6 Candle Alternatives For Dorms That Smell Nice

6 Candle Alternatives For Dorms That Smell Nice
6 Candle Alternatives For Dorms That Smell Nice

6 Candle Alternatives For Dorms That Smell Nice

Dorm room living can be tough. With all those people crammed into one building, you’re bound to get an occasional whiff of something unpleasant from the room down the hall. And if you’re the one guilty of that unpleasant aroma, your dorm-mates won’t be too pleased with you either.

So if you’re looking for a way to keep your dorm smelling nice without breaking any rules, try these alternatives to candles for dorms:

It’s very important to keep in mind that burning candles are prohibited in all college dorms. Whether scented or not. If you’re looking for five candle alternatives for dorms that smell nice because candles are not permitted, this article contains excellent options that are guaranteed to give that nice home scent and good aura.


We all want to make our dorms feel cozy, but candles can be dangerous if not used correctly, and the yummy scent of burning wax can get old pretty quickly. Plus, you probably don’t want to pay for an unnecessary item with how much college costs these days.


That’s why I put together a list of five candles that can serve as an alternative in your dorm room.


There are many items that you can buy in place of candles available in the marketplace today. Although, It can be difficult to select the right one. We will share five candle alternatives for dorms with their qualities at affordable prices that smell nice.


So without further delay, let’s get started!.

The 6 Candle Alternatives For Dorms That Smell Nice


  • Candle Warmer
  • Air Freshener
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Air purifier
  • Scented trash bags
  • Reed Diffusers


  1. Candle Warmer

6 Candle Alternatives For Dorms That Smell Nice
6 Candle Alternatives For Dorms That Smell Nice

Candle warmers are the best alternative to a real candle. Place the candle on top, and it will release the scent without the need for a flame. This is an excellent alternative since you’ll still be able to enjoy the fragrance of your candles without needing to ignite the candles.

If you feel like this will not be enough for you, you can buy a flameless candle to make it a good combo. It was very cheap, and it’s a great idea for a candle replacement. Flameless candles come with various vibrant lighting options that have a gentle glow. They come in a variety of scents. When you’re ready, you can change the color of your candle using a remote control.


Furthermore, aside from this being one of the five candle alternatives for dorms that smell nice,  these devices are compatible enough to provide peace following a busy day. Candle warmers and flameless candles don’t need to be lit by an open flame, and they do not create a fire risk as lighting candles do. This is why they’re a safer alternative to lighting candles within your dormitory rooms.


  1. Air-freshener


Five Candle Alternatives For Dorms That Smell Nice
Five Candle Alternatives For Dorms That Smell Nice


An air freshener is one of the best alternatives for making your dorm room scent better with no candles. Plug-in air fresheners come with various scents so you can choose the right one that suits your preferences.

One easy way you can make the dorm space smell nice without candles is by purchasing an air freshener that plugs into a socket.

It is as simple as plugging it into the wall, and a gentle scent will be released into the space. Because dorm rooms are typically small, you can set it at the lowest setting, which will ensure it will last longer and not give an overwhelming smell. One of the best things about air fresheners is that you will always buy them for a reasonable price.

Plug it into an electrical line, and an enticing scent will fill your living space, or you can spray with your hands anytime you wish.

It is great to spray throughout your home after cleaning. You can also apply the spray on the floor and cotton linens.


  1. Essential Oil Diffuser


Five Candle Alternatives For Dorms That Smell Nice


Another way to make your dorm rooms smell nice with no candles is using diffusers for essential oils. It draws in essential oils and distributes them throughout the room.


This diffuser is inexpensive and comes with ten essential oils. This means it’s not necessary to purchase each one separately. You can pick different oils to scent your home based on the characteristics each one is known for. For instance, lavender can promote sleep and relaxation, while the eucalyptus scent is great for concentration and study.


It makes your towels and sheets smell amazing, and you can spray it on your wardrobe or closet to make your clothes smell great too.


To make things perfect, you can add humidifiers. It will be a wonderful addition to your cozy dorm environment. Humidifiers can help reduce the moisture levels in your dorm and be very convenient to use. They give you the same cost and fresh feeling that candles. It’s also a great solution to dehydrated skin and has numerous health benefits.


Overall, the humidifier is sturdy, compact, quiet, and efficient – among many fantastic candle options for dorms. If your college is located in a humid zone, it is good to get this dehumidifier. It will assist you in creating a more pleasant and healthier environment in your dorm.


  1. Air Purifiers


Five Candle Alternatives For Dorms That Smell Nice


Another item that makes my list for the five candle alternatives for dorms that smell nice, air purifiers, surely makes it because they are simply amazing! If you’re not a fan of the use of air fresheners or room sprays, this is the best way to take. An Air purifier eliminates unpleasant odors and provides fresh, clean air. Yes, healthy and clean air to drink.


Air purifiers could offer relief if you suffer from allergies due to airborne contaminants. You might be worried about the size of your room; it’s normal, particularly when you consider how tiny dormitories are.


But don’t be afraid, air purifiers are available in smaller sizes, which will easily fit into the dorm rooms of your college. It eliminates excess water from the air and cleanses the aura.


This results in a tidy, cozy living space surrounded by humidity and fresh, clean air.


  1. Scented Trash Bags


Five Candle Alternatives For Dorms That Smell Nice
Five Candle Alternatives For Dorms That Smell Nice


You may be surprised, but scent-free trash bags are one of my most effective methods to make a room smell great! I used them in my dorm room, and they did the trick.


Your dorm room will be tiny, and the trash container will be within the living area. Having trash bags that smell will make all the change and keep your home fresh and clean. The trash bags are scented with appealing vanilla and lavender scent.


Other products that you can use as an alternative include;


  • Flameless candle
  • Scented all-purpose cleaners
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Disinfecting sprays
  • Room sprays
  • Air purifiers. This concludes the list of the five candle alternatives for dorms that smell nice.


6. Reed diffusers

Candle Alternatives For Dorms That Smell Nice (2)
Candle Alternatives For Dorms That Smell Nice (2)

Reed diffusers are a popular alternative to candles that produce a scent similar to incense. A glass bottle is filled with scented oil, and bamboo sticks are inserted into the bottle. The oil travels up the stakes and into the air, releasing its scent. Reed diffusers may seem simple, but there’s some chemistry involved in why they work — thanks to capillary action (similar to how water travels up paper towels), the oil flows up the bamboo sticks and evaporates into the air.

Caps on the bottles slow evaporation and prevent spills, so reed diffusers are safe for use in dorm rooms. Unlike candles or incense, reed diffusers need to be flipped upside down every few days so more oil can travel up the sticks.


Are We Allowed To Have Candles In College?


No, candles are not allowed in college dorms.


Most colleges do not allow students to have candles in their dorm rooms because they’re considered flammable and a danger to fire, but they’re also an essential element of an inviting and warm space. So, what can you do? There are many other alternatives for candles that will assist you in having a nice scented room and environment.


Candle warmers, air cleaners, air fresheners, and all other products listed are fantastic alternatives to make your dorm room smells nice without the need for the risk of an open fire. They are also available in styles, so they will blend in with the way you decorate your room.


What Can I Use Instead Of Candles For Scent?


You can use the following products to have a nice scent in your dorm room instead of candles:


  • Air Freshener
  • Candle Warmers
  • Air Purifiers
  • Electric/Battery-Powered Candles (Flameless Candles)
  • Table Lamp.
  • Wine Bottle Lights.
  • Illuminated Bowl/Vase.
  • LED String Lights in Clear Vase.
  • Fairy Lights.
  • Scented Trash bags
  • Curtain with String Lights.
  • Lava Lamp etc


Can You Burn Candles In A College Dorm?


No, you cannot burn candles in your dorm room because they are considered a source of an old open flame. Candles, incense, and hookah are strictly prohibited in most dorms; save your favorite scented candles for your bedroom.


Instead, use plug-in air fresheners, flameless candles, air purifiers, scented trash bags, and the items listed above to keep your dorm smelling fresh, really nice, and clean.

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