Fully Funded Scholarships In 2022/23: All You Need To Know

Scholarships 2022/23: All You Need To Know
Scholarships 2022/23: All You Need To Know

A scholarship is a financial support given to a student based on several reasons ranging from academic performance, and achievements to financial needs. There could be other criteria required to be met. Scholarships are offered by schools, individuals, companies, religious groups, communities, and professional and social organizations.

This is an opportunity that most people would jump at because it does make a lot of things easier. How then can you find the perfect scholarship just for you? How do you know you are eligible and the right thing to do? Let’s find out.

Fully Funded Scholarships In 2022/23: Types Of Scholarships Available

Scholarships 2022/23: All You Need To Know
Scholarships 2022/23: All You Need To Know

The most common types are merit-based and needs-based scholarships. Merit-based scholarships are earned by meeting and exceeding the standard set by the scholarship giver and are awarded based on academic achievements or performance, it could also be a special talent, technique, distinction, or ability.

The other type which is financial or need-based is targeted toward people who could also possess some special abilities and intellects but cannot fund them. It could also just be people who due to circumstances can further their education and this also depends on the criteria of the scholarship giver.

Other types of scholarships include ones that are targeted toward a particular group of people such as scholarships for women, graduates, or children. It could be a result of where you work or the influence of your parents, your background, and your religious group.

Scholarships could be full where your entire tuition fee is covered, it could be half where part of your tuition fee is paid for and it could just be a one-time payment of a certain amount of money for educational purposes.

Finding The Right Scholarship Just For You

The first thing to do before applying for a scholarship is definitely to find one, not just finding one but finding the one that is suitable for your need and propelling you into the next phase of your life.

There are several ways to learn about different scholarships. First be on the lookout for scholarship information from your state or your present school, also your state or the religious cycle you belong to know the criteria and apply accordingly.

Another good way is the website, there are several sites available online to check for information on ongoing scholarships however exercise caution to make sure the information you receive is legitimate. Also, keep in mind that you are not required to make any sort of payment to find the scholarship you need.

Your place of work can also be the ticket to your dream scholarship, aim to work excellently, and find out also for scholarship offers and requirements. Keep up to tabs with updates and participate in all training consistently.

How Many Scholarships Should I Apply For?

Always remember, there’s no limit to how many scholarships you can apply for and also no limit to how many scholarships you can be awarded. You can build upon one or two smaller scholarships to cover your whole tuition fee thereby getting a full scholarship. You can apply for as many as you can.

What Do I Need To Apply For A Scholarship?

The requirement varies for different scholarship givers. Most times, the documents required are:

  • First-degree gree certificate or certificate of previous education
  • Letter of recommendation either of your school or place of work
  • Your updated curriculum vitae
  • Language certificate (TOEFL, IELTS)
  • Motivation letter
  • An essay of some of your past works or achievements.
  • Proof of low income (financial statements)
  • Along with other requirements specific to the scholarship giver, you are good to go!

How Long Do Scholarships Last For?

A full scholarship could cover the entire year of your educational program however, the funds are not always given at a go. There are still expectations on the student to be at the top of their game.

In other words, it is usually renewed yearly based on the student’s performance. You will be able to keep your scholarship for the entire duration of your schooling if you consistently do well with your studies and activities however, if your grades drop below a significant number as indicated in your scholarship, you could temporarily or permanently lose your scholarship or financial aid.

So, the best way to keep your scholarship is to stay on track with your grade and performance, attend all classes and do all that is ensured of you as stated in your scholarship.



Apart from searching the official website of the school, you want to apply for a scholarship, here is a list of sites you could also try out:

  • Scholarship.com
  • Fast web
  • College board
  • Scholarship owl
  • Niche
  • Cappex
  • Going merry
  • Scholly
  • Chegg
  • Peterson’s

Some scholarships are also open to foreigners in some countries, the website will help you know the requirement needed to apply in those countries. Some of the countries include Germany, Norway, Finland, etc.

When Is It Too Late To Apply For A Scholarship?

Well, it’s never too late to apply for a scholarship! Most scholarships are offered annually with similar dates each year. So, peradventure you miss the deadline of this year, do not give up! Get your documents ready in preparation for the following year.

So make sure the date is saved on your calendar, and the website is saved to be up to date with information and to know when the scholarship will be open again. This way, you can be sure to apply way ahead of time before the deadline of the scholarship pass.

When To Apply For Scholarships

This simply depends on the scholarship deadline which varies accordingly. Your level of education also plays a part in knowing when to apply. The important thing to know is the eligibility criteria, then apply accordingly.

What Are Institution Scholarships?

Institutional scholarships are scholarships offered by higher institutions to students based on merits. It looks at your performances, and activities at school. Like other types of scholarships, it helps to cover your tuition fee at the university.


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What Are Private Scholarships?

Private scholarships are financial support to students, workers, or individuals funded by individuals, companies, cooperative organizations, foundations, and the like. Their values and offers are quite different and specific to the organization issuing the scholarship.
Like other types of scholarships, they are aimed at educational purposes and you do not need to pay them back.

How To Apply For A Scholarship?

Fully Funded Scholarships In 2022/23
Fully Funded Scholarships In 2022/23

Once the documents stated are ready, then you are on your way to getting your dream scholarship!

The following process should help out in applying for your perfect scholarship. Good luck!

  1. You start by registering for the scholarship which is usually done by filling out a form online.
    Register with an active email to keep up tabs with vital information relevant to your application.
  2. Check your inbox frequently for the confirmatory email of your application. Write a personal essay about yourself and your achievements or past works or research. Feel free to add in your special qualities and abilities. Tip – you can check online for a template for writing the perfect essay for your application.
  3. Get your official documents that serve as proof of your academic achievements or other skills acquired. Make sure it is in a language stated in the requirement for the scholarship you are applying for.
  4. Get your official document from the bank to show as proof of low income, or nationality depending on the criteria of the scholarship you are applying for. Crosscheck all documents for errors before sending them to the scholarship provider.
  5. You have to submit the acceptance letter from the university or any official documents that shows that you have been accepted by the university. This is very vital because you won’t receive the scholarship without proof that you will be starting your studies at the institution.
  6. Now! The final part is to wait. Yes, wait patiently for the result. If selected, a hearty congratulation to you. You made it! If not, do not give up, the right scholarship program is just at the corner, waiting just for you!

How Do I Get Scholarship Money?

Scholarships 2022/23: All You Need To Know

This depends on the scholarship type of the scholarship giver. The money might go directly to your college or university to cover your tuition and every other fee you need to pay or owe. If any money is left over after covering all the necessary payments, it will be given to you either through a check or directly to your account.

Although, your scholarship provider would have told you what to expect in regards to this when you were awarded the scholarship if not, do make sure to ask.

How To Apply For Multiple Scholarships

The very same way you apply to several universities at once for admission, you can equally apply for multiple scholarships.

Since the application is online, applying for multiple scholarships also increases your chance of getting at least one or two funding. Here are the highlights of the process:

  1. You need to apply for admission into any institution of your choice first. It is needed to apply for scholarships.
  2. After you are accepted by the institution you applied to, you can start applying for a scholarship.
  3. You can apply to any foundation of your choice or a university scholarship program. You can apply to multiple foundations, organizations, or companies however, in applying to multiple university scholarships, there might be some policy to that but not all though. Be sure to read the rules before applying.
  4. You can also apply for other government scholarships or scholarships given by other countries.
    Keep checking for the requirements of other scholarship programs and go for it once you meet all their requirements. Send in your documents and wait till you get a response from any of them.
  5. Keep a positive attitude throughout applying and waiting. You will also need to dedicate your time to researching more scholarship programs daily.

What Is The Difference Between Financial Aid And Scholarship?

Financial aid provides support to a person deserving of it in monetary terms. It also covers scholarships, loans, and grants. Scholarships are awarded to students to help pay for their tuition fees.

Financial aid is always given to students or people who cannot fund their fees. In other words, it is given based on needs and doesn’t require the person to possess any unique ability or talent. Scholarships on the other hand require merits and could also be based on needs depending on the scholarship provider.

Scholarship Application Mistakes You Need To Avoid

The application process for a scholarship takes due process and here are some mistakes to avoid to get your dream scholarship.

  1. When applying for multiple scholarships, do not be tempted to use the same personal essay for all your applications. Here is why, each scholarship giver differs, also the type of scholarship and the requirement are different.  So, you need to invest your time to create a suitable essay for each scholarship application.
  2. The next one is applying for a scholarship you are not eligible for. This automatically disqualifies you. There are lots of scholarship schemes and checking the criteria for each might be tasking but you need to do it anyway cos applying for a scholarship that you do not meet the eligibility requirement will be unsuccessful.
  3. Make sure to cross-check and proofread your documents, especially your letters and essays for grammatical errors or typos before sending them in. This might seem like a minor thing but could greatly affect your application success rate because it might influence the reader negatively.
  4. Missing the deadline for scholarship application is another common mistake, especially when applying for multiple scholarships.
  5. In getting your documents ready, this could happen. It’s important to keep track of that dates and start the application process early to avoid this costly mistake.
  6. the last one is when you do not apply at all! Most student simply feels they won’t be picked up, or wonder if these scholarship schemes are real, to begin with.
  7. You never know till you try. There is a scholarship scheme that fits just what you are looking for and you are eligible for it. Do not give up!
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