Best Texas Colleges with no Application Fee

Best Texas Colleges with no Application Fee

In this article, I am going to show you the best Texas colleges with no application fee, where you can choose a good school to study in.

Texas is one of the United States of America’s states and is open to international students.

Tuition fees are one of the biggest problems that international students have to deal with if they want to apply for university admission. Some universities charge application fees as high as $200.

One thing is certain about these fees: they cannot be refunded.

Best Texas Colleges with no Application Fee

You can forget about any application fee payment once you have made it. The money you pay will not be refunded, regardless of whether or not you are accepted. As a result, international applicants sometimes fear applying to their school of choice because of application fees.

I have done extensive research on the best Texas colleges that do not charge application fees.

The list does not include all colleges, as it only includes 9 of them.

Noting that some universities do not charge an application fee, and others may ask you to deposit money after you have been admitted to ensure your spot.

This list includes the best texas colleges with no application fees and affordable tuition fees for undergraduate programs and postgraduate programs. It also includes a variety of scholarships available to both domestic and international students.

So, let’s get into it.

Best Texas Colleges without Application Fee

1. Trinity University


Trinity’s rich history of excellence started in 1869 when Cumberland Presbyterians set out to establish a “University of the Highest Order.” The foundation of the founders was built on a groundwork of innovation, resilience, and a passion to promote student wellbeing. Trinity has been a beacon of confidence and curiosity for more than 150 years.

Trinity University is one college that does not require an application fee. And there are a variety of academic merit scholarships available at the school, which are open only to qualified applicants. The university is located in San Antonio and offers approximately 49 majors and 61 Majors to its 2,300 undergraduate students and 200 graduate students. There are many scholarships available based on merit.

Although there is no application fee, the university requires that all admitted students pay $500 to reserve their spot before the deadline.

2. Southwestern University


Southwestern University is located in Georgetown Texas. It charges nothing to apply for admission and offers a wide range of scholarships for deserving students. This is Texas’ oldest university. It offers 40 bachelor’s degrees and does not charge any application fees.

Students can receive merit scholarships as well as need-based financial aids from the school. These aids and scholarships are offered without regard to race, color, or religion.

Under the patronages of the United Methodist Church, Southwestern University is committed to undergraduate liberal learning. This includes participation in and study of significant aspects of our cultural heritage. It focuses primarily on the arts, sciences, Institutions, and professions. Southwestern is a teaching-learning community that encourages inquiry and scholarship, creativity, and the expressions of human life.

3. LeTourneau University


LeTourneau University can be found in Longview, Texas. International students can also apply. The university does not charge any application fees.

Over 1,150 students are enrolled in LeTourneau University courses online and at their educational centers in Houston and Dallas. They might not even step foot on the beautiful campus in Longview, Texas unless they’re there for graduation.

LeTourneau University is a devoted Christian university. It does not have any direct affiliations with any denomination, but it is open to all students who seek God and love Him. It’s a place where students can have a deeper relationship with God, grow their spiritual walk, discover God’s purpose and plan for their lives.

It also offers scholarships to eligible students.

4. Austin College


Austin College is a small college that focuses on liberal arts. It’s where great things happen. Faculty and students form partnerships that enable them to be truly involved in their education. The college prides itself on its global focus and boasts that over 70% of Austin College graduates have traveled abroad during their Austin College education. Their student body is welcoming, diverse, and inclusive.

Austin College has been a strong advocate for education’s transformative power since 1849. This commitment extends to individuals, communities, and the wider world.

Austin College is an affiliated college of the Presbyterian Church. It does not require any application fee, just like other colleges on the list. It is located in Shearman Texas and has an open application process. There is no application fee. Students can also apply for scholarships and grants from the university, as well as assistance on a national and international level.

There are also internal scholarships and aids available to international and domestic students.

5. St Mary’s University


St Mary’s University, especially in San Antonio is one of the top colleges in Texas and has no application fee. All interested applicants, regardless of race or country, are eligible to apply for admission.

Money magazine ranked St. Mary’s University as the best Catholic university in Southwest. In its 2019 Best Colleges Ranking, 26 Catholic institutions were included. St. Mary’s was also ranked second in San Antonio, seventh in Texas, and No. 220 out of 744 nationwide. 

The schools were ranked according to their quality, affordability, job success, and other factors.

6. University of St Thomas


The University of St. Thomas is Houston’s Catholic University. It follows the Catholic higher education traditions in all aspects, including theological, moral, and intellectual. The university has been helping students in Houston and around the world to achieve success in education, medicine, business, and public administration for more than 70 years.

The campus is in Houston’s Museum District & Innovation Corridor. This vibrant area offers many professional opportunities. Just steps from downtown, the famous Texas Medical Center is also nearby. Many students have prestigious internships here.

Although they do not charge application fees, the University of St Thomas has scholarship programs and student aids that are similar to others on this list.

Students who are able to prove their merit can apply for scholarships.

7. Northwest Vista College


Northwest Vista College also charges nothing for its application fee. It is one of five community colleges that make up the Alamo Colleges District. It is located in San Antonio’s Far West Side, Westover Hills. Northwest Vista College was founded in 1995 by a dozen students. It offers associate degrees and technical certificates.

Students are awarded scholarships by the university. Most scholarships are based upon merit.

Northwest Vista College offers a variety of courses for students. NVC is a community college that offers Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science, Associate of Arts in Teaching, Associate of Applied Science, Certificates of Completion, and Marketable Skills Awards.

8. Texas A&M International University


Texas A&M International University, a state-supported university is located in Laredo Texas.

This university is a public research and offers many scholarships to students. It also doesn’t charge application fees to her students who want to study there.

The university is a cultural and intellectual center for a diverse and vibrant multicultural community. TAMIU offers over 8,400 students a learning environment that is anchored in high-quality programs and a solid academic foundation.

The University offers a variety of masters and baccalaureate programs, as well as the Doctor of Philosophy degree (International Business). The programs are designed to provide undergraduate and graduate opportunities with an international agenda that promotes global understanding and study across all disciplines.

The school welcomes freshmen as well as transfers from schools in the US. International students are welcome to apply.

9. McLennan Community College


McLennan Community College in Texas is a community college. It does not charge application fees and offers financial aid to students. McLennan College is one of three Waco colleges, along with Baylor University or Texas State Technical College. McLennan Community College can be found on the north end of town, near Cameron Park and the Bosque River.

MCC offers associate degrees in arts or sciences that can be transferred to four-year institutions. For students looking to get into the workforce, MCC also offers training programs. These include two-year associate degrees (applicant science) and one-year certificates. For all members of the community, there are a variety of continuing education courses offered by the school.

The University Center at MCC also partners with four-year state universities to offer degree programs on MCC’s campus. Students can earn affordable bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Central Texas without having to travel.

With a number of academic and social accomplishments, the university is well-known for its academic excellence.

How many colleges and universities are there in Texas?

Texas has more than 37 universities and 50 community colleges that have multiple locations. Texas also boasts 10 health-related programs and 10 institutions. Texas also has 42 independent institutions. Texas now has 148 higher education institutions.

Texas’ Education System and International Students: How does it compare to other states?

Texas is a state that welcomes everyone. Her universities are among the top in the country. Texas also has the lowest unemployment rate in America. Her universities are designed to encourage entrepreneurship.

Smart Decisions With College Application Fees

Don’t miss out on the chance to attend the school that is right for you just because of the application fee. It’s likely that you will regret your decision later. You shouldn’t pick schools that aren’t right for you just because they charge less.


These are the best Texas colleges with no application fee and they have all been recognized for their positive achievements in Texas.

These schools accept international students from many countries. Many of these schools offer entrance scholarships for academically brilliant international students who apply to the school new.

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