Four best tools to calculate the numerical problems of statistics

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Statistics is one of the higher study courses. Statistics is a branch of science that deals with the methods of collecting, presenting, interpreting, and analyzing empirical data. This subject has various topics like central tendencies, probabilities, variance, standard form, critical values, etc.

Students solve some topics of statistics easily while in some topics they face difficulties while solving the larger calculations and making tables. The problems of statistics have larger calculations while solving the main topics of this subject.

Sum of squares, probabilities, mean of larger data set, standard deviation, and other similar topics have larger calculations and create difficulties for students. Students do not take interest in these topics because of long calculations. 

Due to this fact, students are unable to solve the problems and can’t understand some topics during class. The result of lack of interest and never trying to understand these topics may cause failure in this subject or bad grades in exams.

To understand tough topics of statistics and solve complicated problems there are several online statistical tools are available. These tools provide full guidance about any topic through tool content. You can easily understand tough topics of statistics just by learning the definition, working, formulas, and examples of the content.

In this article, we will discuss the four best statistical tools that are very essential for students who are weak in statistics. 


Meracalculator contains several educational tools that are very beneficial for the students to solve and understand complex educational topics. You can use this website for solving the statistical problem to get the output of the required questions with steps.

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Meracalculator provides several tools of statistics that are used to complete homework and assessments. You can solve any complex problem of statistics by using this site. You can also read the content of the tools to understand and learn the basics of any topic of statistics.

Here are some statistical tools that are offered by Meracalculator.

  • Variance calculator
  • Sum of squares calculator
  • Standard error calculator
  • Probability calculator
  • Passion distribution calculator
  • Arithmetic mean calculator
  • Geometric progression calculator
  • Harmonic mean calculator
  • Mean, median, and mode calculator

You can change the language of this site as there are several languages are available on this site. The blog section of this site also provides study material notes that are very helpful for the students. This site also offers several categories that solve educational and daily life problems with steps.

Tools of physics, mathematics, and chemistry are also available on this site. You can solve any numerical problem of these subjects by using the related tools. Fun tools are also available on this site for the relaxation of the students. 

Along with fun tools, there are also flashcard tools are available for kids to learn and remember mathematical facts. You have to simply search the required topic tool from this site and only put the input in the box and the result will come in a few seconds.


The standard deviation is a statistical topic and students become irritated while solving the larger calculations of this topic. You can use the standard deviation calculator for avoiding long calculations to find the standard deviation.

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Along with the standard deviation, you can also get the result of variance by using this tool. to understand all the basics and formulas of standard deviation, you can read the content of the standard deviation calculator. 

This calculator makes the work very easier for the students as you do not have to solve the problem by following larger calculations. You have to only put the input into the input box and the result will come in no time. The standard deviation calculator also provides several results like:

  • Sample variance 
  • Sample standard deviation
  • Population variance 
  • Population standard deviation
  • Sum of squares
  • Square of differences 
  • Differences 

By taking two kinds of data either sample data set or population data set. You can easily solve the homework and assignment related to standard deviation by using this tool. the result can be copied from this tool.


The critical value calculator is used to calculate the critical values for the Z and T-test. The critical value is a tough topic of statistics. You must know the significance level and degree of freedom to calculate the T and Z critical values. 

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Critical values are calculated by using formulas or by using tables. For the calculation of these values, the significance level and degree of freedom must be known because without these inputs you can’t able to solve any problem related to the critical value. 

You can make notes on critical values by reading and learning the content of critical values. You can also prepare this topic of statistics for exams by using this tool. This tool offers three different results for T and Z critical values.

  • T and Z value for the left-tailed probability
  • T and Z value for the right-tailed probability
  • T and Z value for the two-tailed probability

You can use the Z and T critical values table of this tool if you want to solve the problems of critical values by using tables. 

  1. is a source that provides several educational tools for solving the numeral problems of physics, statistics, mathematics, and chemistry. You can use this website for solving the statistical problems that you find tough.  

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Here are some statistical tools that are offered by

  • Confidence interval calculator 
  • Standard deviation calculator
  • Square calculator
  • Z score calculator
  • Percent error calculator
  • Covariance calculator

You can also read the content of statistical tools for grabbing full guidance and concepts of required topics. This website provides the results in a step-by-step way. You can solve other educational problems by using this site. 


The above-discussed list of the four best statistical tools is very helpful for solving the problems of statistics. You can use these tools for solving the complex problems of statistics. You can also use these tools for the preparation of statistics subjects for examination. 

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