Best Affordable Life Insurance and Quotes for Students 2021/2022


Here are the Affordable Student Life Insurance Students, parents, workers and any other category of persons in 2021/2022.

Maybe you have been wanting to get a very affordable life insurance for yourself or your family members.


Here on this page, I will be guiding you on the best  Life Insurance in 2021/2022 that you should try out.

But before then, we will love to inform you properly on some of the good and interesting facts about life insurance.

As a parent, there are some factors that you need to put into consideration when wanting to get a life insurance for yourself, your kids or family members.

Affordable Student Life Insurance plans

Important Tips for Getting a Life Insurance


Getting life insurance is very important. If you are a parent trying to figure out the exact amount of life insurance to buy, we will advise you to start by multiplying about 50% of your yearly income by the number of years you wish to hold onto the service.

Kindly know that you can get life insurance from a very good life insurance company at a lower and affordable rate if the beneficiary is still young.

Generally, the cost of buying life insurance gets more expensive as the person getting the insurance grows older.

Meanwhile, before you choose any plan, make sure to decide what really meets your budget. You can do so by getting to know the basics of life insurance.


To help you make a good decision, you may have to meet with a professionally-trained financial counselor to put you through and help you make decisions.

Best Life Insurance Quotes 2021

As stated before, it is very important to acquire life insurance since circumstances are not predictable.

best Student Life Insurance quotes and options for college students

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Guide To Getting a life Insurance:

To make it easier, we will categories this discussion and also answer questions base on the following.

  • Which student should get Student life?
  • How costly is it to acquire a life insurance plan?
  • What is the cheapest life coverage for students?
  • How expensive is life Insurance for sick students?
  • The best life insurance plans for students.

Which student should get Student life? Life insurance is recommended for every person irrespective of the person’s health status.

How costly is it to acquire a life insurance plan? Life insurance is generally cheap and affordable for younger people and students.


Generally, Life insurance coverage for university and college students is somewhat cheap to buy. All you need to do is to select the plan you want, compare the cost, and multiply it with how long you want your kid to be on the coverage.

Best Affordable Life Insurance for Students 2021

Note: the following are some of the best insurance companies in Nigeria. Also note that we on studentmajor are in no way affiliated to any of them neither are we advertising or promoting them:

1. Tangerine Life: You can get a life insurance coverage @ https://tangerinelife.com/

About Tangerine-life: Tangerinelife is an insurance company. According to their website, they claim that their customers can secure up to ₦5,000,000 from the company via the life insurance package.

  • Visit https://tangerinelife.com/
  • Select the option you want.
  • The first option is “Buy for yourself” while the second option is “Buy for others”
  • Following the registration guidelines to start.

2. AXA Mansard Life Insurance: This is one of the registered Life Insurance companies in Nigeria with a legal registration and certification from NAICOM.

AXA Mansard has two types of Life Insurance Plans which are the, Instant Plan and Life Savings Plan. The Instant Plan covers death, disability, and all medical expenses that results from hospitalization.

The Life Savings plans is a free life insurance package for those that want to save with AXA Mansard the same benefits as the Instant Plan.

  • Official Website @ https://www.axamansard.com/insurance/life/

3. IGI Nigeria: IGI which stands for Industrial and General Insurance is an insurance PLC in Nigeria that offers affordable life insurance.


Industrial and General insurance PLC has  two types of life assurance packages which are, Group Life Insurance and Individual Life Insurance.

Note: They also offer other insurance services like Motor Insurance, Health insurance, Travel insurance, Fire Insurance and other insurance services.

  • Official Website @https://www.iginigeria.com/products/life-products/

4. Custodian PLC: The Custodian and Allied Insurance company which is shortly known as Custodian PLC is an insurance company in Nigeria that offers life insurance. This insurance has insurance services that are categorized as follows.

  • General Insurance: General insurance includes Auto, Travel, Home Shield, Fire Insurance, Safety Plus, Events Insurance, Wealth Management, and more.
  • Life Insurance: Custodian and Allied Insurance company Life Insurance Services cover Savings and Investment, Endowment Plan, Protection plan, Annuity and more
  • Official Website @https://custodianplc.com.ng/life-products

Finally, we do not recommend any life insurance services neither do we look down on any. As such, we advise users to make proper research about any life insurance service that they want to buy.

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