Best Books on How to Study the Bible

books on how to study the Bible

Books on How to Study the Bible – You may be in search of books to start a Bible education without needs for the classroom lessons, tuition fees, and fees. No worries as we have compiled a list of top-notch books on how you can study the Bible. You can study these books on your own or with your spiritual coach. Read on to get more details about these books and to possibly decide which one you should go for.

Recommend Books on How to Study the Bible

1. Discerning the Voice of God

Discerning the Voice of God

This book is written by Priscilla Shirer (who is a well-known Bible teacher) the study guide is one of her numerous interesting study books which were written to assist you as you discern, learn and read the word of God in the Bible. This book contains stories and illustrations that were featured to assist you in understanding the scripture better and deeper. It targets to improve your daily communication with God and it builds the foundation that you will need in strengthening your relationship with God. In “Discerning the Voice of God” there are exercises that will assist you to apply the lessons upon the completion of your study. If you have come across any of her books, and you loved it then this should be a must-read for you. Persons who are looking to improve their relationship with God are also encouraged to get this book. The advantages of getting this book includes that it was written by a Well known author, it focuses on relationship with God and it equips you for your own study. While the disadvantage is that it should be read together with other books

2. The Good and Beautiful Bible Study

The Good and Beautiful Bible Study has thirty chapters which contains diverse stories from both the Old Testament and New Testament. Each of the chapters in this book tells a biblical story, explains the key themes, and of course discusses how the study can be attributed to our lives.
The Good and Beautiful Bible Study employs the use of artwork inspirations, design, premium craftsmanship reflection, as well as biblical reflections to a more understanding, beautiful experience of Bible study. Advantages of getting this book includes that it Covers a broad range on topics, it is beautifully designed/structured and it can be used with any of the Bible translation you have. While the disadvantage is that it is a large book which may be hard for you to take with you along.

3. The Bible in 52 Weeks for Women

The Bible in 52 Weeks for Women comes as a 52-week guide which was written to assist you in gain discipline as you read the word of God. This book is highly recommended for beginners who are struggling to discover how they can get started. If you are a Lady who is seeking to start out a promising journey in improving your faith in God, this book has all it takes for you to get started. The advantages of getting this book is that it provides you with the direction you need as a Christian and it focuses on application to life. While the disadvantages includes that it mostly focused on women’s perspective which may in turn make it less understandable for men and the book was only meant to be a year-long study

4. Seamless-Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story

Seamless-Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story is a book written by Angie Smith (a famous writer who has authored a number of guides from diverse topics/areas). This book links together the main stories as well as the lessons of the scripture, which makes it a great book on how to study the Bible for beginners. This book crafts out the key details and feature maps, foundational facts, as well as word studies that are crucial to a deeper understanding of the Bible. You can read this book in a small groups for a more in-depth understanding and study. It is a perfect book of choice for beginners , this study guide provides the needed tools to start your own Bible education. Advantages include that it has a great foundational study, it helps to tie everything together, it serves as a guide to reading scripture. While the disadvantages include that it proves to be too general when it comes to more advanced study, the book is mostly for beginners not pros.

5. Jesus in Me

The Jesus in Me is a great book on his way to study the Bible for those. It is perfect for those searching for direction while studying the New Testament. The book is authored by Anne Graham Lotz. The study material is written to drive you through the five Bible studies on weekly basis with selected scriptures about the Holy Spirit. This book is also a perfect option for beginners that wish to go in-depth and connect with Jesus.
Some of the advantages of getting this book includes that it has a strong and clear focus, the book was authored by a renowned evangelist, the book is thought-provoking. The disadvantages are that it is less geared toward new believers, it focuses on New Testament; if you are searching for Old Testament study, this book may not be perfect choice for you

How Can I Study the Bible?

  • Start with prayers by asking the Holy Spirit to give you deeper understanding of God’s Word and seek that God gives you the power to apply his principles/commandments to your daily life.
  • Keep a writing material and a Bible study notebook at your desk or you can always type on your laptop.
  • Read the texts in the Bible slowly and read carefully, after which you can reread then take proper notes.
  • Conclude your time in prayer by thanking God for all you have learned from the Bible.
  • Obey the Lord’s commands and abide by the instructions you have gained from studying God’s Word.
  • Try as much as possible to be a doer of the Word, you shouldn’t just be a hearer (James 1:22–25) and this can be achieved by seeking the help of the Holy Spirit.
  • Apply what you have learned from the Bible


As a Christian or persons seeking to know God, we are advised to stand on God’s Word as his words are truth and life. Part of the tasks which are required of us are that we should include our love and knowledge of the Lord & His Words in our daily lives.
It is possible to set a yearly goal to study through the word of God in the Bible. We pray that you will make use of the books listed here and that you enjoy the recommended books we have listed in this content while you grow your faith as a Christian.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is best way to study the Bible?

Start your study with prayer.

You don’t have to start at the beginning.

Pick a topic relevant to you.

Get to know a character.

Note down what you learn.

Listen to the Bible online.

Read or share with someone else.

Look up what you don’t understand.

What is the best book in the Bible to start studying?

Start from Reading Genesis First , this is because reading the beginning of any book would help you understand the rest.

What Gospel should I start with?

The 1st Gospel generally believed to be written was the Gospel of Mark

What is a good Bible for a 17 year old?

The NIV Bible for Teens

How to read the Bible for young people?

They should first understand the function of this time in their lives.

Understanding of what they need from you.

Guidance together with lots of listening and fun.

Make scriptural reading relevant and fun.

Never be too preachy.

Pray for your teens as much as you worry about them.


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