List of Educational Foundations in Nigeria 2022 (NGO Support & Grants)

On this page, we have listed out the best educational foundations/organizations in Nigeria. Many of these foundations are Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs) that Support education in Nigeria with Grants and scholarships.

There are many reputable educational foundations in Nigeria. Most of the well-known foundations that focus on education are NGOs and charities.

But on this page, I will list out the most trusted ones that have been in existence for a long and have been known for doing a great job in educational development and advancement nationwide.

Each of the foundations listed on this page has the policies that govern their terms of services. So it is left for interested persons to visit the official websites of each of the foundations listed below to see their terms and conditions.

What Do Educational Organizations do?

Educational Foundation that focuses on promoting and developing the standard education. Such an organization may be a Governmental Organization or a Non-Governmental Organization (N.G.O).

Such organizations care and provide aids that will help in improving the educational system by assisting schools or students who financial support or care.

There are many such organizations that support both Nursery education, primary education, secondary education, and higher education (University education, Polytechnic or College education).

Some of the services that such foundations render include but not limited to the following:

  • Payment of school fee for students
  • Assisting schools and students.
  • Rendering voluntary services to schools and students.
  • Rendering care to students.
  • Organizing awareness programs and seminars for students.
  • Giving scholarships to students.
  • Supporting schools and students financially or materially.
  • Organizing competitions for schools.
  • Supporting schools in building infrastructures
  • Creating job opportunities for students or graduates.

List of Educational Foundations in Nigeria

Below are the well known educational foundations and organizations in Nigeria. They are foundations, organizations, and charities that support education in Nigeria.

Organization that support education and students (Educational Foundations)

Available Supports for Students:

  1. AMA foundations

AMA foundations offer services that will help in improving the societal value by improving the educational standard of the nation and empowering the citizens.

This foundation also renders eye care treatment to communities and promote health awareness by educating society on the basic preventive measures of rampant diseases around their environment.

They also empower students with scholarships and also establish funding for the less privileged and also organize training for micro-entrepreneurs.

  1. New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation

This educational foundation is one of the best organizations that support education in Nigeria by discouraging corruption and helping in building a good educational system that will improve the national leadership system.

The foundation also does charities and helps in building the youth capacity by developing and training them for better leadership and entrepreneurial standard.

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  1. Odyssey Educational Foundation

Odyssey Educational Foundation is an NGO in Nigerian that supports girl-child education for female students who wish to study in the Science and Technology, Mathematics, and Engineering fields.

Apply @

  1. Grace Foundation

Grace Foundation is an NGO that invests much into the Nigerian Educational system to empower youths for poverty elimination and impactful life.

The foundation also has many poverty alleviation programs created for every school age. Some other programs sponsored by these foundations include entrepreneur skill acquisition and girl child education.

  1. Whitefield Foundation

The Whitefield Foundation was established in 2003 and since then, it has been one of the best organizations that focuses much on gender equality and poverty alleviation. They support students and educational system and entrepreneurship.

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  1. Oando Foundation:

Oando Foundation which was founded in 2011 is one of the best educational foundations and charity organizations in Nigeria that is aimed at supporting the Nigerian government to achieve the goal of Universal Basic Education.

The primary goals of the Oando Foundation are to promote quality education, equity, infrastructural development, and universality.

They render their support through the Adopt-A-School Initiative (AASI) which is aimed at promoting the quality of public primary schools in Nigeria.

  1. The Nigeria Higher Education Foundation (NHEF)

This is one of the well known educational foundations in Nigerian that promotes tertiary education through scholarship and leadership promotion.

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  1. Tanimu Foundation:

The Tanimu educational foundation is aimed at providing opportunities for college or get vocational training.

  1. United For Education (U4E)

This non-governmental organization that was established in 2015 is one of the best educational foundations in Nigeria that is aimed at improving and maintaining equality and supporting the Nigerian education system.

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  1. TY Danjuma Foundations

TY Danjuma educational foundation was established in 2009 with the aim of improving the quality of life in Nigeria.

This foundation supports the health and education interventions program implemented by the “Not-for-profit, Non-governmental organizations” (NGOs).

  1. Britain-Nigeria Educational Trust:

This foundation is aimed at promoting a good friendship and understanding between Nigeria and Britain.

The foundation provides financial supports to enhance the progress and advancement of education in Nigeria.

Finally, we will continue to update this list of the best educational foundations/organizations in Nigeria as we continue to make more research.

Was this information helpful? If yes, share with others and drop your comment below in the comment section. Also feel free to ask questions, make requests or suggestions.

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