Best 12 college essay tips from admission counsellors

college essay tips
college essay tips

Writing an admission essay is a worrisome and stressful process: after all, the results will determine your future. No wonder that many high school students in the USA and the UK doubt their skills and abilities as novice writers. Admission essay writing includes a lot: thinking about your prompts or choosing a topic, drafting, developing the text, and thoroughly proofreading it.

Thus, mistakes are possible at any of the stages of developing a paper. They can endanger your success, and avoiding them is a matter of utmost importance. We combined the most effective tips and recommendations from admission counsellors that will become excellent assistance during the writing process.

What to pay attention to during preparations?

  1. Be original

Remember that admissions counsellors constantly read multiple applications and are well-acquainted with the most widespread topics. Hence, if you choose a topic typically associated with college admissions, there’s a big chance that they have already seen it many times. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can write only about experiences no one else had—but presenting them from an original and personal perspective would be much more exciting.

  1. Practice as much as you can

Writing is a skill developed with time and effort—and by writing more essays on free topics, you will be able to understand the main principles of this process and choose the best wordings for your thoughts. Don’t be shy and write as many texts from scratch as you can, perfecting your English skills and becoming a better writer.

  1. Start beforehand

Preparing for your admission essay well ahead of time will do you an excellent service. Read about the main principles of this process, practice, and brainstorm the best possible topic for the paper. If you start early, you will have enough time to review and revise your paper before the deadline approaches. Moreover, remember that you likely won’t be able to focus only on your essay because of exams and overall busy school life.

  1. Consider this experience as an opportunity

Thinking of writing your admission essay as a tedious chore will only complicate the whole process of developing and reviewing your paper. Consider it an opportunity to share details of your life and communicate to the academic community and admissions committee specifically. Furthermore, this process will be perfect preparation for your future essay writing assignment, which is a normal occurrence for many college students.

  1. Write about things that matter to you

Finally, when you choose your topic, select the prompts that have personal significance to you. This way, your essay will be sincere and thought out, making it more exciting and appealing to admissions counsellors.

How to improve your essay?

  1. Ask others to take a look at your essay

After you have completed your first draft, you might consider it flawless or imperfect, but in any case, judging it without prejudice will be challenging. Ask a friend, parent, or teacher to look it over and listen to feedback to improve your paper’s quality.

  1. Thoroughly proofread your essay

Of course, don’t forget to pay attention to your writing by yourself and proofread your paper before submitting it. A grammatically and stylistically correct essay will demonstrate your commitment and desire to create a perfect paper. That’s also why you should start early so you will have time to check your essay thoroughly before presenting it.

  1. Search for professional assistance

You can also seek help from an expert—for example, become a customer of a college essay writing service like CustomWritings, or a similar company to pay them to proofread your essay, or even buy a cheap personalized example fit for your requirements precisely. Such an approach will help you get rid of all mistakes you might have missed and check if the essay corresponds to current standards for academic papers. Don’t forget to take a look at the reviews of other customers before ordering from a website!

college essay tips
college essay tips

What to consider when you write your essay?

  1. Write in your authentic voice

Choosing an excessively complicated and formal language for your essay might feel tense and uptight, so try to write as you would communicate in your everyday life. Plain and simple language without obscure and complex words will seem much more natural. Of course, avoid any profanities and slang either.

  1. Follow your chosen topic

When you start writing your paper, remember not to stray from your topic or prompt too much and focus on one central theme. This approach will help you not to lose concentration and answer your topic adequately without straying. An essay written with a clear and consistent theme will likely make it to the top!

  1. Focus on your experiences

Your experiences usually are more interesting and important to the admissions committee than your plans and goals. The things you have already done serve as proof of your ability to accomplish great things, motivating the counsellors to give you a chance to use college’s resources to develop and grow as a professional.

  1. Concentrate on positive aspects of your life

Don’t be shy to explore your strengths and accomplishments, presenting yourself as a suitable candidate. However, even your negative experiences can bring positive results: for example, after living through tough situations, you might become more resilient and gain new knowledge. If you decide to describe complex and challenging experiences from your life, include the achievements or progress you made because of them.

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Writing an admissions essay is an essential part of your college application process, and the results of it play a significant role in your future success. Thorough preparation is no less important than actually writing your essay, so starting early is the best course of action: you will have time to develop your original and relevant topic, research the main principles of essay writing, and practice. Consider this process an excellent opportunity to develop and broaden your experiences.

When you start writing, explore all of your experiences, describing your merits and limitations, demonstrating that you can learn new things even from the problems. Write in your own words, without excessive formalities or slang, and don’t stray from the main topic. Finally, after completing your essay, don’t send it right away – thoroughly proofread it, show the text to another person to check for mistakes, or even use a professional’s help, placing a custom order at specialized companies and services online.


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