What Is The Cut-off Mark Of Nasarawa State University 2023? 

What Is The Cut-off Mark Of Nasarawa State University 2023? 

What Is the Cut-off Mark of Nasarawa State University 2023? – Nasarawa State University is one of the best universities that offer diverse courses to students across Nigeria. The University, located in the middle belt part of the country, is one of the top schools that have achieved numerous goals since its establishment. In this article, we will look at the JAMB and Post UTME cut-off of the university, the type of courses offered, the tuition fee, and how to get admission. 

What Is The JAMB cut-off Of Nasarawa State University 2023? 

Generally, a cut-off mark is the agreed mark designed by a university as part of their criteria, which allows them to admit students into the school. Mostly, reaching the cut-off mark is among the top essential requirements, alongside other things like having at least five credits in WAEC and not more than two sittings. The agreed JAMB cut-off mark designed by the Nasarawa State University for 2023 is 180. This means you will never get access to post-UTME or admission if your score is below 180. Once you have this score or above, you have passed the first stage of entry into the university. You will then be required to move to the next step, writing Post UTME. 

What Is The Post UTME Cut-off Of Nasarawa State University 2023? 

The post-UTME Cut-off Mark is different from the JAMB cut-off mark; the JAMB mark will permit you to apply for admission into the school and also have a chance to sit for the post-UTME examination. But the Post UTME mark is what will determine the kind of course you will study, whether you will be given admission to the course you applied for or they might consider admitting you into a department in accordance with your mark. The Post UTME cut-off is not yet released for the 2023 session. However, you should remember that it will never be less than 180. You should also understand that professional courses like law, mass communication, etc., and sometimes even architecture and quantity surveys, will require you to have at least a high Post UTME score. 

Criteria For Getting Admission Into The Nasarawa State University NSUK 2023? 

Before you can get admission into Nasarawa State University, you must meet their requirements. This includes;

  • You must be at the age of 16 or above. 
  • You must pass your SSCE examination with at least five credits, including Mathematics and English, in not more than two sittings. 
  • If you are a direct entry student, you must have a UTME result for that particular course. 
  • You must choose Nasarawa State University as your first choice. If you didn’t select the university as your first choice, you must visit the JAMB portal and change it to your first choice before qualifying for the screening. 
  • After scoring 180 in your JAMB, you must visit the school portal and purchase the Post UTME form for N2,000. Remember that the sum is nonrefundable, and you must also pay extra bank charges. Eligible candidates include those that have participated in the JAMB and scored 180 or above and have a minimum of 5 credits in their SSCE result or a diploma result. 

How To Get The Post UTME Form Of The Nasarawa State University

To purchase the Post UTME form, you will do all the procedures online. Here are the steps;

  • Ensure you have your jamb result with you.
  • Visit the school portal at https://www.nsukputme.com/
  • Create an account. 
  • Choose the mode of entry.
  • Insert your JAMB number or direct entry registration number.
  • Once you are done creating the account.
  • You will see a page prompting you to enter your valid email address, valid phone number, date of birth, and home address. 
  • Save, then continue with the process. 
  • Generate an invoice and pay through the Nasarawa State Central Billing System. 
  • Come back to the screening site, then finish your registration. 
  • You will need to submit your O-level result, however, before they verify your result before they screen you. Failure to submit accurate results or submission of fake results will lead to disqualification. 
  • You will also be required to give information regarding your O-level, such as 
  • Number of sittings (they accept a maximum of two sittings) 
  • Enter the result, put the grades in the table presented to you, and once you are done, click submit. 
  • Remember that the O-level result you used in filling out the form will be the one you will submit during the screening and registration. 

For direct entry and UTME students, you must visit a JAMB-accredited computer-based centre and upload your O-level in your JAMB profile. 

Types Of Admission Offered By The Nasarawa State University

Nassarawa state University
  • Admission by EMEntrance examination- Admission by entrance exam is through writing JAMB and Post UTME; if you pass all the criteria set by the school, you will be offered provisional admission into 100l. 
  • Admission by direct entry – Most direct entry admission offers you entry into 200l. 
  • Admission by transfer – Transfer students will be given admission mostly into 100l, or the exact level they were, or one level lower than their current level in the previous school. 
  • Sandwich programme – The school also offers sandwich programs that involve practical experience and academic study. 

What Is The Departmental Cut-off Mark In Nasarawa State University 2023? 

Nassarawa State offers numerous courses like public administration, business administration, accounting, agriculture, Agronomy, theatre arts, biochemistry, computer science, securities and investments, urban and regional planning and science education courses like chemistry, physics, biology, and geography. Other courses include biochemistry and molecular biology, industrial chemistry, guidance and counseling, nutrition and dietetics, economics, home economics, fisheries, banking, and finance. Language courses like English, Hausa, and French. Religious courses like Islamic Studies and Christian religious studies. Professional courses like Mass communication and law and other essential courses. The departmental cut-off mark for most of these courses is usually 180. 

How Much Is The Nasarawa State University Tuition Fee?

The 2023 tuition fee for the Nasarawa State University for new students ranges from ₦65,100 to ₦103,000, while for old students, it ranges between ₦27,700 to ₦41,250 depending on your course of study. You can visit the school portal at https://nsuk.edu.ng/ to learn about the specific school fees of the course you applied for. 


The Nasarawa State University cut-off mark includes both the JAMB and Post UTME cut-off marks. These are among the criteria that will grant you admission into the school alongside other requirements, including WAEC NECO GCE or SSCE result. The JAMB cut-off mark is 180, while the Post UTME mark is generally 140 for most departments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still apply to NSUK if I do not meet the cut-off mark?

If you do not meet the cut-off mark for NSUK, it is unlikely that you will be eligible for admission. However, some universities may provide alternative options such as diploma programs, pre-degree programs, or part-time studies that could potentially lead to admission. It is recommended to contact the university’s admission office for guidance on alternative pathways or available options.

Is the cut-off mark the same for all programs at NSUK?

The cut-off mark for admission into different programs at NSUK can vary. Some programs may have higher cut-off marks due to their competitive nature or limited availability of slots, while others may have relatively lower cut-off marks. It is recommended to check with the university or refer to the official admission brochure for program-specific cut-off marks.

Can I contact NSUK for more information about the cut-off mark?

Yes, you can reach out to the admission office or relevant authorities at NSUK for more information regarding the cut-off mark. They will be able to provide you with the most accurate and specific details related to the admission process.

How is the departmental cut-off mark determined at Nasarawa State University?

The departmental cut-off mark is determined by various factors, including the number of available slots in each department, the overall performance of candidates in the entrance examination or screening process, and the university’s admission policies.

How is the cut-off mark determined by Nasarawa State University?

Each university has its own criteria for determining the cut-off mark. Nasarawa State University may consider factors such as the number of applicants, the capacity of the program, the performance of applicants in the relevant entrance examination, and previous admission trends.

What happens if my score is below the cut-off mark?

If your score is below the cut-off mark set by Nasarawa State University, it typically means that you are not eligible for admission into the specific course or program. However, there might be alternative options or courses with lower cut-off marks that you can consider. It is advisable to explore other courses or universities that align with your academic goals and qualifications.


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