The Best Free Online Drinking Games For College Students

free online drinking games
free online drinking games
free online drinking games
free online drinking games

Hey student! I am sure you and your friends are bored in the confines of your home, and there is not so much fun you can have all by yourself, especially if there is booze; let’s face it -drinking is much more fun with friends. This article will show you 21 free online drinking games for college students. 

The best free online drinking games for college students include: [WATCH VIDEO]

  1. Drink Drank Drunk
  2. Most Likely To
  3. Would You Rather
  4. Never Have I Ever
  5. Truth or Shots
  6. Three Man
  7. Power Hour
  8. Celebrity
  9. Kings Cup
  10. Battleship
  11. Stop
  12. Heads Up
  13. Red or Black 
  14. Psych!
  15. Drunk Pirate
  16. Words with Friends
  17. Buzz
  18. Two Truths and a Lie
  19. Scavenger Hunt
  20. Zoom Flip Cup
  21. Ride the Bus

These days, it seems new variants keep crawling up just when we think the restrictions would finally be lifted but who says quarantine can take away all the fun moments from drinking games? As the limits keep increasing, so can the fun. 

Check out 21 carefully selected free online drinking games that you can enjoy with your college friends from the covers of your blinds.

Drink Drank Drunk

Drink Drank Drunk is an online drinking game requiring your friends on video chat to use whatever platform you all agree on. Originally started as a crowdfunded game from Amsterdam, it is available online for free partially due to the pandemic.

After you and your friends have gathered online, draw cards and complete the actions stated on the cards. Among the action cards are various superpowers and weaknesses. Rules can be established among yourselves to keep. Click here to play.

Most Likely To

This game exposes what your friends think you can be or do. It is very easy to play. Here, someone comes up with what he believes that one of you is most likely to do or be. Everyone then votes, and the one with the most votes takes a shot. Everyone takes turns to come up with a “Most Likely To.” 

Would you Rather

This requires no other accessories aside from video conferencing and internet connections. You and your friends prepare a handful of tough questions involving what you would rather do of two options.

Here, two teams debate what they would rather do, and the losing team has to drink. Questions could be framed like this: Would you rather drink a shot of hot sauce or a picture of soy sauce?

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Never Have I Ever

To play Never Have I Ever, the premise is simple: Each player holds up ten fingers, players go round in a circle and share something they have never done before. For instance, never have I cheated in an examination.

Those who have tricked will put down a finger, take a drink, and the game continues. Whoever has ten fingers down at the end of the rounds is considered the loser and is required to drink as little as a shot or a whole crate of beer!

Truth or Shots

Yes, you heard me. Not Truth or dare. Here, the only option is to drink if you have dark secrets that you do not want to tell. So, your friends ask you any questions.

Most especially about your personal affairs, you either say to the Truth or take a shot.

Three Man

This starts by selecting a random player as the three-man. After which, each player takes turns to roll two dice – To roll virtual dice, click here. Then do the following based on the outcome of the rolled dice:

  • The work that totals three or shows three on one of its dice: The Three-man drinks
  • Products that total seven: The player before the roller drinks. If the roll is a 3, 4, the Three-man must also drink.
  • Results that entire eleven: The player after the roller drinks
  • Products that are a double three: Each player besides the roller drinks

Power Hour

Power Hour is quite flexible, and you could play with any fun thing that you and your friends love doing. The aim is just an excuse to drink the most that you can manage within an hour.

You could create a playlist of 60 songs, play it, and every time new music plays; everybody must drink. To reduce the amount of drink consumed within the hour, you could decide to change the track every two minutes.


After you and your friends have picked numbers that will serve as the order in which each person is virtually positioned, A chosen or random player names a celebrity (say, Kim Kardashian).

The next player must name a star whose name begins with the first letter of the last name of that celebrity (say, Keanu Reeves). The player who cannot name a celebrity as fast as possible drinks, and the game continues.

Kings Cup

This can be played remotely with this virtual deck of cards. The game requires each player to take turns in drawing a virtual deck of cards and then doing the following based on the card drawn.

Ace: A waterfall is done where every one of your friends starts drinking simultaneously and can stop only when the player before you do (It always helps to take numbers to determine the order). The player who drew the card can end the waterfall.

Two: The player who drew the card gives out two drinks to any two persons he chooses.

Three: The player who drew the card takes the drink.

Four: Women drink.

Five: Men drink.

Six, Seven, Jack, and King: Everyone drinks.

Eight: The player who drew the card will pick another player who must always drink when they do.

Nine: The player who drew the card says a word, then each player after must utter a word that rhymes—the first player who can’t just drink. Verses cannot be repeated.

Ten: The player who drew a card will choose a category, and then the players after him must name something within the category.

Queen: The player who draws a queen must ask the next player a question and respond with another question. This goes around until a player cannot respond with another question.


There is an exciting free online version where you have to try to bomb the opponent’s ships or, in this case, your friend’s boat. First, you will have to find the boat on a grid by bombing random locations till you eventually hit one.

Once you’ve hit a ship, you can see where the rest of the ships are, and you can bomb the rest along all its grid coordinates to sink it.


This game need not be played while live chatting, but of course, you will want to catch an offender right in the act. Here, a random letter is assigned to a player and five different categories.

The player is expected to name items that begin with the given letter, say letter P in the five categories, say, Furniture, Rivers, Languages, Animals, Movies. A player who cannot name the items drinks.

Heads Up

This is an easy-to-play virtual drinking game where you hold a word you do not know to your forehead, and your team members must describe the word without certain forbidden clues to help you guess the word correctly.

This is done within an agreed number of seconds. Suppose you cannot imagine the word perfectly in, say, 30 seconds, your team drinks. Everyone will have to download the app to play remotely.

Red or Black

This has to be the simplest drinking game of all time. You gather online via video chat, pick a card if it is red, the guys drink. If it is black, the girls drink. You could add other colors of cards with separate categories to make the game more fun and last a lot longer.


You can access the game by downloading the app. It is a multiplayer app that allows you to invite your friend to play. It presents a question with multiple choice answers.

You try to outwit your friend by placing a false answer among the correct ones to trick them into selecting the wrong answer. Anyone who guesses the wrong answer drinks.

Drunk Pirate

This was designed solely to get you drunk. There is even a free site here to assist you in doing just that. The platform generates flip cards with explicit instructions, say, the player showing the most skin should drink.

This game also contains some instructions that should be carried out physically, but you can skip those and keep drinking to those that apply.

Words with friends

This non-drinking game can be converted into a virtual drinking game. It is played like scrabble and can be done on your smartphone.

You and your friends take turns to place words on a board, and you can score points based on how good the word is and whether you were able to put it on the bonus points on the board. The player with the least number of issues takes a chug.


The Buzz is one of the 21 free online drinking games for college students you will love. In the game, you and your friends gather on a video chat, sort yourselves into a pre-approved order- know who goes before and after you.

Next, select a number and its multiples, which must be skipped (say 7, 14, 21) while everyone calls out their numbers.

While numbers are recited, seven and its multiples are replaced with “buzz.” Whoever calls the forbidden number drinks, and the game continues till you’re all tipsy.

Two Truths and a lie

Here, everyone turns to say two truths and a lie about themselves. The other players have to collaborate to determine which a lie is. If they guess the correct option, you drink, but if they assume wrongly, they all drink. This can be played on skype or any other video chatting tool.

Scavenger Hunt

To play Scavenger hunt, use a video conferencing tool to converge. Select a player at random or in turns to ask players to fetch items one by one.

Any player who does not come back with the item requested must drink. The first player to return to the computer can pick another player to drink—the last player to return drinks as well.

Zoom flip cup

This is a drinking relay race where the players of a team quickly down a drink and overturn their cups one by one.

The next player in line cannot begin drinking until they finish their drink and successfully overturn their cup without spilling—the first team to complete the drinking round wins.

Ride the Bus

Ride the bus is an easy card-based game aimed at making you drink. In the game, each round follows a different rule. Each round, the dealer flips over cards and asks the player to predict the kind of card.

The player must drink if wrong and if right, the player must pick someone who will drink. The player keeps their card at every round, as the next questions may involve previous cards. Use this online deck of cards to play Ride the Bus remotely.

Before I draw the curtains on this 21 free online drinking games for college students article, let me answer some of the frequently asked questions around the topic. 


What is the most popular online drinking game?

The most popular online drinking game is Drunk Pirate. Developed in the United Kingdom, the game has been found commonplace among free online drinking games for college students. Its ease of use is a striking factor in its popularity.

How do you play drunk pirate on zoom?

To play Drunk Pirate on Zoom, participants must ensure only a selected player shares their screen with other players. Next, the player chosen visits the Drunk Pirate website and clicks on ‘Add Players.’ They are expected to input the names of each player and then click the Start button. The game then generates instructions to be carried out. 

Any player that fails to carry out their instruction is expected to drink. 

What drinking games can you play online?

You can play several drinking games online, including Truth or shots, Never Have I Ever, Buzz, Drunk Pirates, Spotlight, Do you know me? Drunk Stoned or Stupid, and Online Safari. 

What drinking game can you play over Skype?

You can play the following drinking games over Skype:

  1. Piccolo
  2. Cards against humanity and 
  3. Dance-A-Long


I am certain that this article has provided a wide array of fun drinking games which you can choose from and play online with your college friends. Hopefully, a fun time drinking with friends will cheer you up. What do you think about these 21 free online drinking games for college students?.

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