to narrow your search by category or provide information about yourself and your interests to help determine which funding opportunities may be a good fit.

Millions of scholarships are available to college students, all at their fingertips. Here are some of the top scholarship search websites to help you:

  1. ScholarshipOwl
  2. Chegg
  4. Unigo
  5. Niche
  6. Fastweb
  7. Peterson’s
  8. Scholly
  9. Cappex
  1. ScholarshipOwl

ScholarshipOwl is a paid scholarship search engine. It provides a seven-day free trial before charging $20 per month or $120 per year. By streamlining the application procedure, the website makes up for the price by making it simpler and quicker to apply for scholarships.

Your chances of receiving the assistance you require are better the more applications you can submit.

Other services offered by ScholarshipOwl include many user-only student discounts, help with essay preparation, webinars, and automated reapplication for ongoing scholarships.

  1. Chegg

Chegg typically provides college students with textbooks, flashcards, and other study resources, but it also features a scholarship finder with over 25,000 alternatives. You can search for potential matches based on your school year, age, and grade point average.

If you want to reduce the number of potential matches even more, you can register an account and fill up your profile.

The website also enables college research and internship searches from a database of over 75,000 opportunities.

  1. provides a comprehensive database of 3.7 million scholarship opportunities valued at over $19 billion. You may search the website’s directory without a profile, but you must build one to determine your eligibility.

To establish a profile, you must provide your current school year, date of birth, postal code, and email address. Once you log in, you can search for and get paired with scholar programs based on your qualifications and interests.

In addition to providing information on student loans and other resources, allows you to look for colleges if you have not yet decided where to enrol.

  1. Unigo

Unigo provides a database of more than 3.6 million scholarships and grants to college students, in addition to 14 of its own scholarship.

To save time filling out applications and to prevent having to rewrite the same essays repeatedly, you may learn about the numerous scholarship opportunities and even save your answers to essay questions.

Guide to Top Scholarship Websites
Guide to Top Scholarship Websites

Unigo also provides information and tools to assist with college research, financial aid, preparation for college life, and more.

  1. Niche

The Niche Scholarship Finder is exceptional because it pays you just for signing up. You’ll be entered to win a $2,000 scholarship without an essay as soon as you finish the process. Please only include your name, birth date, email address, and grade level.

The scholarship categories are divided into popular or new, financial aid based on where you are from or what you are majoring in, scholarships for minorities, and so on.

Students and parents can use specializations, test scores, college type, student body size, acceptance rate, and religious affiliation to narrow their search for colleges, including graduate programs.

  1. Fastweb

The Fastweb database has 1.5 million scholarships valued at more than $3.4 billion. You can log in after creating an account to find matches based on your provided details. Even parents are allowed to register individual profiles on the scholarship search.

If you cannot secure enough money to cover your tuition costs, Fastweb can also help you find one of the approximately 10,000 part-time jobs or internships they have available. You can look for offers and discounts that renowned retailers make available to college students.

The website offers resources concerning other types of financial help, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid for college students and their parents, and a college search option.

  1. Peterson’s

Peterson’s is an excellent scholarship website with a vast range of selections, containing over $10 billion in private financial help. In addition, it gives its own $2,500 grant named the World’s Easiest Scholarship.

You can also look for grants, fellowships, forgiving loans, and other incentives in addition to scholarships. To view the specifics of the possibilities you seek, you must create an account, which takes many of the same credentials as the other scholarship websites.

Peterson’s can also assist you in locating graduate schools and preparing you for standardized tests – both to attend college or a graduate program and enter various career fields.

In addition, there are resources for military personnel, adult learners, transfer students, and overseas students.   

  1. Scholly

There are various levels of subscription fees charged by Scholly:

  • For one month, $4.99.
  • For six months, $24.99.
  • For a full year, $34.99.

Scholly uses artificial intelligence to provide scholarship matches and ranks them according to your qualifications. Additionally, the portal provides users access to special scholarships unavailable elsewhere, hence reducing competition. 

  1. Cappex

Cappex says it provides more than $11 billion in scholarship opportunities. Before registering, you can search the directory by the deadline, ZIP code, gender, ethnicity, school year, and other characteristics. Even lower-paying scholarships might be eliminated by selecting a minimum monetary amount for your search.

You’ll need to create an account to provide some personal information to apply for a scholarship.

In addition, Cappex offers information to assist you in discovering your major, learning about transferring to a new institution, obtaining financial aid, and more.

  1. offers one of the most user-friendly interfaces compared to other scholarship websites. It is simple to search for and find scholarships for which you may qualify, and you may limit your results by academic level, award category, award amount, and deadline. 

You may also use the “no-essay” button to identify scholarships that do not require an essay.

Additional Search Resources

  1. Website for College Financial Aid

Your college’s official webpage for financial aid may have a list of available internal scholarships and grants. It may also include tips on how to discover additional scholarships, such as applying through a particular department or to local institutions that provide awards to students.

  1. Local Organizations

Do not disregard your local network. Check with surrounding community foundations, rotary organizations, women’s clubs, and others for scholarship options. Perform a Google search for these types of organizations in your area and check their website for a list of available scholarships.

Additionally, you should conduct an internet search through your state’s Department of Education or higher education organization, which may also offer local prizes and grants. Remember that local honours are typically simpler to win than national awards because the application pool is likely smaller.

Tips to Apply for a Scholarship

As you start looking for scholarships to help pay for school, here are some important tips that can help you get the most out of your search:

  1. Prepare ahead and start applying early
  2. Take note of deadlines
  3. Make use of different search engines for your scholarship
  4. Apply for as many scholarships as possible to increase your chances of receiving one.
  5. Before submitting your essays, ask a parent or school counsellor to review it.
  6. Keep track of your accomplishments, and be sure to include them in your essays.
  7. Do not disregard small value scholarships; they can add up to make up a huge amount.

If you are applying for numerous scholarships, maintain a spreadsheet to keep track of their names, deadlines, and application statuses. Remember that the more scholarships you apply for, the more likely you will dramatically reduce the expense of your college education.


Which country is best for a scholarship?

Countries like the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, and Australia are great places to study abroad. They have attracted a lot of students from all over the world because of their great education systems and work opportunities after graduation.

What is a 5-strong scholar?

The 5 Strong Scholarship Foundation works with HBCUs to give promising student leaders full-tuition scholarships, mentoring, and other help.

Which country is easy to get a scholarship in?

These days, applying to China is the simplest. International students might receive fully financed scholarships from the Chinese government and colleges. These scholarships cover your entire cost of living while studying in China.

What happens if you get too much scholarship money?

What happens to any remaining scholarship funds? If the total amount of your scholarships and grants exceeds your entire cost of attendance, your school may issue you a refund of the excess funds. Consider that you may be required to pay taxes on that amount.

Do scholarships expire?

Yes. Scholarships may expire or be revoked. A scholarship may expire for a variety of reasons. The scholarship may expire if students do not enrol in classes within a specified time frame or if they take a vacation from school.


Scholarship money is out there – it’s just a matter of finding the right program that meets your needs and, most importantly, qualifies you for the amount that you deserve. If you are applying from Africa, you can also check out simple steps to study in canada for Africans 2022/2023.

Scholarship search engines are a great way to find potential scholarships. With these search engines, you can be sure you are on the right path to getting your dream scholarship!

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