Brock University Tuition fees 2022-2023 | How To Pay

Brock University Tuition fees
Brock University Tuition fees

If you’re looking to go to Brock University in Canada and want to know how much you’ll have to pay as tuition fees, this is the article for you. In it, we’re going to look at some of the factors that affect tuition fees — including studying at different institutions (different countries can have wildly different tuition fees) as well as your family’s financial situation.

Brock University Tuition fees
Brock University Tuition fees

Brock University Tuition fees 2022-2023

Different rates for tuition are examined each term for:

  • First and continuing year of study
  • Programs of study and degree route
  • International (visa) students
  • International Special Programs (ISP)

several types of fees that students may be required to pay.

1. Extra charges

Ancillary charges are calculated both per credit and each session. The majority of ancillary fees charged by Brock University are required and governed by a protocol established between the school and the students’ union. According to its constitution, the Graduate Students Association introduced the fees that are managed by them.

2. Program specific fees

As a result of your admission to the program, program-specific fees may be necessary. Fees for internships and job placements are typically charged.

3. Fees for particular courses

The University may impose course-specific fees to cover the fair expense of items like field trips, instructional materials, and apparel kept by the student. To find out if there are any course-specific costs, please refer to the course descriptions.

4. Other or administrative costs

A student may pay miscellaneous fees or administrative costs as a result of making a request or taking some other action.

5. Fees for housing and meals

Fees for the residence and meal plans vary according on the type of room assigned and the residence. For certain housing facilities, meal plans are required. Consult the Residence Services webpage for more information.

The Board of Trustees of Brock University accepts tuition payments in accordance with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities’ established tuition policy. The fee details are given as examples for normal circumstances only. These schedules may not be exactly what is charged.

Tuition is assessed at differentiated rates depending on the courses.

Here are the tuition fees in Brock University:

Fees Amount Year
Health Services Fees $6.67-$29.55  2022-2023
U.H.I.P Per International Student $756.00. 2021-2022
Graduate Students’ Mental Health and Wellness Fee $22.13 2022-2023
Athletic Fee $8.03 – $16.05 2022-2023
Recreation Facilities Fee $2.51 – $5.02  2022-2023
Zone Fitness Centre Fee $25.09 2022-2023
Zone Expansion Fee Per Term $17.00 2022-2023
Ombudsperson Fee $3.07 2022-2023
Aboriginal Student Services Levy per term $2.75  2022

The following sessional ancillary fees are administered by the Graduate Students’ Association.

Fees Amount Year
GSA Health and Dental Plan Insurance $549.87  2022-2023
GSA Universal Transit  Pass( full time students) $300.24  2022-2023
Graduate students membership fee per term $36.09 2022-2023
Canadian Federation of Students membership Fee $4.55 – $9.09 2022-2023
GSA capital maintenance fee per term sp/Su  $2.22 – $7.28  2022-2023
GSA emergency student support fund per term $1.58 2022-2023
GSA student engagement Levy per term. $6.50  2022

The information above provided information on Brock University’s tuition costs. This can help you determine if you can pay the fee as an applicant or direct you in making the necessary payments while you are a student. Do you have any comments or inquiries regarding this article? Use the comment section to provide your reaction.

Brock University Fees Estimator

Brock University is an affordable option for students who want to study in Canada. The school offers over 100 undergraduate and graduate programs, which include business, science, education and fine arts.

Degrees take up to four years to complete, depending on your program of choice. The university also offers a number of joint degrees with other universities around the world.

The univerisity have created an estimator tool so that you can see how much it will cost to attend Brock University as an international student.

This form can be used to estimate undergraduate and post graduate fees for Brock tuition, residence, meal plans and other optional fees. Your actual fees may vary. Please monitor your actual fees on your student financial history, found at  Remember that any change to your registration or program may effect your fees.  Monitor your student account frequently.

You can access the fees estimator here.

How to Pay Tuition at Brock University

You have five (5) options for paying your tuition and other fees to Brock University, regardless of whether you’re applying for a bachelor’s, master’s, citizen’s, or international student program.

  • Banking through the internet, phone, or ATM at major banks and the majority of Ontario credit unions
  • International Student Payment Service of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
  •  Western Union GlobalPay for International Students or
  • At a Canadian Bank in person
  • Making payments via bank-to-bank transfer
  • Making payments via bank-to-bank transfer

Now, adhere to the steps below to make payments by bank to bank transfer.

Step 1: visit the GlobalPay for Students website.

Step 2: Complete the payment

  • Describe the student (name, ID number).
  • Enter the desired payment in Canadian dollars.
  • Pick a currency for payments.
  • complete the transaction

Step 3: Bank Transfer

To make a payment to your bank, use a payment confirmation form.

Banks in your area will transmit money to Western Union Business Solutions, who will then pay it to us.

Step 4: Completed payment

Your student account at Brock University will be updated with the Canadian equivalent.


Tuition fees are charged in Canadian dollars and you must be enrolled in Brock University for full-time study each semester. International students studying in Brock’s Summer School program pay an additional $900 term fee. As a new applicant, you can expect to pay the same tuition fees as new domestic students for up to two consecutive years.

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