Top 10 Best Cheerleading Colleges In The USA

Top 10 Best Cheerleading Colleges In The USA

Best Cheerleading Colleges In The USA – Cheerleading is a sport that combines elements of gymnastics, dance, and acrobatics, which has gained popularity in recent years. Many colleges and universities in the United States have competitive cheerleading programs, and these programs have become increasingly competitive and well-respected. These colleges offer students the opportunity to pursue their passion for cheerleading at the highest level while receiving a top-notch education. Some of the best cheerleading colleges in the USA are discussed below.

Best Cheerleading Colleges In The USA

1. Michigan University

The University of Michigan has a rich and well-established athletic tradition. Intercollegiate rivalries officially began in 1865-66, when the baseball team won its first three games that season. It began the tradition of football history in 1879. Women’s track and field created an official varsity sport in 1973-74, with teams from UM basketball, field hockey, swimming and diving, tennis, and volleyball.

Michigan track teams have won more than 50 national championships in 12 sports over the years, beginning with the 1901 football championship. Since then, the Wolverine dynasty has evolved into men’s football, swimming, and diving. and ice hockey. No other NCAA Division I program has more national titles in hockey or men’s swimming and diving than the Wolverines. In 2005, Michigan softball gained national attention by winning the first Women’s College World Series and becoming the first school east of the Mississippi to do so.
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2. Florida State University

As a cheerleader at this university, you will:

  • Perform at all Florida State football [home] and men’s basketball [home] games
  • Acting in some women’s volleyball games [at home] and women’s basketball [at home].
  • Travel to the men’s basketball championship game.
  • Entertain fans on and off campus
  • Perform for a national television audience
  • Lend time and talent in social work events.
  • Compete in UCA national events every January
  • They will perform at the spring game in April.
  • Autumn and spring exhibitions.

The conditions to be a university cheerleader are the following:

  • Must be in the admissions process at Florida State University at the time of submission
  • Must be able to participate in all training and other related activities.
  • Have active insurance and active physical activity during the performance.

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3. Yale University

In 1884, twelve members of the Class of ’86 wrote the famous “Long Joy,” an ancient Greek and English hymn inspired by Aristophanes’ frog. In 1912, the Yale cheerleading squad consisted of a dozen men whose work was quickly recognized as essential to the intercollegiate sports ethic. More than a hundred years later, the “Yale man” of the early 20th century is no longer the face of Yale Cheer.

As cheerleading evolved, varsity cheerleading responsibilities included entertaining, dancing, tumbling, and acrobatics, so sweaters and Y-pants were replaced by fluttering and jumping outfits. The 1912 team may have come from a handful of New England private schools, but today’s Yale cheerleaders come to New Haven from all over the world, heading up all of Yale’s academic divisions and taking on a variety of responsibilities outside of the hall.
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4. Clemson University

The Clemson University cheerleading program is a varsity event sponsored and funded by the athletics department. The primary function of the cheerleading program is to support the Clemson Athletics sports team through crowd participation through chants, signs, partner tricks, moves, dances (girls), pyramids, and rolling. Team members are expected to support, mirror, and reflect the goals, ideals, and image of Clemson University.

The Big Coed Cheerleading Squad performs at home football games, men’s home basketball games, select home volleyball games, and road football games. They also go to men’s basketball and post-season bowling games when needed. Usually, 18-22 members are chosen at spring auditions. Extras may then be added to the squad at the discretion of the cheer team coordinator and/or head coach.

The All Girls Cheerleading Team performs at home soccer games, girls’ home basketball games, elite home volleyball games, and road soccer games. They also attend postseason women’s basketball games and, if necessary, ACC football championship games. At spring auditions, between 18 and 24 members are usually selected. Extras may then be added to the squad at the discretion of the cheer team coordinator and/or head coach.
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5. University of Washington

Cheer teams are made up of 10-12 stuntmen who perform basic single moves, rollovers, side claps, and dances. The cheerleading squad cheers for soccer, volleyball, women’s basketball, and men’s basketball each year and participates in other sporting and social events. The cheerleading squad competes at the UCA Nationals in the D1A GameDay and D1A divisions.
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6. University of Southern California

USC Cheer brings cheer to the competitive world. Our ultimate goal is to represent the University of Southern California in competitions at the national level. As a team representing USC, we are focused on maintaining a strong work ethic, sense of commitment, and tradition of our university in a fun and inspiring environment. We push our limits and continue to set new goals as our team grows.
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7. University of South Florida

The University of South Florida Department of Athletics is committed to providing all student-athletes with a unique experience that includes obtaining a world-class education, winning championships, and becoming tomorrow’s leaders. His vision is to make USF Athletics a modern, elite, and innovative sports department.
The fundamental values ​​that guide its activities are:

  • Commitment: Achieve goals with perseverance, discipline, delivery, commitment, and unwavering loyalty.
  • Community: Be active in the Tampa Bay and USF communities.
  • Excellence: Work tirelessly to succeed in every endeavor and achieve high-quality results.
  • Inclusivity: Promote an inclusive, fair, and supportive workplace and competitive environment designed to educate and empower the USF team.
  • Innovation: see creative and forward-thinking ideas that add value to the department
  • Integrity: the desire to always do the right thing
  • Teamwork: working together to achieve common goals
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8. University of Maryland

The University of Maryland Cheerleaders provide fan support, crowd management, and cheer on over 55,000 fans. They support soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, women’s volleyball, and the Olympics, and participate in many shows and events on behalf of the university, more than 150 games and events every year.

Once a year, the team represents the university in the varsity cheerleading national championship. Compete with the best teams in Division 1A for the title of National Champion.
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9. University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin cheerleaders are a proud and respected group of college athletes. The UW cheerleading program consists of a co-ed team and a women’s team that supports all aspects of Badger athletics. Both teams support home and away games, while the Coed team supports men’s basketball and the All-Girl team supports women’s basketball. Both teams’ seasons include PR events and college events.

Highlights of each season include traveling through the Big Ten and experiencing the Badgers along the way. Supporting Badgers across the country with bowl games, the Big Ten tournament, and the NCAA tournament, the University of Wisconsin cheerleading squad is turning all the courts red and white! UW cheerleaders are not just athletes but ambassadors for the University of Wisconsin.
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10. University of Illinois

From the founding of the Illini baseball team in 1879 to the formation of the UI Athletic Association in 1890, charter membership of the Big Ten Conference in 1896, and charter membership of the NCAA in 1906, Illinois has been the leader of the nation In college athletics.

Fighting Illini has won 18 NCAA championships, five football national championships, and 248 Big Ten titles, the second most in conference history. Illinois has advanced to four of the five NCAA men’s basketball finals. The University of Illinois alumni have won 31 Olympic medals by competing in 25 Olympic Games for 17 countries.
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Cheerleading colleges in the United States offer students the opportunity to pursue their passion for cheerleading at the highest level while receiving a world-class education. When choosing a college, it is important to consider your specific needs and interests.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

What is Cheerleader salary?

On average, the cheerleaders earn about $150 per game. This comes out to about $22,500 per year.

Is cheerleading an expensive sport?

The cost of competitive cheer typically ranges from $2,000-$3,000 per season for each athlete. 

Which states recognize cheerleading as a sport?

Michigan, New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, New Mexico, South Dakota, Alaska and Virginia recognize cheerleading as an official sport.

Is cheerleading harder than football?

cheerleading generates greater force on injuries than football.

Is cheerleading still a thing in America?

There are only a small handful of professional cheerleading leagues around the world; some professional leagues include the NBA Cheerleading League, the NFL Cheerleading League, the CFL Cheerleading League, the MLS Cheerleading League, the MLB Cheerleading League, and the NHL Ice Girls.


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