Top 10 Most Creative 21st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas In 2022/2023 

21st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas
21st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

21st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas In 2022/2023 

Getting to the age of 21 is a big deal in many countries around the world because it means you are now a full-fledged adult and can make your own decisions and also do what you want.

A great number of people love to have a great 21st birthday party which will be preceded by a photo shoot to make the day memorable as much as possible. There are hundreds of photoshoot ideas that you can decide and go for to depict your 21st birthday

We would be looking at some of the best photoshoot ideas for your deserved 21st birthday photoshoot. Read on to learn which ideas to choose from, because you may be confused about what kind of photoshoot you should do, but you do not have to be, because we have a list of ideas we would be giving you in this article. 

  1. Create a mood board and gather inspiration 
  2. Get a hair and makeup specialist
  3. Make a save-the-date photo card
  4. Build a set
  5. Use DIY backdrops
  6. Make an old-school photoshoot
  7. Make a poster that says you turned 21 today
  8. Capture Your Moods In The File
  9. Use candlelights for a dramatic portrait
  10. Pool party photoshoot

Create a mood board and gather Inspiration 

21st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas
21st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

Before you head out to your photo shoot, you must create a mood board and gather inspiration. This will help bring together a clear idea of what you want and can also be used to find inspiration for the photoshoot. 

The mood board can then be used as a reference or storyboard when conveying your ideas to the photographer, venue owner, or any other vendors that have been hired for the event. 

Get a hair and makeup specialist

A professional makeup artist can help you figure out which makeup and hairstyles will look best for your photo shoot. Makeup artists spend a lot of time perfecting their craft, so hiring a professional allows you to lean on their expertise and creativity to have a near-perfect photoshoot. 

Make sure the result is something you are excited about. You want to feel like yourself but also have that extra glow that only comes from a professional hair and makeup services. Before your appointment, think about the type of look you want whether it’s natural and polished or glamorous and trendy you may bring pictures for inspiration.

A pro will know exactly how to get the look that suits you perfectly. A good makeup specialist will be able to tell what looks best with your face shape and skin tone, whether that means a smoky eye or matte lipstick shade applied just right. 

Build a Set

21st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas
21st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

Decide on the theme of your photoshoot: the baking enthusiast, the shoe lover, the ’90s kid and build your aesthetic from there. Whether you are taking the photographs yourself or hiring a professional photographer, building a set for your birthday photoshoot is an excellent idea. 

You need to choose a good setting for your photoshoot. depending on what thrills you, or what you love and have passion for. It could be flowers, hanging stars, shoes, etc. You could pick an indoor or outdoor location for your shoot, just have a setting that suits your vibe. 

 You can use different clothing outfits for different set builds to create variety in all your photo images. Flowers or balloons are always an easy way to decorate any setting.

A floral wreath can make even the most mundane of settings stand out: it’s possible to create an impressive shot by framing yourself with flowers in front of any familiar background such as a classroom whiteboard or kitchen stovetop.

Use DIY Backdrops

If you decide to build sets it would be a good idea to create your backdrops because they are cheap. A canvas is a versatile, portable, and cheap background for a backdrop, other do it yourself backdrop ideas you could use include:

  • Using a white sheet as your backdrop can create a fun minimalist look.
  • Colored walls can be used as backdrops as well, you can take advantage of any colorful (or otherwise interesting) wall in your home or elsewhere.
  • Posterboard is another easy DIY option for a backdrop, if you want to add some flair, you could even use a few markers, colored pencils, or paint to draw on it and make the colors pop.
  • Doors are also excellent backdrop options; you could paint them with chalkboard paint, or use them just as they are, either way, would work.
  • Windows has lots of natural light streaming through them which will help illuminate your photoshoot in addition to creating an aesthetic backdrop for it.
  • Mirrors can be combined with lights to create beautiful effects for your photos. You could also use one or more mirrors with various backdrops students reflect different settings into the same photo.
  • Bookshelves are another backdrop option that would allow you some flexibility and creativity when setting up your shots because they come in so many different colors/styles and provide lots of natural lighting opportunities too.

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Make an old-school photoshoot

21st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas
21st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

Polaroid cameras are great because they’re unique, simple, and nostalgic. You can use a prop like balloons and confetti to add some fun. Some people throw on old-fashioned clothes or accessories to make the shoot a little more dynamic. We also recommend using a retro filter on the camera if you have one available. Try messing around with different props, outfits, and filters so that you can get a variety of cool photos.

Make a poster that says you turned 21 today

21st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas
21st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

You can make a beautiful photoshoot using a poster that says “I just turned 21”. To do this grab some poster board and a marker, and print out the phrase: “I turned 21 today!” using a font style, color, and size you desire. To do this you’ll need to bring the poster you made to your photo shoot location. The location could be in your house but a green scenery around the hill would be a great fit. 

Have your photographer take a picture of you with the poster you have prepared. Make sure your face is in the frame, you could also decide to take a shot with the frame from behind and ask your photographer to take that snapshot with you backing them. 

Capture Your Moods In The File

You can decide to create a photoshoot theme that will depict your moods leading up to your 21st birthday and around your most cherished memories, the things that make you feel happy and like yourself. These will come in the form of images, colors, and words in your mind. Some moods in the files photoshoot ideas and themes include

  • A woman with an armful of flowers
  • A girl playing with a cat on a fluffy rug
  • A young man looking out at the skyline through a rainy window

Use Color Smoke Bombs

21st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas
21st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

Color smoke bombs are an easy and fun way to add some bright flair to your 21st birthday photoshoot. You can use them in a variety of ways: for example, you could have your photographer hold the smoke bomb in their hand and release it as you blow out the candles on your cake.

Or, if you’re feeling extra bold, you could even throw a handful at a time into the air with your friends. Just make sure that everyone is outside when these go off

Make a Friends Photoshoot

You can decide to have a 21st birthday photoshoot idea of taking various kinds of photos with your close friends. After all, the birthday is not just about the birthday celebrant, the friend’s photoshoot idea is more practical with girls in many instances.

The group photoshoot is more fun when more of your friends are involved In the shoot because the celebrant is just turning into a legal adult. This 21st birthday idea helps the friends and the celebrants do not have pictures and memories of faces they would treasure much later in life. Because when you become an adult you can now get into a more busy life and may not have time for such photoshoots.

Pool Party Photoshoot

21st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas
21st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

This is another beautiful 21st photoshoot idea that is amazing and beautiful which you could go by if the weather allows it and you have access to a pool that allows photoshoots. A pool party is usually very colorful and ideal for the celebration of young adults just stepping into full adulthood and making for a fun 21st birthday photoshoot.

The pool party photoshoot idea allows you the chance to bring in more action shots, play with reflections, capture a splash, and use different types of props, from a picnic blanket to inflatable signs, etc.


Photoshoot Ideas can be an unending list but these ideas we have listed and discussed here will provide you with 21st birthday memorable pictures that you will cherish for life. As you know you can only be 21once therefore you need to create the best memory using the best photoshoot ideas as we have highlighted in this article.

You have read the ideas now, go forth and create those amazing memories and capture them in pictures. 

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