Claremount McKenna Transfer Acceptance Rate

Claremount McKenna transfer acceptance rate
Claremount McKenna transfer acceptance rate
Claremount McKenna transfer acceptance rate
Claremount McKenna transfer acceptance rate

You want to transfer from one college to another, considering Claremont McKenna. You are worried about meeting all of the transfer requirements from GPA scores to whether or not you require an SAT or ACT, how you will adapt to the new teaching methods and environment, making new friends, and most annoyingly, feeling like a first-year student all over again.

The Claremont McKenna transfer acceptance rate is 5.87%. According to Claremont McKenna College, only 20 out of the 341 transfer applications got accepted in 2019, and the school has maintained this rate consistently over the years. Other criteria to transfer to the school aside from the Claremont McKenna College transfer acceptance rate. 

You are most likely debating if transferring is the best decision based on many reasons that necessitated this thought in the first instance. If this is any comfort, you are not alone in this dilemma. According to National Student Clearinghouse data, between 15% and 40% of all newly enrolled undergraduate students are transfer students. Also, around one-third of college students do a transfer before graduation.

This article will provide you with a quick review of your dream college-Claremont McKenna, listing out for you all the many advantages of belonging there, its rich history, and achievements. I will also point out the transfer requirements, tuition, deadlines, and answer other questions that most potential transfer students may be unclear about.

Claremont McKenna College in Review

Originally known as Claremont Men’s College, CMC started in September 1946 with 86 students and seven faculty members. As one of the oldest liberal arts colleges in the United States of America, the college’s purpose was to prepare future private and public enterprise leaders through a distinctive liberal arts curriculum. 

In 1976, women were admitted for the first time, and in 1978, six transfer students made up the first class of women graduates. The school was officially renamed Claremont McKenna College (CMC) in 1981. CMC expanded dramatically through the early 2000s but maintained one of the highest per-student endowments in higher education with a strong commitment to the liberal arts tradition.

Current top rankings of Claremont McKenna College

#1 Best School for Economics in the United States

#4 2022 Best Liberal Arts Colleges in America

#1 25 Colleges with the Highest Earning Graduates

#6 Top Universities in California

#18 Top 100 Colleges in America

#9 30 Most Fun Colleges in America

Transfer requirements for Claremont McKenna College [Watch Video]

The Claremont McKenna College, transfer acceptance rate suggests the school is competitive. If you are still interested in transferring to it, then the following are requirements you must have:

    1. A minimum GPA of 3.3
    2. Official Transcripts
    3. Letters of Recommendation
    4. Essay
    5. Application fee
    6. SAT score
    7. Interview

Minimum GPA

CMC evaluates GPA within the context of the institution you attended and the rigor of the curriculum you took. But, you should have at least a 3.3 GPA to receive serious consideration.

Official Transcripts

You are required to submit an official transcript from each college or university that you have attended, together with a final high school or secondary school result.

Letters of Recommendation

You are required to provide two recommendations to be completed and submitted by the faculty or teachers in your faculty, such as a professor, lab instructor, or graduate teaching assistant.


Essays on different designated topics are also required.

Application fee

The application fee is a non-refundable fee of 70$.

SAT score

At CMC, transfer students are not required to submit ACT or SAT scores with their application to be considered for admission. Although, applicants must indicate whether or not they choose to include standardized test scores (common application or coalition application) in their application. Some international transfer applicants may still be required to submit English proficiency test scores.


Interviews are not compulsory, but they are highly recommended at CMC. The college would like to evaluate you based on your background, accomplishments, talents, and goals. Interviews can be completed before you submit your application for admission. There is the option for a video response.

Is Financial Aid available at Claremont McKenna College?

Yes. Financial aid is available for transfer applicants who are citizens of the United States or permanent residents. CMC may be need-sensitive to transfer students from the waiting list. All financial aid applicants must submit the Free Application for Federal Students Aid (FAFSA). And the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile forms.

Fees and Tuition

The application fee is a non-refundable fee of 70$. On average, the tuition fee per semester costs $28,095, separate from other fees such as residence, meal plans, and other living expenses. There is also a one-time orientation fee for new students.

Deadline for transfer students

Claremont McKenna College will not be enrolling transfer students for the Spring 2022 term. The next available transfer application deadline is March 15 for fall 2022 entry. So, get ready with all the above-listed requirements. I am sure that you can pull this off. 

Before I wrap up this article on Claremont McKenna’s transfer acceptance rate, I have answered some of the frequently asked questions surrounding transferring to the school.


What GPA do you need to get into Claremont McKenna?

Claremont McKenna only selects from the top applicants. You will need almost all straight A’s to compete with other applicants. It would help if you had a GPA of 3.97.

Which Claremont College is easiest to get into?

With an acceptance rate of 32%, Scripps is the easiest Claremont college for undergraduates to gain admission into.

Is Claremont McKenna prestigious?

Claremont is undoubtedly one of California’s and America’s most prestigious private colleges. It currently stands as the 6th top school in California and 18th in America.

Is it hard to transfer to Claremont McKenna?

With the current transfer rate set at 5.87%, getting into Claremont is quite tough but not impossible. Out of 341 applicants in 2019, only 20 were accepted. This shows that it is no joke at all getting into Claremont.

Why is Claremont Unique?

Claremont is known for its near-perfect Government and Economic majors, perfect weather, and outstanding academics. Claremont McKenna students are said to be the happiest students in America.

Does Claremont McKenna require SAT?

Claremont McKenna has a test-optional admission policy currently running. It does not require first-year applicants to submit ACT or SAT scores for their admission to be considered.


In this article, I have given information about the Claremont McKenna transfer acceptance rate. Currently, it stands at 5.87%, which is a tiny percentage of the many applicants that apply. The Claremont McKenna transfer acceptance rate is low, and if you are considering using it here, all of the requirements must be keenly attended to and provided. 

I have also taken the time to briefly discuss the transfer requirements for admission at Claremont McKenna College and answered other frequently asked questions around transfer acceptance. Do not despair but rise to the challenge. If a transfer to Claremont McKenna is what you desire at this point then, you should focus on increasing your chances of getting accepted by checking out the requirements and doing your best to meet them. 


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