11 Best Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College

11 Best Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College

Dorm beddings are essential for having comfortable rest and sleep after a busy day when you return to your dorm room. College dorm rooms are typically not fitted with the best or most comfortable bedding materials. Hence you need to bring some bedding essentials, especially when going to college for the first time as a freshman. 

Making a list of items to bring with you to college is critical because if you leave the house without them, you’ll be in trouble. Your dorm room is your living area when you go to college. Therefore, it is important to know what bedding essentials and life essentials must be brought with you to ensure comfort. We would be looking at bedding essentials you would need in your college dorm to give you the home away from home experience in your dorm bed.

If you are headed to the college dorm this fall, you will need some dorm bedding essentials. At the same time, the college dorm supplies list from your school may have included a few things. Know this there are several other essentials you may be needing that your school dorm list may not have included in your list. Here are some of those essentials. 

  1. Duvet And Duvet Cover
  2. Bed Sheets
  3. Mattress Covers
  4. Blankets
  5. Bed Lifts
  6. Standard Pillow
  7. Pillowcase
  8. Bedside Shelves
  9. Area Rugs
  10. Headboards
  11. Comforter
  12. Mattress Topper

We would be looking further into eleven of the above-listed dorm bedding essentials.

  1. Duvet And Duvet Cover

Best Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College
Best Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College

The duvet and duvet cover is a college bedding essential for dorm life. A duvet is a plain white comforter that you put inside a duvet cover. The duvet cover is the decorative part of your bedding set that usually comes in various patterns, colors, and designs. College bedding sets often come with a standard pillow cover that helps to create a beautiful look on your dorm bed.

You can wash your duvet and pillow cover together with the other of your dorm laundry, but when these are drying, you’ll need a covering to keep you warm at night, and your duvet cover comes in handy here. Your bare duvet without the cover will not be of much help in this situation, hence why you need the duvet cover, which has an extra layer of fabrics. Sleeping under your duvet without the cover may turn out to be very uncomfortable to you. 

  1. Bed Sheets

11 Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College
11 Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College

Bed Sheets are the first things you should think of when planning your dorm room bedding. So it would help if you chose durable and stylish bed sheets that will last for you and not rip after usage a few times. The bed sheets should also be stylish comfortable and fit your bed correctly. When deciding what sheets to use for your bed, make sure you know the size of your bed. You should also consider if you want a printed pattern bed sheet or a solid color sheet. 

  1. Blankets

11 Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College
11 Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College

Blankets are very great for those cold nights when you’re always cold, but they can also be a disturbance to deal with sometimes. When buying a blanket, go for the lightweight and compact ones. They can easily fit into your dorm bedding. A fleece throw blanket would do wonders for your dorm room because it is soft, easy to wash, and fixes any problems you may have with the size of your blanket. Blankets are essential when watching a movie or having friends sleepover in your dorm. Blankets give your dorm room the feel of a home even when you’re not at home, without having to take up much space. 

  1. Bed Lifts

11 Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College
11 Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College

Bet lifts are very important in creating extra spaces under the bed, which serve as storage and a way to maximize the small space in your dorm. Bed lifts are used to raise your bed and create more storage space. They also make it easier to reach your back under the bed storage. The Bed lifts provide the much-needed space for your beddings while keeping your extra items within arm’s reach. Bed lifts are not only useful for storage, but they can give you extra inches if your bed is too short. 

  1. Standard Pillow

11 Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College
11 Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College


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You can never have too many pillows. Purchase a second standard pillow for your college dorm room, so you will always have an extra on hand. Your second pillow will always come in handy when you have guests visiting. It would help if you want a new, clean pillow to sleep on and not depend on the pillow in the dorm room. Getting your pillow ensures that you know who uses the pillow and not use a pillow that might have been used by several people who have used the dorm bed for sleeping. 

  1. Pillowcase

11 Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College
11 Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College

It would help if you had a great pillowcase for your college dorm bedding. You cannot enjoy using your pillows without having a pillowcase covering them. Pillowcases do not only add color and comfort to your dorm room, but they also protect your pillow from getting dirty. A pillowcase is not something you normally would think about when listing items for your dorm room bedding essential, but a good pillowcase is so important that you need to have one. 

  1. Bedside Shelves

11 Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College
11 Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College

Bedside shelves are great for storing your items. They also add a little extra surface space to your bedside as a table, forming a great addition to your dorm bedding. Bedside shelves also come in the form of mini nightstands forming a great part of your dorm bedding attachment. Bedside shelves provide you with a place to put your phone, water bottle, and anything else you may need while you’re in bed at night.

  1. Area Rugs

11 Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College
11 Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College

Area rugs are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your dorm room. Not only will it keep your feet warm on those cold tile floors, but the area rug will also help you keep track of where your space ends and your roommate’s begins. Area rugs come in several different colors and patterns that will make your dorm room bedding floor very good to place your feet on those cold nights when your hard floor gets very cold. 

  1. Headboards

11 Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College
11 Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College

Headboards are an easy way to add style to your bed and are also great for sitting up in bed while reading. Headboards come in various styles and heights so that they can be incorporated into any dorm room.

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Headboards are usually placed above the mattress bed frame. Headboards are usually built from wood or metal, but they can also be plastic or fabric. Headboards are designed to fit standard bed sizes when there is non-use of a Standardised headboard. 

If you wish to save money on your dorm bedding headboard purchase, you might want to consider purchasing a used headboard or even building one yourself. You’ll find many websites online that sell used headboards and any other furniture you may need. 

  1. Mattress Topper

11 Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College
11 Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College

The quality of your sleep can affect your overall health and academic performance. The mattress you lie on to sleep can greatly affect your sleep quality immensely when you lie on a broken or sunken mattress. To solve this, you need a mattress topper to form part of your bedding essentials to get when you prepare to head off to college. 

You do not know what type of mattress you would be given in your dorm room; hence having your mattress topper is essential. When getting a mattress topper, Look for a mattress topper that offers cushion support while you lay or sleep on it to have a sound sleep whenever you decide to sleep, especially at night. Your mattress cover can protect the mattress from spills and stains.

  1. Comforter

11 Dorm Bedding Essentials You Need for College

Comforters are used to add an extra layer and design to your dorm room without you having to spend excessively. Comforters are usually made of cotton to guarantee comfort while lying on your dorm bed; hence, they are easy to wash and dry.

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When deciding which comforter to purchase, we suggest that you choose a comforter with a neutral base color such as white, grey, or black, then you can add a pop of color with your pattern or print. With that, it will be easy to change up your bedding style year after year. 


What Bedding Do You Need For College?

There is much bedding you would need in college, but you should focus more on the essentials, including pillows, pillowcases, blankets, bed covers, etc. 

What Do I Need For My College Dorm Bed?

There are several college dorm bedding items you would need to buy for your college dorm. Because the ones the college would provide you may not be what you like or be in the best of shape, some of such items include duvets and duvet covers, comforter, headboards, mattress toppers, etc. 


Many of these items will last you years. Duvet and duvet covers, comforters, and mattress toppers, even though they are among your largest bedding outlays, are three items you’ll use across several living situations, be it your dorm room, apartment, or wherever. The same goes for pillows. While it’s not mandatory to take a pillow with you to college, you will find them helpful in your dorm room, and it can help increase the overall comfort of your bedding set.

Hopefully, this post has helped you learn more about some of the essential dorm room bedding items you will need to bring with you to college. With a little bit of research, you can ensure that you have everything you need in your dorm room, whether for sleeping or to feel relaxed on your bed. We have made suggestions for both high and low budgets, and hopefully, you can find something in one of those categories that work for you.


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