Cal State Long Beach transfer acceptance rate?

Cal State Long Beach transfer acceptance rate
Cal State Long Beach transfer acceptance rate
Cal State Long Beach transfer acceptance rate
Cal State Long Beach transfer acceptance rate

This article provides a detailed explanation of the requirements for transferring to California state university long beach and other information that would need on this journey.

Cal State University Long Beach transfer requirements

California State University Long Beach is reputed as one of the top schools in the country, with relatively low tuition and great earning potential after graduation. This advantage makes it a go-to option for many transfer students. Knowing the Cal State University Long Beach transfer requirements would be best to position yourself for a successful application if you’re looking to transfer to the school.

What is Cal State Long Beach’s transfer acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate for transfer applications is around 33.42%. In 2019, the University received 33000 transfer applications but accepted only 11,128. 

It is quite clear that Cal State Long Beach accepts a relatively higher number of applicants than other universities. This rate is also obvious in the University campus as transfer students make up 45.0% of the entire student body. 

These are some of the important Cal State University Long Beach transfer requirements you need to meet as a transfer student:

  • A minimum GPA of 3.5 or above
  • Official college transcript
  • Non-refundable Application Fee of $50n English. 
  • Complete 60 transferable semester units or 90 transportable quarter units

For a more detailed explanation of these requirements and other tips to better position you for a successful transfer application, I crave your indulgence to stay on this article as I have gone to lengths detailing what each requirement means.

California state university long beach transfer requirements

To be eligible for transfer admission, you must meet the following minimum requirements at the time of the application. 

Note: The California State University Long Beach does not accept Lower-division transfer except for a very limited number of highly qualified nursing students.

Cal State Long Beach transfer application deadline

Cal State University Long Beach accepts transfer applications for the fall and spring semesters every year. The application timeline for these sessions are;

Fall session: October 1 – November 30

Spring session: August 1- August 31

Does CSULB accept international transfer applications?

California State University Long Beach accepts international transfer students in fall and spring sessions. Therefore, students who have completed a minimum of 60 units or 90 quarter units would be considered undergraduate transfer students. 

However, in addition to the transfer application requirements listed above for the domestic students, international transfer students are to meet some additional needs that include;

  1. You are required to submit all original and certified English copies of transcripts from all colleges/universities attended.

Note the following; If you’re applying for the Fall admission, transcripts must show units through the end of Spring Term. But if you’re using for the Spring Admission, transcripts must show units through the end of the previous Summer Term. Please do not request transcripts until the above terms have been met. 

  1. Meet CSULB English Language Requirements

400;”>International transfer students are to meet the University’s English Proficiency Requirements. This requirement can be met by completing any of the following;

These English Proficiency requirements can be waived in the following instances; 

  • Applicants transferring from a domestic U.S. institution with over 60 transferable semester units or 90 transferable quarter units may qualify for an English waiver.
  • Obtained a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a U.S. regionally accredited institution.
  • Freshman applicants who graduated from a U.S. high school and completed at least three years at the U.S. high school 
  • Freshmen applicants applying from a regionally accredited institution abroad and completed all three years at that institution.
  • CSULB waives the English Language requirement for students from certain countries. Please see the English Language Requirements page for more information.
  1. You would be required to complete the four foundation courses (known as the “Golden Four”) with a grade of “C” or better:
  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • College Level Mathematics

CSULB transfer application process [watch personal Experience Video]

If you intend to transfer to Cal State Long Beach, follow the steps below to apply to the University. 

Step 1: Research and Choose a Major

Applicants must conduct thorough research on the requirements for their intended major for degree completion before applying. Applicants should review the Major Specific Requirements for Transfer website for more information on this. 

The University requires that applicants declare their intended major when they submit their application.

You should also note the following;

Applicants cannot request for change of major once their application has been submitted.

Applicants are only considered for the primary major indicated in the application. As a result, if you do not meet your first choice requirements, you will not be considered for your alternate major.

Applicants should indicate their plans to pursue the Associate Degree for transfer in their application. Failure to show this preference would make it impossible to request consideration under the ADT once your transfer application has been submitted.

Step 2: Online Application

The next step in the transfer application process is to apply online by visiting Cal State Apply. ( You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application after completing the online application. 

Applicants should apply during the application period;

Fall semester: October 1 – November 30

Spring semester: August 1- August 31

Step 3: Complete the supplemental application

After completing the CSULB online application, applicants must complete a supplemental application. The additional application is more specific to you, and you’re intended major. You’d be asked to review your academic records and confirm your eligibility at this stage. 

It is advised that you complete this section accurately and in its entirety. You’d be given several weeks to achieve this, so you can always adjust your application before the deadline. 

Step 4: Check your application status

You’d be required to submit an email address and other contact details in your application process. The email submitted would be the major way of checking your application status, and you’d always be sent a mail to that effect. So check your mail regularly. 

You can also check your application status by visiting the self-service applicant website (

Admission offers are usually made in March for the fall semester and October for the spring semester. 

Step 5: Accept admission Offers. 

Upon receipt of admission offers, students are required to accept the admission offer and pay a non-refundable enrollment fee of $150 to secure their spot. The admission offer is usually conditional upon verification of official transcripts. If you have no intention of accepting the offer, you should decline the admission offer. 

What if I don’t get any admission offer?

The California state university long beach transfer application process is very competitive. As a result, they can only accept a small number of applicants. It is advised that you consider applying to two other colleges to serve as a backup if you’re not admitted to CSULB.

Perks of attending CSULB

Here are some reasons you should consider transferring to CSULB;

  • Value

First, according to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, CSULB ranks as one of the top 100 public universities and has been recognized as “Best College Values” in the country. If you’re looking for a University that promises educational value, CSULB ticks all your boxes.

  • Low Tuition

You’d be surprised to find out that the tuition at CSULB is considerably cheaper than other universities. The University does everything to ensure that the fees are at the minimum.

  • Academic experience

CSULB offers an exciting and worthwhile academic experience for its students by providing resources and necessary educational assistance. You’d be surprised to know that CSULB has one of the biggest physics departments in the whole of California. 

  • Social Life

Students at CSULB work hard and play even harder. The University’s located at the heart of California, with lots of fun activities that suit every student.


Does CSULB give scholarships to international students?

CSULB provides a long list of scholarships for international students regardless of immigration. This is not far-fetched, given that CSULB is one school that is concerned about the financial well-being of its students. 

How much is CSULB tuition per year?

The tuition for an academic semester is $2,871.00. Compared to other colleges, education is very cheap. However, you must note that this amount excludes other expenses you’re bound to pay in an academic semester. 

What is the minimum GPA for CSULB transfer?

The minimum GPA to transfer to California state university long beach is 3.5. Having a GPA above 3.5 gives you a greater chance of getting admitted if all other factors are met. 

Can I transfer from one CSU to another?

You can transfer from one California state university to another. However, it is required that you meet the CSULB transfer eligibility requirements.

Am I automatically eligible for Housing once I’m admitted?

No. Housing is not guaranteed once you are admitted to CSULB. You are advised to apply for university housing as it is not automatic. 

Does CSULB accept Lower-division transfer students? 

CSULB does not generally accept Lower-division transfer applications. However, the University accepts lower-division highly qualified nursing students.


400;”>Transferring to Cal State Long Beach University is a great idea, and you must ensure you meet the eligibility and have all the needed requirements for the application. With CSULB being a very affordable school that offers a valuable academic experience, you should know that you are in for a competition. Many other transfer students plan to use it like you intend to apply. 

However, be rest assured that Cal State University Long Beach accepts a higher number of transfer applicants. So, if you are sure you can meet Cal State University Long Beach transfer requirements, then give it a try. 

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