10 Best Art Courses To Study In Nigeria

Art Courses To Study In Nigeria

Best Art Courses To Study In Nigeria- Are you a student in search of the best art courses to study in Nigeria, then you should read this article to the end. Here you will discover the best art courses to study in Nigeria, how to study these courses and their career prospects.

List Of Best Art Courses To Study In Nigeria

Below are the best art courses in Nigeria:

  • Fine Arts
  • Industrial Design
  • Architecture
  • Theatre Arts
  • Music
  • English language
  • Political science
  • Mass communication
  • Law
  • Foreign languages
  • Graphic design
  • Fashion design

1. Fine Art

Fine art is one of the outstanding art courses to study in Nigeria. This course focuses on development of skills in different forms of visual arts such as sculpture, painting, drawing, digital art and printmaking.

How To Study Fine Art In Nigeria

A number of universities and colleges in Nigeria offer fine art courses. The course curriculum is designed to make students have a deep understanding of art (both theory and practical) and also develop their skills in different media such as sculpture, drawing, art history, painting, digital art and printmaking.

Top Universities Offering Fine Art Courses In Nigeria

  • University of Lagos
  • Ahmadu Bello University
  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka
  • Obafemi Awolowo University
  • University of Benin
  • Delta State University
  • Federal University of Technology, Minna
  • Bayero University, Kano
  • University of Port Harcourt
  • Federal University, Oye-Ekiti

Apart from the conventional universities that offer fine art courses in Nigeria, there are also art schools and workshops where various training in different aspects of fine art are offered.

2. Architecture

Architecture is among the top art courses to study in Nigeria. Even though the study of architecture can be challenging, it is quite rewarding on the long-run. Architects are usually involved in the design and construction of buildings and other kinds of structures. In the study of architecture in school, curriculum usually consist of design, building materials, construction technology, structural systems and environmental sustainability.

To become an Architect In Nigeria

  • You must obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from a recognized university in Nigeria. (it is usually for about 5 years).
  • Go through one-year compulsory National Youth Service Corps.
  • Get registered with the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON)- To do this, you must sit and pass ARCON professional examination and then go through a two-year post-graduation work experience under the supervision of a qualified and registered architect.

Outstanding Universities In Nigeria To Study Architecture

  • University of Lagos
  • Obafemi Awolowo University
  • Ahmadu Bello University
  • University of Nigeria Nsukka
  • Covenant University

3. Theatre Arts

Another course falling in the category of best art courses to study in Nigeria is Theatre Arts. Theatre arts is an interdisciplinary field that covers elements of literature, psychology, anthropology, sociology and history.The course is usually offered as a degree program in Universities and other higher institutions in Nigeria.

The course is created to open up opportunities for students aspiring for a great career in creative arts and theatre world in general. During the study of theatre arts, students get to acquire skills and knowledge for a sound career in theatre world. Some of the subjects taught include acting, directing, stagecraft, stage management , playwriting , theatre technology, costume management, set design and theatre history.

Universities To Study Theatre Arts In Nigeria

  • University of Uyo
  • Nnamdi Azikwe University
  • Delta State University
  • Afe Babalola University
  • Benue State University
  • University of Port Harcourt

4. Industrial Design

Industrial design is a field of art that involves the design of products , systems and services  useful in industries such as manufacturing, engineering, etc. It is a good career path for people with a love for designs, innovation and technology.

You can get to study industrial design in Universities or Polytechnics in Nigeria. Duration of study is between 4 and 5 years, it all depends on the institution of study. Some of the topics you will learn while studying include. Product design, ergonomics, design thinking, materials and manufacturing and sustainability.

Examples Of Institutions In Nigeria To Study Industrial Design

  1. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
  2. Covenant University, Ogun State
  3. Federal University of Technology, Akure
  4. University of Lagos
  5. University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Upon graduation , you can get to work in different industries such as furniture, electronics, automotive, etc. You can also work as design researchers, consultants, entrepreneurs, etc.

5. Music

Another course that falls among interesting art courses to study in Nigeria is music. The study of music comprises both traditional , contemporary and classical music.

In Nigeria, music can be learned both formally and informally. Informally, music can be learned through apprenticeship. There are opportunities to study music in different institutions in Nigeria, some of which include universities, colleges of education and music schools.

Some Of The Institutions You Can Study Music

  • University of Lagos
  • Obafemi Awolowo University
  • Nnamdi Azikwe University
  • University of Nigeria Nsukka
  • Federal College of Education, Lagos
  • MUSON school of music, Lagos.

6. English Language

English language is the most spoken language worldwide. The language is used by most countries as their official language. Thus, the demand for professionals in the language worldwide will always be on the high side. You can never go wrong getting a degree in English. Some of the skills acquired during the study of English language can be useful in other sectors of the economy.

Upon obtaining a degree in English language, you can get to work as an editor, a reporter, a public relations officer, a school teacher, a technical writer, etc.

Universities To Study English Language In Nigeria

  • University of Ibadan
  • University of Benin
  • University of Port Harcourt
  • Covenant University
  • Lagos State University
  • University of Calabar

7. Law

Law is one of the best art courses to study in Nigeria and also highly competitive .The study of law although can be challenging,  has its rewards. Some of the topics taught during the study of law include: Business law, criminal law, tax law, environmental law, health law, employment law, etc.

Upon graduation from law school, you can get to work as a solicitor, barrister, paralegal, lecturer, patent attorney, etc.

Nigerian Universities To Study Law In Nigeria

  • University of Lagos
  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka
  • Obafemi Awolowo University
  • University of Ibadan
  • University of Ilorin
  • Ahmadu Belllo University
  • University of Calabar

8. Political Science

This simply involves the study of politics. On this course, you will be taught the system of governance and power. You will get to understand organizational dynamics and human relations. After graduation from college with a degree in political science, you can get to work in law firms, government house.

Universities To Study Political Science in Nigeria

  • University of Ibadan
  • University of Ilorin
  • Ahmadu Bello University
  • Afe Babalola University
  • Lagos State University

9. Foreign languages

Learning a foreign language is a great career choice that can fetch you mind-blowing opportunities in the nearest future. Languages such as Spanish, French, German, Russia and Chinese are key languages worldwide. If you can communicate in any of these languages, international doors will be open unto you.

Some of the career opportunities in foreign languages include: translator, public relations, broadcast journalist, diplomacy, international aid/ development worker.

Institutions To Study International Languages

  • Goethe institute
  • Graceville school of languages
  • Afridef language school
  • Ambassadors language school

10. Mass communication

It is one of the best art courses to study in Nigeria.  Mass communication involves communicating and exchanging information to  a large number of people using the media. As a graduate of mass communication, you will be working in different fields such as advertising, journalism, film and television, ,marketing, Radio, etc.

Universities To Study Mass Communication

  • University of Lagos
  • Covenant University
  • University of Ibadan
  • Nnamdi Azikwe University
  • Ahmadu Bello Univeristy
  • Obafemi Awolowo university
  • University of Ilorin

Final Note

Now you have the list of best art courses in Nigeria. In your choice of art courses in Nigeria, you should put into consideration your passion and interests. Arts involve some creativity which most time will evolve from your passion. It is also important to choose a course that is economically viable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What art course is the most lucrative in Nigeria?

The following courses fall among the most lucrative art courses in Nigeria
English Language
Mass communication
International relations
Theatre arts
Foreign languages

What course is best for art students in Nigeria?

Mass communications
Political science
International relations

What career path are obtainable in the field of art?

With a career in the field of art, you could work in the following capacity:
Graphic designer
Art teacher
Fine Artist

How do I become a professional artist?

Discover your passion and skills
Educate that passion and sharpen your skills
Develop a body of work
Test your work
Create a portfolio
Build your resume
Search for job opportunities


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