23 Summer Job Ideas for College Students

23 Summer Job Ideas for College Students
23 Summer Job Ideas for College Students

There’s something about holding a job during the summer that feels more grown-up. It lets you feel more like an adult in the real world because you are contributing to your future self — something that is much harder to do when you’re sitting at home eating burritos and binge-watching House of Cards on Netflix.

This post will cover some ideas for college students that would help you contribute to your future self, which is not just crucial for making sure your pad isn’t empty come September. Still, it also helps gain experience in whatever field you are looking for.

This article reveals 23 summer job ideas for college students. 

The Best 23 Summer Job Ideas for College Students include:

  1. Retail Sales Associate
  2. Product Merchandiser
  3. Receptionists
  4. Bookstore Sales Associate
  5. App Driver
  6. Food Delivery Driver
  7. Non-Medical Caregiver
  8. Pet Sitter
  9. Babysitter
  10. Housekeeper
  11. House Sitter
  12. Golf caddy
  13. Camp Counselor
  14. Lifeguard
  15. Plant Nursery Associate
  16. Video editing
  17. Voiceover 
  18. Freelance Writing/ Editing
  19. Online Surveys
  20. Server
  21. Busser
  22. Barista
  23. Ice cream scooper

Job opportunities for college students in their summer vacations are minimal. If you want to make money over these vacations, you need to be very smart while looking at your options. Several job opportunities require little or no previous experience.

They also support learning on the job. Irrespective of the year you currently are at college or just finishing up, you have an opportunity in the job pool.

Considerations for Landing a Summer Job as a College Student

If you desire to land a job this summer as a college student, you ought to know a couple of things. They include: 


Suppose you are looking to get a corporate internship or a job requiring some previous experience. In that case, you need to consider whether or not your level of expertise suits the assignments you will be applying for. You will most commonly be done for entry-level roles that give you on-the-job training. The experience will boost your confidence in similar positions in the future on the job.


Significant too is your availability and the time demands of the job. It would help determine whether or not you want to do a full time or part-time job, remote or onsite, inclusive or exclusive of weekends, early mornings, shifts, off days, etc. These considerations will put you in a better position to determine the kind of jobs you will be applying for and the conditions.


This is an important consideration. You have to factor in accommodation, transportation, the proximity of where you live to your workplace and the resources at your disposal. It would help if you considered whether you would be able to keep living in your college dorm or live back with your parents, whether or not you have a car, whether or not you want to relocate, etc.


Your reason for finding a summer job should be defined. This will help you make a better decision regarding what kind of job to take up. You may be looking for something in the field you are majoring in, or you want to make some extra cash. Field-specific roles will require more attention and thought.

You may need to put together a resume or a portfolio and attend interviews. It is also always good to apply to multiple organizations before the semester ends to choose the best offer and increase your chances of being hired as soon as summer break begins.

23 Summer Job Ideas for College Students (With Categories)

The following are summer job ideas for college students. For clarity, I have grouped the job ideas under categories so that you can choose the category you feel is befitting and try it out. 

Retail jobs

Retail jobs will be a top pick if you have a knack for sales and chatting with strangers. Some of them are:

  1. Retail Sales Associate

A retail sales associate helps customers find merchandise and purchase products in a store. If you like to deal with stocks, assist customers in locating specific effects on the shelf, and keep a smiling face at demanding customers, you can pull this off.

  1. Product Merchandiser

As a product merchandiser, you will be expected to monitor stocks in retail stores. It entails making sure that products are shelved in an organized fashion. If you work in a hardware store as a product merchandiser, you will have to ensure that all the paints are on the right shelf and not mixed up with thinners. Your role will revolve around inventory levels and product display.

  1. Receptionists
23 Summer Job Ideas for College Students

In summer, the need for receptionists rises because of an increase in the number of people going to spas and saloons, staying at hotels, and enjoying the warm summer month.

To take up a job as a receptionist requires that you are prepared to receive guests warmly with a smile on your face, answer phone calls, and maintain a friendly but professional disposition towards potential clients.

  1. Bookstore Sales Associate

The responsibilities of a bookstore sales associate include performing a variety of duties relating to cash and credit card purchases, invoicing, data entering, reordering, pricing, and stocking up. You will also handle refunds for returned items. If you love the smell of books and the sweet discounts on books, this summer job is for you.

Logistics Jobs

If you have a car and want to make some money off it, you should consider some summer driving jobs. Below are a few suggestions.

  1. App Driver

Your car and an unblemished driving record can set you up for a lucrative summer job. Driving is a pretty cool option because it allows you some flexible time. You can decide when you want to work and control your time. You may have to sign up on popular taxi-style apps, do a couple of registrations, and begin earning.

  1. Food Delivery Driver
23 Summer Job Ideas for College Students

Like an App Driver, a food delivery driver dispatches delicious and sumptuous meals. You may not need a car to achieve this, as most food delivery companies provide bikes faster than cars for getting food across to a hungry person. All you need is to know how to ride a bike and own a license. As a food delivery driver, you can make some money on the side and still control your time.

Caregiving jobs

  1. Non-Medical Caregiver

The role of a non-medical caregiver requires that you provide companionship for the aged. Being a non-medical caregiver requires a tremendous amount of patience and empathy to understand what they like and don’t like. You will most likely hear stories from decades past and find some connection with them.

  1. Pet Sitter
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23 Summer Job Ideas for College Students

Most people do not take their pets along while vacationing but want them to remain in familiar territory. As a pet sitter, your job will most likely include feeding the pet, vacuuming pet hair, etc. You may also provide other essential services for the owner, such as collecting mail.

  1. Babysitter
23 Summer Job Ideas for College Students

As a babysitter, you need some love, and a high tolerance level for children, as keeping up with kids is no easy feat. You will perform tasks such as helping children with their homework, preparing them for school, taking them to and from school, helping them with after-school activities and playdates, and preparing meals and snacks.

Your responsibilities as a babysitter could be more or less of those listed. It depends entirely on the agreement between you and the child’s parents.

  1. HouseKeeper

Taking up a summer housekeeping job is an excellent option if you have high cleaning standards. All you need to do is keep a place or space squeaky and shiny. Housekeeping positions are primarily available at homes, hotels, office complexes, and anywhere that needs some shine.

  1. House Sitter

House Sitting is a reasonably easy summer job. Your role requires you to occupy a house when the owners are away. You have to give the appearance of home presence for the period when your employers are out.

You may perform duties such as taking care of the pets and performing light maintenance around the house. House sitting is usually done in return for free accommodation or pay.

Outdoor Jobs

Outdoor jobs are the best way to take advantage of summer’s warmth fully. They are exciting as you get to see and do many fun things. 

  1. Golf Caddy

As a golf caddy, you have the opportunity to watch the game of golf for free. You may even pick up an interest in the game or meet a celebrity player. It is an incredible summer job because you are outside, soaking up the sun and meeting new people.

  1. Camp Counselor

You will help to facilitate a fantastic summer experience for kids. This should be fun and particularly exciting for those who love adventure and want to relive their childhood experience as camp counsellors.

  1. Lifeguard
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23 Summer Job Ideas for College Students

Lifeguards are summer superheroes. They save the day by fitting into cool swim gears, sitting on a throne, surveying the waters, looking for someone to hold. Watching out for others is satisfying, especially when you do it looking super hot. You require some CPR training to land the job and, of course, be a strong swimmer.

  1. Plant Nursery Associate

If you love plants, summer, and nature, this job is for you. Your role will require you to know the plants, tend, weed, and prune, assist in unloading deliveries, and general maintenance of the plant garden. You will need some lifting power to pull this off as you may need to move heavy plants.

  1. Video editing

The use of videos for almost anything is rapidly evolving; People are more impacted based on visual expressions. These days, contents are better appreciated when in video format. People can’t just get enough videos, especially with multiple streaming platforms coming into the tech space every day, leading to high demand for video editors.

Video editing can be learned. It does not require a formal degree. According to Upwork, beginner video editors charge between $20 to $45 per hour.

  1. Voiceover 

Even as computers are improving at imitating the human voice, it’s still reasonably easy to tell a natural representative from a synthesized one. There is a demand for people who can produce quality narration for instructional videos and other media.

You will need an excellent speaking voice, headphones, a primary microphone, and audio recording software. You will then progress to building a profile on a freelance platform like Fiverr to list your services. You can charge up to $25 per voiceover as a voiceover artist. 

  1. Freelance Writing/ Editing
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23 Summer Job Ideas for College Students

Content is king! Writing has kept evolving through various media, and it does not seem to be going anywhere. It is here to stay. If you know how to write, this can be the perfect summer job. But be careful; you may get addicted!

There are so many things to write about these days. Various forms of writing that could land you some extra bucks include writing blog posts, writing proposals, resumes, short stories, children’s books, and you could even write scripts for videos or materials for web pages. 

Isn’t writing your thing? No worries. If you are great at spotting errors in write-ups, you also got yourself a summer job. Editing can also be done with numerous software in the tech market. They make your job easier and produce a near excellent write-up in the end.

  1. Online Surveys

Making money from online surveys requires no particular skill except the ability to use the internet. You won’t get rich taking online surveys, but you will get some extra bucks to spend in the coming school session. Online surveys typically take a few minutes to complete, and you are often limited to a certain number per day.

Food services jobs

A summer job in the food services industry is one way to get involved in a fast-paced environment. There are several roles within food services. Below are a few.

  1. Server

Working as a server in a diner means you are strong enough to stay on your feet for long hours and go home smelling like food. You get to take home more money that comes in tips on the bright side. The recommendations could make you forget the hours of standing and keep your finances afloat for the next school session.

  1. Busser
23 Summer Job Ideas for College Students

Busser’s work contributes to a pleasant dining experience. They do this by cleaning and setting tables and cutlery, clearing empty dishes, restocking dishes, and sometimes serving. Their position is not as social as the servers, so they get fewer tips and stay on their feet for long hours.

  1. Barista

A Barista’s primary work tool is coffee. The role involves grinding and brewing coffee as well as selling coffee. You will work with brewing equipment and determine customers’ coffee interests and needs. You may also have to serve coffee drinks alongside pastries and cookies.

  1. Ice cream scooper
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23 Summer Job Ideas for College Students

I’m sure you’d love the thought of scooping delicious frozen treats for children and other ice cream lovers. You will need a solid forearm to be a master of this art. You will also get to eat a lot of free ice cream.


What is a good summer job for a college student?

In the summer jobs pool, there are multiple options to choose from. Major categories are 

  1. Outdoor summer jobs: landscaping, Lifeguard, Swimming instructor, Golf caddy, etc.
  2. Corporate summer jobs: office assistant, local social media manager, etc.
  3. Retail jobs: receptionists, retail sales associates, Bookstore Sales Associates, etc
  4. Foodservice jobs: server, hostess, Barista, Bartender, etc.
  5. Caregiving jobs like a nanny, housekeeper, house-sitter, babysitter, pet sitting, etc.
  6. Tech skills jobs: coding and web development, writing and editing, etc.
  7. Driving jobs: App driver, food delivery, etc.

How can I find a good summer job?

To get the right summer job, you have to first think about the kind of summer job that you want (do you want to make extra money, or do you want to gain experience in your chosen career?). Next, begin applying for jobs before the session is over so that you can resume the job just as your summer break begins. Send out multiple applications to the organizations you are most interested in. Lastly, prepare for interviews.

Is it hard to find a summer job?

Getting a summer job is not a difficult feat. Companies do not slow down in summer. Most hiring managers and recruiters do not get the summer off. Most industries like hospitality boom this season, and many jobs are available.

Should I get a summer job?

There are numerous benefits of getting a summer job. If it is a job in your career field, summer jobs can boost your experience and set you on the stage to land your first real job out of college. A summer job can improve your college applications as a high school student. Other benefits of having a summer job include extra spending cash, the opportunity to connect and gain some valuable experience.

Are Summer jobs stressful?

There is a high chance that you will not have time for family trips, sports, and friendships when you take up a summer job. This depends mainly on the kind of job that you take up, your working hours, proximity to work, and other factors.


Summer jobs don’t have to be the same old thing again. We challenge you to shake things up this summer and try one of these 23 summer job ideas for college students. The jobs are easy and fun, and some even carry monetary compensation. Take your pick and start making money this summer.

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