Boston University (BU) Acceptance Rate 2021/2025 Admission by Major

Are you curious to know the Boston university acceptance rate 2021 for the class of 2025? If yes, then I get you covered. The BU acceptance rate 2021, is the rate at which the 2021 applicants are admitted… This admission rate is arrived at after considering the percentage of applicants that are admitted out of the total number of applicants that applied for the 2021 admission… Read down for more information.

Boston University receives thousands of applications yearly from Freshman, and transfer students both from all the 50 states in the U.S and international students applications from more than 100 different countries outside the United States. Admission at BU is very competitive and selective due to the Hugh number of applicants they receive yearly and because of that, the admission chances at Boston University are somehow very slim especially when your academic records are not outstanding.

Meanwhile, you may be forced to ask questions like, what are my admission chances at Boston University or How can I know my admission chances at Boston University, or is BU selective? Well, whatever way you question maybe, I will do well to give you a satisfying answer as you read down.

Boston University (BU) Acceptance Rate 2021/2025 by Major for Transfer, Freshman, international early & regular decision Admission Statistics

All applicants that are seeking to know the Boston University acceptance rate for transfer, for early decision & regular decision, and freshman, in-state or out-of-state, and also for international students, and the BU acceptance rate by major will get it here. The BU acceptance rate law school, graduate school, medical or school of medicine, BS MD, and Dental school acceptance rate will also be updated on this site and we will notify our users whenever we have done that.

Boston (BU) Admission Statistics, SAT, ACT, and GPA

Firstly, your admission chances at BU is not, and can not be guaranteed irrespective of your ACT score or your SAT score and GPA and so on. This is so because you cannot really tell the percentage of applicants that have better academic reports than yours. And again, their complete admission process is handled by the school admission board and their admission process is done in accordance with their admission policies. So you can’t really tell if you have fully met their admission policies to be qualified for admission.

Can you calculate your admission chances at BU?

You cannot calculate your admission chances at Boston University, but you can estimate… I used the word estimate because your estimation might work for you or not. But calculating will be difficult as you may not have the necessary data to take into account.

So how can you estimate your admission chances at BU?

Estimating your admission chances at Boston University can be done when we consider last year’s admission statistics as shown below. There is no easy way to enter BU except through meeting the admission qualifications. So what determines your chances of admission at Boston university is not curiosity and eagerness, but your ability to show how excellently you have, and can excel academically, and your unique attributes.

Let’s see how easy or difficult it is to gain admission at Boston University. Let’s consider the Boston Fall 2020 Admission statistics. In the Boston fall 2020 admission, the school received a total of 61,006 applications while about 3100 students were admitted out of the total 61,006 applicants.

What grades are good for admission at Boston University?

A good grade of A and SAT Middle 50% of 1420-1540 or an ACT Middle 50% of 32-35. How are admission distributed at Boston University? From the 2019/admission statistics, this was how the Boston Admission rate was distributed by region.

  • Asian American students: 20.7 percent
  • Black/African American students: 7.9 percent
  • Hispanic American students:10.8 percent
  • International: 24.4 percent
  • Whites: 31 percent
  • Other students: 5.2 percent

Before we move further to the Boston 2021 Acceptance rate, you should know that the BU is increasingly becoming very selective. So thousands of students like you are also struggling their way to gain admission at Boston. So, to stand out for a better chance of admission at BU, then you will need to have very good grades and academic records. A high school grade of A and high ACT/SAT scores, GPA, extracurriculars, and other academic achievements and records will give you a better chance of admission at Boston University.

The recommended high school grade, ACT/SAT scores, GPA, extracurriculars, and other academic achievements and records that will be needed for BU 2021 admission for Freshman and Transfer will be listed in the next step below:

Boston University Acceptance Rate 2021, for Transfer and Freshman Class of 2025

The average BU Acceptance Rate is 22%, this acceptance rate might not be the same for every year. So it is just an average acceptance rate gotten from the past years’ admission statistics as follows:

  • 2015: 48%
  • 2016: 45.5%
  • 2017: 36%
  • 2018: 22%
  • 2019: 22.1%
  • 2020: 22%
  • Early Decision Acceptance Rate: 32%
  • The Total Number of Applicants: 64,481

Applicants statistics

  • Number of female applicants: 38,049
  • Male Applicants: 26,432
  • Accepted Female Applicants: 8,268
  • Male applicants accepted: 5,979.
  • Total Applicants admitted: 14,247
  • Average acceptance rate: 22%

Stats from

Estimated Boston ACT/SAT Scores requirements 2021

 Average SAT Score Requirements at BU

  • Required SAT Score Range: 1340-1500
  • Percentage of Applicants that Submitted SAT: 70%

SAT 25 percentile score requirements per subjects

  • Reading: 650
  • Math: 680
  • Composite: 1330

SAT 75 percentile score requirements per subjects

  • Reading: 720
  • Math: 780
  • Composite: 1500

Average ACT Score Requirements at Boston University

  • Required ACT Score Range: 30-33
  • Number of Applicants that Submitting ACT Scores: 39%

BU ACT 25 percentile score requirements per subjects

  • Reading: 31
  • Math: 27
  • Composite: 30

ACT 75 percentile score requirements per subjects

  • Reading: 35
  • Math: 33
  • Composite: 33

BU Average Estimated GPA and High School Grade Requirements

  • Average High School GPA: 3.59
  • Estimated High School Grades: B+

Complete Boston undergraduate Admission requirements

All BU undergraduate (Transfer and freshman) are required to submit all or some of the following requirements when applying for admission. See the actual requirements for you, visit

  • Application Fee: $80
  • Test (SAT/ACT) Scores
  • High School GPA and Grades
  • High School Class Rank
  • Completion of the College Preparatory Program
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Demonstration of Competencies
  • Credits: (AP Credit)
  • Application Portal:

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