Cornell Acceptance Rate 2021/2025 Class (Admission Statistics by Major)

The Cornell University acceptance rate for 2021 tells the number of students that are admitted out of the total applicants.

Basically, this rate differs for every year depending on the total number of applicants that apply per year…

Some admission year may have a higher or lower number of applicants compared to the previous years. As such, the Cornell University acceptance rate may not be the same for every year.

This information below will enlighten you on the Cornell college acceptance rate and admission requirements for transfer, freshman (first-year), in-state and out-of-state and international students for the class of 2025 early decision & regular decision.

Cornell Incoming Class Acceptance Rate 2025.

Summarily, Cornell’s admission rate is low and very competitive and it requires applicants to have a very good academic record to stand a better chance of getting into Cornell University.

The acceptance rate at Cornell University (BU) is approximately 11%. This acceptance rate does have a slight difference (about 1% higher or lower or thereabout) for each year’s admission.

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Cornell Admission Rate and Chances

The cornell admission rate is not fixed but it has been around this percentage for a long time. The acceptance rate at Cornell University is between 10% to 14%…

This admission rate is based on the Cornell University past admission rates and statistics of past years (from 2025 till date) as shown below:

  • 2015: 18%
  • 2016: 16.2%
  • 2017: 15.2%
  • 2018: 14.0%
  • 2019: 15.1%
  • 2020: 14.1%

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Cornell Acceptance Rate 2021/2025 Class (Admission Statistics by Major): Freshman and transfer students SAT, ACT, GPA, in-state, out-of-state.

Cornell Class Admission Statistics

In last year’s admission, Cornell University received 51,324 applications. And out of these 51,324 applicants, only 5,448 applicants leaving the acceptance rate at 11%.

Below were the Test Scores (SAT/ACT) requirements and the required GPA as was considered for admission.

What SAT score is required for Cornell University? The Cornell Average SAT Score Requirements breakdown for freshman admission as follows:

  • Average SAT Score Range: 1460-1540
  • Number of Applicants that submitted SAT: 72%
  • SAT Score Distribution by Subjects

25th percentile

  • Reading: 680
  • Math: 710
  • Composite: 1390

75th percentile

  • Reading 750
  • Math:790
  • Composite:1540

What ACT Score is required for Cornell University? The Cornell Average ACT Score Requirements chances for freshman admission is as follows:

  • Cornell Average ACT Requirements Range: 31 – 34
  • Percentage of total submitted ACT Score. 43%
  • 25th Percentile
    • Reading: 33
    • Math: 30
    • Composite: 32
  • 75th Percentile
    • Reading: 35
    • Math: 35
    • Composite: 34

What GPA do you need to get into Cornell? Applicants at Cornell need at least a high school GPA of 3.9 and a typical high school grade of A.

Cornell Academic Statistics:

Cornell has about 4,000+ offered courses with 100 academic departments and over 80 majors for undergraduate students and about 120 minors.

  • The average age of applicants
  • Admission distribution by gender:
    • Females: 0%
    • Males: 45.0%
  • Applicants from high schools: 63.1%
  • Descendants of Cornell alumni applicants: 16.7%
  • First-generation college Applicants: 13.4%
  • Recruited athletes: 7.1%
  • Application Fee: $80. You are to submit the application fee with your application. You can apply for a fee waiver.
  • Application Portal:
    • First-Year Applicants:
    • Transfer Applicants:
    • International Students:
    • Veteran Applicants:
  • Annual Cost:
  • Before aid: $76,258
  • After aid: $30,494

Note: Cornell supports and maintains equity in its admission policy and process. Cornell cannot deny any applicant admission because of nationality, race, gender, religion, ethnic origin, gender, disability, or age.

Other Freshman and Transfer admission Requirements:

When applying for Admission at Cornell University, you will have to submit your;

  • Intellectual Potential
  • Character
  • Involvement: Including your extracurricular activities, your Community involvement, your work experience, and your leadership experience, your special developed interest, or your talents.
  • Reasons for choosing the School
  • Essays
  • School Reports.
  • Counselor Recommendations.
  • Teacher Evaluations
  • Midyear Report

Top best Majors at Cornell University

Some of the top best majors at Cornell University include:

  • Engineering Majors
  • Business Majors
  • Management majors
  • Marketing majors
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences majors
  • Agriculture Majors
  • Agriculture Operations Major
  • Science Majors
  • Computer and Information Sciences majors

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