Courses Offered In LASPOTECH And Their Cut Off Mark

Courses Offered in LASPOTECH

Courses Offered In LASPOTECH And Their Cut-Off Mark- Formerly LASPOTECH, now LASUSTECH, is an institution of higher learning that is well ranked among other outstanding universities in Nigeria. The instituition offers a wide range of courses that are well-recognised by statutory bodies. For you to gain admission to study any of the courses offered in LASPOTECH, you must have chosen the institution as a first choice in Jamb application form. Then you must score above the cut off mark if you are going to be considered for admission.

In this post, we would be outlining the different courses offered in LASPOTECH and their cut off marks.

Courses Offered In LASPOTECH And Their Cut Off Mark

LASPOTECH was established in 1977 as higher institution with the vision of providing quality teaching, learning , research and community service. Its permanent site is in Ikorodu Lagos with minicampus in Isolo, Lagos.  However in 2021, the governor of Lagos State, His Excellency Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu converted the polytechnic into a university. Currently, LASPOTECH is now known as Lagos State University of Science and Technology (LASUSTECH). The institution offer a wide range of courses across different disciplines including Engineering, Agriculture, Management, Technology. Below are some of the courses offered in this prestigious institution:

Courses Offered In LASPOTECH

  1. Accountancy
  2. Agricultural Engineering/Technology
  3. Agricultural Technology
  4. Architectural Technology
  5. Arts And Design
  6. Banking And Finance
  7. Building Technology
  8. Business Administration & Management
  9. Chemical Engineering Technology
  10. Civil Engineering Technology
  11. Computer Engineering
  12. Computer Science
  13. Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology
  14. Estate Management And Valuation
  15. Fisheries Technology
  16. Food Technology
  17. Horticultural Technology
  18. Hospitality Management
  19. Insurance
  20. Leisure And Tourism Management
  21. Marketing
  22. Mass Communication
  23. Mechanical Engineering Technology
  24. Mechatronics Engineering Technology
  25. Office Technology And Management
  26. Quantity Surveying
  27. Science Laboratory Technology
  28. Statistics
  29. Urban And Regional Planning

Courses Offered In LASPOTECH And Their Cut-Off Mark (Jamb)

The Jamb cut off mark for courses offered in LASPOTECH has been released and is slated at 130.  This implies that candidates who made the institution their choice with Jamb score  of 130 and above can apply for post-UTME screening.

Courses Offered In LASPOTECH And Their Cut-Off Mark (Departmental)

Although the Jamb cut off mark is pegged at 130, there are also departmental cut off marks for different courses. These departmental cut off marks will largely determine if a student will be admitted or not.

S/NCourseCut-Off Mark (Departmental)
2Agricultural Technology170
3Architectural Technology150
4Art/Industrial design150
5Banking & Finance180
6Building Technology150
7Business Administration200
8Chemical Engineering180
9Computer Engineering180
10Computer Science200
11Electrical/ Electronics Engineering180
12Estate Management & Valuation150
13Fisheries Technology150
14Food Technology180
15Hospitality Management Technology160
18Mass Communication220
19Mechanical Engineering180
20Mechatronics Engineering180
21Office Technology & Management160
22Science Lab Technology220
24Urban & Regional Planning150
25Agric & Bio-Environmental Engineering150
26Civil Engineering180
27Horticultural Technology150
28Quantity Surveying150
29Leisure & Tourism Technology150

How LASPOTECH Post-UTME Screening Score Is Determined

It is important to note that even though LASPOTECH sells post-UTME form for applicants, however, the school do not conduct any post-UTME exam for the students. Here is how post-UTME screening score is being calculated:

The post-UTME screening score calculation is in two parts:

Part 1: Calculation of Jamb Score

Usually , your Jamb score would be divided by 8

For instance, If a Candidate named Rufai who applied to LASPOTECH scored 250 in Jamb.

Then to calculate the Jamb score, it would be 250 divided by 8 (250/8) which equals 31.25

Part 2: Calculation of O’ level Grade

To calculate O’level score, 5 core subjects will be required. English and Mathematics are non-negotiable with 3 other subjects relevant to your chosen course of Study.

WAEC and NECO grading system is as follows:

A1 = 10 marks

B2 = 9 marks

B3 = 8 marks

C4 = 7 marks

C5 = 6 marks

C6 = 5 marks

While NABTEB result grading system is as follows:

A1 = 10 marks

A2 = 9 marks

A3 = 8 marks

C4 = 7 marks

C5 = 6 marks

C6 = 5 marks

Here Is How To Calculate O’ level Grades:

Lets Assume that Rufai’s WAEC result is as follows:

Mathematics = A1

English = C4

Physics = B2

Chemistry = B3

Biology = B2

Agricultural Science = C4

Computer Studies = B2

Geography = C6

Rufai is applying to study Electrical/ Electronics Engineering at LASPOTECH. It implies that the five key subjects would be English, Mathematics , Physics, Chemistry and Geography. Now lets calculate Rufai’s O level grade.

Mathematics ,A1 = 10 marks

English, C4 = 7 marks

Physics, B2 = 9 marks

Chemistry, B3 = 8 marks

Geography, C6= 5 marks

Total  marks = 10 + 7+ 9+ 8+ 5 = 39 marks

To calculate screening score = Jamb score+ O’ level grade

                                                     =  31.25 + 39

                                                     = 70.25

That means that the screening score for Rufai will be 70.25.

What Are The Requirements For Screening At LASPOTECH?

Below are the documents that will be required when you show up for screening at LASPOTECH for admission:

  • Minimum of 5 credits in O’ level result in relevant subject including Mathematics and English.
  • You must pick the right subject combinations in your Jamb application form
  • You Jamb score must meet up or surpass the cut-off mark
  • Your credentials including your O’level result, birth certificate, secondary school testimonial, etc.
  • Copies of your recent passport photographs

Final Note

The conversion of LASPOTECH into LASUSTECH in 2021 by the Governor of Lagos State has made the institution even more prestigious than before. For you to get admission to study any of the courses offered in LASPOTECH, you must have made the institution your first choice in Jamb application. Also it is important to score beyond the cut off mark in your Jamb exam. And finally, you should present a good O’ level result for screening , because it will also determine if you will be offered admission or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I gain admission into LASPOTECH with a Jamb score of 150?

Yes. The current cut off mark for LASPOTECH is 130. So with a Jamb score of 150, you will be eligible to sit for the post-UTME. And if you perform very well in the post-UTME, admission can be guaranteed.

Can I gain admission into LASPOTECH without Jamb?

Yes, you can gain admission into LASPOTECH without Jamb. This is made possible with the LASPOTECH Daily program. To start out, you will need O’level result and passport photograph.

What is LASPOTECH acceptance fees like?

Acceptance fee for new students at LASPOTECH is #15,000 (Fifteen thousand naira)

Has LASPOTECH become a university?

Yes. In 2021, the Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu changed the name of the institution from Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) into Lagos State University of Science and Technology (LASUSTECH).

How much is LASPOTECH post-UTME form?

All candidates applying to LASPOTECH and who scored above cut off mark are to apply for post-UTME. The cost of the post-UTME form is #2000 (two thousand naira)

Does LASPOTECH conduct post-UTME exams?

Although LASPOTECH put out application forms for post-UTME for its incoming students, however, the institution does not conduct any exam for the candidates. Rather, aggregate score is calculated using Jamb score and O’ level grade to determine if a student will be admitted or not. So, if your choice of institution is LASPOTECH , your Jamb score and O’ level grade is sufficient enough to determine your aggregate score and if you will be  offered admission or not.

What is the new name of LASPOTECH?

Ever since its name change in 2021 by the governor of Lagos state, His Excellency, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, LASPOTECH is now know as LASUSTECH (Lagos State University of Science and Technology).

When was LASPOTECH established?

LASPOTECH was established in 1977.

What polytechnic is the best in Nigeria?

According to the latest webometrics done in 2023, Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) followed by Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, LASPOTECH ranks as the 3rd best polytechnic in Nigeria.

What is the school fees of LASPOTECH like?

The tuition fees of LASPOTECH varies depending your course of study. But usually the tuition fee is in a range of #60,000 to #80,000

Does LASPOTECH accept second choice?

No. LASPOTECH only considers first choice candidates for admission. So if you are applying to LASPOTECH, ensure you fill the school as First choice.


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