Best Free Online Degree Certificate Programs/Courses 2022/2023

Starting with, we have listed and have also recommended the best free online degree certificate programs 2021 for Undergraduates, Masters and Ph.D. in this article.

If you have interest in enrolling for a free online course that will issue students’ a printable certificates at the end of the program, then check the list below to see the best for yourself.

With the listed online Certificate courses, students can apply and enroll for free online degree programs and get certified at the end of the program.

Note: the courses listed on this page are the best online courses with Certificates in 2021 for students from any part of the world.

How to Enroll for a Free Online Certificate Program.

Enrolling for any online degree program is very simple. All you need to do is to make up your mind by choosing the course you want to study.

There are several online certificate courses and many of them have similar entry requirements while few others have advanced entry requirements.

Generally, enrolling for online courses are extremely affordable while some courses are totally free of charge from enrollment to certification.

Notwithstanding, the online degree courses listed on this page includes free courses that will not cost you a dime and few others that may attract a penny.

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Best Free Online Certificate Courses/Programs 2021

What free certifications can I get online? In no ascending or descending order, the following online courses offers free a printable certification on completion of any program:

  1. Udemy: Udemy is an outstanding online courses platform that offers about 800+ online degree courses with free certificates.

Interestingly, Udemy is one of the most recommended learning platform for students looking for online degree in fields related to marketing and design.

Udemy courses are free with free printable certifications at the end of each course. Below is the list of some of the Udemy free online courses;

Courses Cost
Programming Free Certification
3D and Animation Free Certificate
Microsoft Excel Free Certification
Blockchain Free Certification
Blogging Free Certification
Programming Languages Free Certificate
Microsoft Dynamics Free Certification
Digital Marketing Free Certification
Linux Free Certification
Spanish Language Free Certification
Graphic Design Free Certification
Mobile App Development Free Certification
Digital/Social Media Marketing Free Certification
HTML/CSS Free Certification
Java Free Certification
Dropshipping Free Certification
PowerPoint Free Certification
Python Free Certification
iOS Free Certification
JavaScript Free Certification
Personal Free Certification
Development/Productivity Free Certification
Investing Free Certification
Meditation Free Certification
Additional Many more
  • Check more courses @
  • Application portal:
  1. Alison: Alison is a great platform for online learner’s. Generally, Alison is recommendable for students that wish to enroll for courses like Information Technology, Coding, Science, business, languages, marketing, math, design, and other courses listed below.

Note: Although Alison courses are free, Alison only issue free and printable Certificates for some courses only and it is not all courses that have videos learning materials.

Meanwhile, Alison has over 1,000 free courses available with about 13 million students, and over 2 million graduates.

The following are some of the Alison online degree courses/programs in 2021 with free and paid printable certificates:

One good thing about Alison is that their course are well sorted and categorized. Alison courses are categorized for beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

As at the time of compiling this list, Alison has over 2193 free online courses in different categories and area of interest as shown below.

Courses by Degree Available Courses
Management 392
Engineering 248
Science 220
Health 169
Operations 156
Programming 148
Marketing 107
Construction 99
Biology 95
Manufacturing 92
Psychology 90
Microsoft 77
Business Management 76
Communication Skills 76
Environmental Science 76
Virus 74
Sales 72
Productivity 70
Vocabulary 69
Coronavirus 68
Courses by Duration Available Courses
2-3 Hours 882
4-6 Hours 810
7-10 Hours 146
11-15 Hours 226
16-20 Hours 51
21+ Hours 55
Courses by Type Available Courses
Certificate 1798
Diploma 395
  1. LinkedIn (previously Lynda) Online Courses: LinkedIn which was previously known as Lynda offers the widest range of online courses of about 13,000 for free. The Lynda learning platform offers a one month free trial for all courses.

LinkedIn courses come with free certificates. Certificates are free for all courses and all courses comes with high standard interactive lessons and study materials including videos.

Some of the best and standard online courses with certificate offered on LinkedIn for the one month free trial includes:

Courses Cost
Accounting and Finance Free for 1st month
Animation and Illustration Free for 1st month
Business Strategy Free for 1st month
Cloud Computing Free for 1st month
Data Science Free for 1st month
WordPress Free for 1st month
Leadership and Management Free for 1st month
Information Technology Free for 1st month
Web and Software Development Free for 1st month
Project Management Free for 1st month
Marketing Free for 1st month
Audio and Music Free for 1st month
Graphic Design Free for 1st month
Photography Free for 1st month
Web Design and Web Development Free for 1st month
CAD Free for 1st month
Video and Photo Editing Free for 1st month
Mobile App Development Free for 1st month
HTML, Java, SQL and Coding Free for 1st month

Available Application Method: Online

  1. Oxford Home Study is another free and recommended platform to apply and enroll for free online degree programs in 2021.

This platform is free but has limited courses. As at the time of reporting this, Oxford home study has only 15 available online courses with free certificates.

Though, Oxford Home Study has only 15 free courses, students who which to enroll for more courses out of the fifteen can choose other courses which is payable but at a token and still get their printable certificate at the end of the course.

The following are 15 free online courses offered on Oxford Home Study with printable certificates:

Courses Cost/Certification
Risk Management Free Course/Certificate
Tourism and Travel Free Course/Certificate
Construction Management Free Course/Certificate
Starting a Business Free Course/Certificate
PR Free Course/Certificate
Business Management Free Course/Certificate
Supply Chain Management Free Course/Certificate
Customer Service Free Course/Certificate
HRM Free Course/Certificate
Fashion Design Free Course/Certificate
Internet Marketing Free Course/Certificate
Management Free Course/Certificate
Project Management Free Course/Certificate
Hotel Management Free Course/Certificate
  1. Google Learn Digital: Learn Digital with Google is the best online platform to learn digital skills. Google learn has more than 100 online courses for student to enroll in.

The Google learn digital online courses are free. But only few courses have free Certificates while others requires students to pay for the certificate.

Learn Digital with Google courses are categorized into Free certificate and Paid certificate, and participants are free to sort for  courses base on the kind of the certificate they want.

The length of the courses on Learn Digital with Google, ranges from 2 hours to 20hours+ and the courses are categorized into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Note: the Google Digital Garage certificate is widely acceptable by many employers around the World and each courses includes modules and videos, and they have no time limit.

Available Course by Category includes;

  • Digital Marketing
  • Career Development
  • Data and Tech
  • Business Security/Communication
  • Productivity
  • Social psychology

How To Start Course

At this point, we believe you have known the best free online degree certificate programs in 2021 that is recommendable for Undergraduates, Masters and Ph.D.

  1. No. Udemy not providing the free certificate of completion. I have just done Spanish course two days ago. Yes it is the free course but not free certificate. You must pay for the certificate

    1. Thanks for the correction.. we will cover more findings on that. Note: free certicate is limited to some courses.

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