Who Is An Education Assistant And What Do They Do

Who is an education assistant

Who Is An Education Assistant And What Do They Do- One of the key job roles in an educational setting is that of an education assistant. Even though the role may appear insignificant, it actually is important. The truth is:  a teacher has a whole lot of work to do both in the class and outside the classroom. To make the work of the teacher effective, the role of an education assistant was created. Working as an education assistant is a great start for a career in education. In the following paragraphs, you will discover who an education assistant is and what exactly they do.

Who Is An Education Assistant And What Do They Do

An Education Assistant is a professional who has been trained to provide support to both the teacher and students in a classroom setting. They assist teachers in managing classroom activities and also supporting the students whenever the need arise. For students needing extra support/ attention in the class such as students with physical disabilities or those with special learning abilities, the education assistant is always there to provide needed support.

5 Roles Of An Education Assistant

Education assistants work in different educational settings such as private schools, public schools, community centers and others. They provide support for teachers in the classroom making their work easier and simplified. They also provide support for students in the classroom, helping out in different activities and projects.

Some of the roles of Education Assistant include:

  • Assist the teacher in classroom management
  • Preparation of learning materials and resources
  • Monitor student’s progress
  • Assist with administrative tasks
  • Provide one-on-one support for the students

1. Assist The Teacher In Classroom Management

One vital role education professionals must master is classroom management. This is because without proper classroom management, no serious learning can take place. Effective classroom management involve creating a positive and conducive learning environment for students to learn. Education assistant help the main classroom teacher to ensure proper classroom management.

Tips For Proper Classroom Management
  • Let it be clear to the students from the onset what your expectation is of them
  • Build positive and healthy relationships with your students
  • Use positive reinforcements to promote good behaviour and academic performance
  • Use a lot of visual aids such as charts, graphs etc. Such aid learning.
  • Ensure you are consistent in your approach to classroom management

2. Monitor Students’ Progress

Monitoring of the students’ progress is another role played by education assistant. Here is how they carry out such role:

  • They use technology tools to track grades, attendance, assignments, etc.
  • They observe the students during class activities, noting down their engagement, behavior , habits, etc.
  • They give assessments, tests and exercises
  • They give additional supports to students with challenges
  • They relate with the teachers to give feedback on students’ progress and receive further instructions.

3. Preparation Of Learning Materials And Resources

An education assistant help the main teacher in the preparation of learning materials and resources. Here is how they carry out the tasks:

  • Develop lesson plans
  • Create instructional materials e.g diagrams, flashcards, posters to facilitate learning
  • Gather and organize materials needed for teaching and learning .eg textbooks, notebooks, sketch pads, worksheet, etc.
  • Help to adapt materials to meet the learning needs of individual students e.g  providing audio classes for students with visual impairment, etc.

4. Provide One-on-One Support For The Students

An education assistant provide support to students in different ways. They support the students in their academic and personal development. Some of which include:

  • They give the students personalized attention
  • They assist teachers in ensuring effective class management
  • They provide emotional support to students going through emotional difficulties
  • They provide academic support to students in different subject areas, in class activities, projects , etc.

5. Assist With Administrative Tasks

Education assistant help out with administrative tasks in the classroom and the school as a whole. Some of the administrative tasks include:

  • Preparation of lesson plan
  • Gathering of learning materials
  • Managing students’ behavior

What Qualities Should An Education Assistant Possess?

An education assistant should possess the following qualities:

Good Communication Skills

As an education assistant, you will be relating and interacting with students and other personnels in the learning environment. Effective communication skills include listening skills, reading and writing skills. You are like a role model to your students, they would want to pattern themselves after you, including picking your accent.

Organization Skills

As an education assistant, you  will have a lot of tasks to do. You cant afford to be disorganized. The more organized you are, the faster and easier it is for you to complete your tasks.


It is important that when you are working around students, especially the younger ones, that you be compassionate. When you are compassionate, you will be able to understand them . For example, you will know when they are not understanding a particular subject and then you can know how to help them.

High Flexibility

As an education assistant, you must be flexible and be able to adapt to varying situations. There will be times that you have drawn a schedule for your day and some interruptions come. The interruption could be from the main classroom teacher, the management or even the students. You must be able to accommodate these changes without much hassles.


Handling children requires a lot of patience. You wont be able to cope as an education assistant if you are not a patient individual. You need a lot of patience in guiding the students through activities in the class, projects, etc.

How To Become An Education Assistant

To work as an education assistant, you should meet the following requirements:

  • A high school diploma
  • Get an associate degree in education or a related field
  • Know the requirements for becoming an education assistant in your location and meet them
  • Get certification/ license that will enable you work as an education assistant

Final Note

An education assistant work to support the teacher in the classroom to facilitate learning. He/she also support the student in several ways to make academic and personal development possible. If you are interested in starting up a career in education, working as an education assistant is a good way to begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of an education assistant in a school?

A teaching assistant, also known as education assistant work alongside the main teacher in the classroom. He/She ensure that the pupils are always attentive in class. The teaching assistant help the pupils with class activities, exercise and projects. He/She also take instructions from the main teacher on other things to do. Overall, an education assistant work to support the main teacher and also support the students in the classroom.

What are some of the questions asked in an interview for the role of an education assistant?

Can we meet you?
Why are you applying for this role?
What are your areas of passion?
Why do you want to leave your current job?
What values would you add to our establishment?
State your career goals
What picture do you see of yourself in 5 years time
What is your salary expectation?
Mention your greatest professional achievement
What is your greatest motivation?

What do I need to succeed as a teaching assistant?

To be successful as a teaching assistant, you should possess the following skills:
Excellent communication skills
You must be passionate about working with children
You must be flexible
You must be willing and able to work in a team
You must have a positive attitude

How do I handle students’ misbehavior in the classroom?

There will be times that a student will misbehave in class. Its normal to see this happen sometimes. But if misbehaviour is a regular occurrence in your class, then there is a problem that needs to be addressed. It could be that the teacher there is not competent enough or there is a troubled child that needs to be seriously checked.
To handle misbehaviour in the classroom, you should do the following:
Stop the misbehaviour immediately
Address the student causing the disruption
Avoid getting into argument with the student
You must remain in control of your emotions
You may need to report the student to the higher authority

Is the job of an education assistant difficult?

The job of an education assistant can be tasking and challenging. But it is always encouraging when you see the pupils you labor over are progressing and doing fine. If you are passionate about working with children, you can easily come over those challenges.


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