Bentley University Acceptance Rate, SAT/ACT, GPA And Admission Requirements 2022.

Bentley University Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements…Do you want to be a student of Bentley University? Then read on to find out if you are able to beat the University’s acceptance rate.

Do you want to be a student at Bentley University? Then read on to find out if you are able to beat the University’s acceptance rate.

Overview of Bentley University

Bentley University is a private institution whose main focus is “business.” Little wonder the university is currently ranked #1 for career services; number 2 among the universities with the best value and #4 among the most innovative universities.

Bentley University is also ranked #4 in the United States of America for “Business Majors” by “Money Magazine.” The University occupies the 26th position on the list of universities that are “Most Transformative,” and help students prosper after graduation.

Interestingly, if as an applicant you are able to meet the 47% acceptance rate and other admission requirements which would be shared in this article,

you would be among the 92% of students that will have an opportunity to complete one practical internship or, among the 71% of students that will have an opportunity to complete more than one practical internship.

Bentley University was founded in the year 1917. Sitting on about 163 acres in a Suburban setting, the university has its location on 175 Forest Street, Waltham, Massachusetts, United States of America.

If you are driving down to Bentley University from Boston Logan International Airport, (Boston Airport is the largest international airport in both the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the New England region in terms of passenger volume and cargo handling) it is less than a 30-minute drive.

Bentley University Enrollment Rate

Total enrollment at Bentley University this 2021 is about 4,228 from over 9000 applicants. A larger percentage of the enrolled students are boys. Most of the students live in university housing, while a few students live off-campus.

Once you are enrolled as a student of Bentley University, you will be charged a one-time $250 new student fee. You are also to pay a health insurance fee of $2,169.

The fee can however be waived if you can demonstrate comparable coverage under your family plan. You will receive more information on the waiver process with your fall term bill.

Being a semester system that consists of 3 terms: Fall, Spring, and Summer, classes will run for about 14-16 weeks.

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GPA Requirements

If you are an applicant, you should aim at a high-Grade Point Average (GPA) of about 3.79- 4.2. Your grades should be mostly A’s and B’s.

Your SAT score should be between 1250- 1500 while your ACT score should be between 27-32

Like I mentioned earlier, the acceptance rate for Bentley University is 47%, hence their admission is quite selective

 Cost of attendance at Bentley University

Honestly, tuition payment at Bentley University is a big investment because you and your family are provided with a deserving return on investment.

Tuition and Fees$54,910
Room and Board *$18,130
Books and Supplies (estimate)$1,325
Personal Expense (estimate)$1,250
New Student Fee$250
Student Activity Fee$440
Total $76,305

The cost of attendance for students who commute does not include room and board, and it is estimated at $63,135 for 2021-2022. The room and board cost varies based on the type of accommodation and board plan picked. 

If you are a student living off-campus (not with parents or any relative), the room and board cost will differ slightly from those living on-campus.

Admission Information and Requirements for Bentley University

Undergraduate requirements

SAT/ACT: Bentley University has suspended standardized tests which used to be a major requirement. The test has been suspended for first-year and transfer students for the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 academic years.

This includes fall 2021, spring 2022, fall 2022, and spring 2023 and applies to both domestic and international applicants. However, if you have taken a standardized test and desire to share the results, here are the methods of submitting the test scores:

  • You can submit directly from the testing agency (SAT code: 3096; ACT code: 1783)
  • You can include it on your secondary school transcript
  • Your school counselor or CBO advisor can send directly to the email of Bentley University Admission Office. The email is [email protected] or fax +1-781-891-3414

Note that Bentley University accepts self-reported standardized test scores for SAT and/or ACT scores as part of the application for admission. You are to enter self-reported test scores on the testing section of the Common Application.

Next, you are to send a copy or screenshot of the score report by email or fax +1(781)-891-3414. Meanwhile, enrolled students must send an official score report by June 1.

Also, when doing this, you are not to re-calculate or super score results. You are encouraged to submit all scores from each of your test administrations. Bentley University will super score results where appropriate.

Any discrepancy from self-reported and official test scores may endanger the decision concerning your admission.

Early Decision I and Early Decision II: These are binding programs, where you will receive an earlier admission decision and be required to withdraw applications to all other colleges if you are admitted to Bentley. By signing the Early Decision Contract, you are committing to enroll at Bentley and paying the deposit by the deadline given.

A few notes about applying Early Decision (ED):

Qualified Early Decision applicants are awarded academic scholarships. There is no separate application.

U.S. Early Decision applicants who qualify for Financial Assistance will receive their awards prior to the deposit deadline

Early Decision applicants receive their decision quickly. Early Decision I applicants are notified in late December and Early Decision II applicants in early February.

Inform your school counselor that you are applying Early Decision to Bentley so we have your transcript and recommendations by the deadlines.:

Application fee: You are to submit the application form with a $75 fee. However, if there are any financial constraints that you or your family are facing, you can request that your school counselor should submit the College Board Fee Waiver.

Official high school transcript or GED score report: You are required to submit an official transcript for all high schools you have attended. You are also to submit your most recent grades at the time of application.

It’s very important that you send your grades from the first marking period of your senior year as soon as they are available to Bentley University. You should also send mid-year grades once they are released.

Core curriculum requirements. The basic core requirements for admission are 4 years of English, 4 years of Mathematics (we recommend applicants complete pre-calculus at a minimum), 3 years of Lab Science, 3 years of History/Social Science, and 3 years of a foreign language.

College essay: You are to pick an essay topic, write an essay on the topic, and then submit it. You can only choose from any of the topics listed in the application.

Senior Grades: Senior grades are vital factors when deciding to admit students to Bentley University. Bentley University requires some indication of your academic performance from senior year; like the first quarter, first semester, or first trimester grades before deciding your admission into the school. 

If you are an International Baccalaureate or A-Level candidate, your predicted grades will be considered by Bentley University.

Note: You can contact the Bentley University office if your school does not provide senior grades prior to the notification date. Keep in mind, your guidance office may not automatically send your grades, so we recommend that you confirm submission with your guidance counselor.

Two letters of recommendation: You are expected to submit two letters of recommendation; one recommendation letter from your counselor and one from a teacher who can speak to your strengths and talents.

You can mail or fax these letters directly to Bentley University’s admission office, or submit them through Common Application.

Applicants from Puerto Rico: Bentley University considers the Academic Aptitude Test (PAA) scores in the application review process.

They encourage you as an applicant to include self-reported scores of the PAA on the Common Application, regardless of whether or not you are submitting a standardized test score from SAT or ACT.

TOEFL/IELTS/DET scores: You need to partake in this examination to prove your English language proficiency.

However, this is basically for you if English is not your first language. You will also need to submit official results from one of the following: Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Duolingo, or Cambridge English Assessment.

The preferred overall score and required minimum sub-scores are noted below:

Exam TypePreferred Overall ScoreSub Score Minimum Requirement 
TOEFL Internet-based9020
Duolingo130Duolingo minimum sub score requirement: Literacy (reading and writing) = 125; Conversation (listening and speaking) = 120; Comprehension (reading and listening) = 130; Production (writing and speaking) = 105
Cambridge English C1 or C2  C1

Kindly note that self-reported TOEFL or IELTS scores are not accepted at Bentley University. The university also does not super score TOEFL or IELTS results.

You are to send your standardized test score results to Bentley directly from the testing agency or have them communicated by a secondary school official by email. If you are submitting a TOEFL score, use 3096 on your application materials. 

Waiver Policy for TOEFL/IELTS: The TOEFL/IELTS exam can be waived if you meet one of the following criteria:

If you score 650 or above on the SAT Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing section

if you score 29 or above in ACT reading and English.

You have been attending school in the U.S. (this excludes U.S. territories) for six or more years and have not been enrolled in English as a Second Language program for a minimum of six years.

Bentley University Acceptance Rate
Bentley University

Academic Life and Students Life at Bentley University

What do I stand to benefit as a student of Bentley University?
You will be equipped with the knowledge, awareness, and skills that will help you to be successful in a competitive world.

The environment is comfortable and spurs the personal and intellectual growth of all student From the day of your enrollment, the university starts working on how to transition your coursework into a career.

You are well prepared for long-lasting successful career management through training, technology, and close corporate partnerships. Hire education Programs offered at Bentley University guide students through important self-reflection and career exploration, and into the workplace.

You have access to award-winning courses, experienced career coaches, and a seasoned recruiting team as well. Loads of employment opportunities waiting for students before they graduate. 98 percent of Bentley University graduates have instant good job placement according to “The Princeton Review.

” Loads of internship opportunities for students according to “The Princeton Review.” 92% of the students complete one internship while more than 71% of students complete more than one internship.

“The Princeton Review” ranked Bentley University number 18 among schools with great internship opportunities. You will be quickly hired by top companies and organizations including all of the major global accounting firms, Boston Scientific, Dell EMC, HubSpot, Thermo Fischer Scientific, HBO, Goldman Sachs, Liberty Mutual, Nasdaq, the Boston Red Sox, JPMorgan Chase ; Co.,

TripAdvisor, and Wellington Management, because, they know that Bentley provides you with the skills needed to succeed in their organizations and in all areas of life Proper training on career tools like a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and elevator pitch.

Is there any financial aid at Bentley University?
Yes, there is! Bentley offers a variety of sources for financial aid, including scholarships, grants, loans, and work opportunities.

A financial aid package may include federal and state aid, but approximately 75 percent of financial aid awarded comes from Bentley grant and scholarship resources. Above 70 percent of Bentley, students receive some kind of financial aid.

You may be eligible for grants and scholarships, work opportunities, low-interest student loans, or one of several alternative financing programs depending on the situation.

Some of the scholarships in the school include: Julius E. Babbitt Scholarship, The Earle and Sloan Travel Fellowship, The Global Social Responsibility Fund, International Citizens Group Study Abroad Scholarship, Bentley’s Multicultural Center,

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, The Freeman-ASIA Program, Explore the World, The Bridging Project, The Fund for Education Abroad, Boren Scholarships, Diversity Abroad Scholarships, Alliance for Global Education Scholarships, GO Overseas!

Study Abroad Scholarships, The Ashley Soule Conroy Foundation Scholarship, The Tortuga Study Abroad Scholarship, The General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Massachusetts, Scott’s Cheap Flights Study Abroad Scholarship.

Payment methods for Bentley University?
There are different methods of payment, but electronic payments are preferred. This is more convenient, fast, less expensive, and done in people’s comfort zone. A mailing method is the opposite of an electronic method of payment.

Payment plans are also available each semester to help break up the full cost of the semester charges in monthly installments.

Bentley also partnered with Flywire to accept international and domestic wires and credit card payments. For more information on each of our payment options, please click the payment type on the left menu.

What Programs are available at Bentley University?
Bentley has the program and Arts and Sciences program. Business courses include: Accountancy, Business Economics, Computer Information Systems,

Corporate Finance, and Accounting, Creative Industries, Economics-Finance,

Finance, Information Design, and Corporate Communication, Information Systems Audit and Control, Management, Marketing, Professional Sales, Quantitative Economics, Arts and Sciences courses include Actuarial Science,

Data Analytics, English, Health Studies, History, International Affairs, Language, Culture and Business, Liberal Arts, Mathematical Sciences, Media and Culture, Philosophy, Public Policy, Sustainability Science.

Bentley University
Bentley University

Students at Bentley University are open to lots of transformative opportunities that make them learn, explore and grow quickly, and are able to transform the world. They are also so enthusiastic about learning because the environment in which the university is located is conducive.

As a student, you can read in the residence halls, on the sports fields, or any quiet place available for you to study or reflect.

As a Bentley student, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art facilities, recreational activities, intramural and varsity sports, and a variety of health and wellness programming at no extra cost. 

There are also loads of clubs to join to help you fuel your passion. There are more than 100 student organizations and 200 campus events every year.

There is a center at Bentley university called “Student center.” At this center, you can snack on anything, relax or play pool.

In conclusion, Bentley University may start with business, but it doesUniversity of Cambridge Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirementsn’t stop there. This is because you are provided with support, advocacy, and properly cared for as you explore your identity. You will learn to think differently and change the world for the better. You will be trained for success in college and beyond. 

You also learn to interact well and unite with others regardless of differences in background, religion, culture, race, life experiences, and beliefs.

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